A Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Collection

Allons-y! Enter into Toynk’s police box for the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t worry, we promise it’s bigger on the inside. 

Here, Whovians will find a separate dimension of infinite toys and collectibles. We carry an assortment of Doctor Who merch and gifts from across all eras of time and space, including the classics to the new. Shop best-selling action figures, plush toys, lifestyle goods, apparel, jewelry, and much more. 

A Madman With a Box

Have you ever wished you could travel 250 million light-years from Earth to the home of the Time Lords? In order to get to Gallifrey, you are going to need your own personal TARDIS. 

Lucky for you, we’ve got time machines in all shapes and sizes. Discover a variety of TARDIS goodies, including money banks, cookie jars, accessories, and other time-traveling essentials. (Bonus points if you know the full acronym.)

Don’t let the Daleks exterminate your collection. 

Whether you are facing off with Davros, the Weeping Angels, or the Cybermen, having a Sonic Screwdriver will come in handy. Find authentic replicas based on your favorite incarnations of the Doctor, as well as other variations, including River Song’s Future Sonic Screwdriver and the Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver. Whenever you’re in a pinch, this multi-purpose tool can help you overcome various obstacles — except wood. It doesn’t do wood.

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