Boglins Monster Puppets and Collector Pins

They are the outrageous creatures that come alive in your hands! From the popular '80s toyline of creepy hand puppets, Boglins have evolved for a whole new generation.

Enter the swampy wetlands to find your new Boglin buddy.

You can give rulers like King Dwork, King Vlobb, and King Drool a place to hide out in your collection. If you are a completionist, then you will definitely want to grab the exclusive Red-Eyed variants before they return to their swampy homeland for good. 

That’s not all! Dark Lord Boglins can also be spotted lurking around this page. They are known to haunt the area, including spooky characters like Blobkin, Bag-o-Bones, and Crazy Clown. 

The Swampy Bog That Time Forgot

Here at Toynk, we consider ourselves experts in the science of bogology. Throughout our research of these bizarre creatures, we have amassed a collection of hand puppet figures, enamel pins, and other exclusives from the Boglin Kingdom.

Get to know these ghoulish monsters up close and personal when you creep out your collection with Boglins.

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