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Garbage Pail Kids Toys & Trading Cards

Garbage Pail Kids

Gross-Out Your Collection

With their sloppy booger designs and subversive characters, the Garbage Pail Kids Topps trading cards have been grossing us out since the ‘80s. As a parody series of the Cabbage Patch Kids, these humorously grotesque cards are a staple in the world of geekdom. 

Their controversial status may have earned some raised eyebrows in the early days, but you won’t see us complaining. 

Shop our wide selection of GPK-themed home goods, trading card stickers, and toy collectibles. You can find even more disturbingly fun items based on popular characters like Adam Bomb, Bony Tony, Leaky Lindsay, and many other fan-favorites.

GPK Toys and Trading Cards

While Garbage Pail Kids may have disgusted parents during the line’s original run, now those fully grown ‘80s kids can deck out their space with all the grossness they want. Discover our wide selection of goodies that provide the perfect balance between useful and booger-covered fun. 

With popular character designs like Nasty Nick and Tee-Vee Stevie, our cozy fleece blankets can be draped anywhere that needs a touch of fandom. You can also bring a little chaos to your drinkware with our Geeki Tikis mug collection, featuring a line of your favorite GPKicons with tropical (and nasty) styling.

Classic collectors will enjoy our Topps trading card boxes, which celebrate the legacy of this iconic brand with all-new artwork and characters. If you’re lucky, you may even find exclusive sketch cards and artist autographs hidden in some of the packs. 

Don’t forget to check out our selection of Disgrace to the White House stickers, featuring wacky political parodies in true GPKfashion. We also carry an assortment of Funko vinyl mini-figures, puzzles and games, and more gross fun collectibles.