Squishmallow Master List & Guide (2023 Updated)

Squishmallow Master List & Guide (2023 Updated)

The squeezable Squishmallows Squad took the world by storm and became an international phenomenon in 2017 - and for good reasons. They’re soft, fluffy, and did we already say they’re squishy?

We spent 72 hours researching and compiling a Squishmallow master list along with our top 15 squeezable favorites. Ready, set, squish!

Our Top 15 Favorite Squishmallows

1.  Emily The Bat

Emily The Bat

One of today’s most popular animal plushies that took over the market (and the internet) is the Squishmallow stuffed toys [1]. While there are many stuffed brands that you can hoard and collect, many love Squishmallows for their softness and squishiness, making them ideal for cuddling.

Emily The Bat is one of our top favorite Squishmallow dressed in Halloween clothes - and she is definitely too cute to be scary. This plushie is the ideal Squishmallow size for hugging, measuring 20 inches, and stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester.

If you’re looking for a plushie that is perfect for bedtime cuddling to travel napping, you should check Emily the bat out!

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2.  Sinclair the Avocado Toast

Sinclair the Avocado Toast

You might be thinking that a Squishmallow plushie is only for younger kids. Well, this brand is the new plush toys for adults as they offer hundreds of characters to cuddle with, from animals, foods, and up to the rarest collections [2]. 

No matter what piques your interest, you can surely find the best Squishmallow for you or your loved one. Sinclair, the Avocado Toast, will serve as a great reminder to get your daily protein, a must collect for gym and fitness freaks. This cute and huggable plushie measures 12 inches tall and is made from soft spandex and polyester.

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3.  Amala the Deep Sea Axolotl

Amala the Deep Sea Axolotl

Since the brand offers many Squishmallow collectibles, they brought the aquatic world into a fun and huggable plushie. Coming from the Deep Sea Squad, Amala the Axolotl is one of the cutest marine creatures linked to the tiger salamander - one of the rarest species of amphibians.

The Amala plushie features a vibrant lavender color, measuring 8 inches tall, the ideal size to collect and cuddle with. It is also stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester and has a playful look. 

If you’re looking for a great gift for younger kids, make sure to check Amala the Deep Sea Axolotl out! 

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Watch out for fake Squishmallows, though!

4.  Pink Hello Kitty

Pink Hello Kitty

The Pink Hello Kitty, another must-have Squishmallow plushie, features Sanrio’s most iconic character. Hello Kitty made its first appearance in 1976 on coin purses and became the second top-grossing media franchise, resulting in many collectibles, from kitchenware to luxury items [3].

If you’re a die-hard fan of this adorable kitty in pink, its Squishmallow version is the perfect way to showcase your love for the fandom. It measures 12 inches tall and is stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester, making it ideal for cuddling and napping. 

This Hello Kitty Squishmallow would also make a great gift for Hello Kitty lovers or as an addition to your prized collections.

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5.  Kamili the Deep Sea Pig

Kamili the Deep Sea Pig

Another great addition to the Deep Sea Squad, Kamili the Pig, is the epitome of cuteness overload. This plushie is a sea cucumber that inhabits the bottom of the sea in a purple-blue shade with lavender horns above its head and eight legs on top of its pink round belly.

It measures 8 inches tall and is stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester. It is also the ideal size for cuddling, napping, and of course, a great character for a bedtime story. In addition, this would make a great gift for younger kids (and the young at heart) with its adorable face that can surely make anyone smile.

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6.  Dumbo


Fan of anything Disney? If yes, then go for the Dumbo Squishmallow plushie!

Dumbo’s character is one of the oldest films in the House of Mouse remade into a live-action movie. It was director Tim Burton’s biggest opening, earning $45 million domestic gross on its first three days. But what's the very first Squishmallow?

Teaming up with Disney, Squishmallow brings Mickey Mouse and his animate friends (including Dumbo). Measuring 16 inches tall with big floppy ears, this is definitely the ideal size for cuddling. It is made from super soft spandex and polyester and would be perfect for any occasion - from bedtime to a great travel companion.

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7.  Hello Kitty Unicorn

Hello Kitty Unicorn

If you’re in search of a unique Sanrio collection, the Hello Kitty Unicorn Squishmallow plushie is a must-grab. It offers a fusion between unicorn plushies and Hello Kitty’s iconic features. This plushie consists of a colorful unicorn horn, head, and comes with Hello Kitty’s ears and trademark head ribbon.

It measures 12 inches tall, is ideal for cuddling, and features Hello Kitty’s prominent face adorned with horn-like patterns. This plushie will liven up your day and step up your Hello Kitty collection if you want to add color to your space.  

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8.  Kangaroo / Koala

Kangaroo / Koala

If best buys are what you’re in for, the Kangaroo / Koala Squishmallow plushie will definitely give you value for money. Why? Because getting this plushie is like getting two characters in one, which will double the fun for your collections! 

It is a Flip-A-Mallow plush, so you can have a Kangaroo and Koala simply by flipping the material over. Both characters have floppy ears and adorable faces, measuring 12 inches tall and stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester. As always, this is the perfect size and material for snuggling. 

It is also great for playtimes, allowing kids to interchange two animal characters.

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9.  Tuxedo Sam

Tuxedo Sam

The perfect addition to your Sanrio collections, the Tuxedo Sam Squishmallow plushie is a clumsy yet playful and foodie boy penguin who loves to eat ice cream. It is a must-have for Hello Kitty fans and those collecting the cat-like lady characters’ friends. 

It measures 12 inches tall and is made from super soft spandex and polyester. Tuxedo Sam comes in a plump blue shade with a white belly and features his red bow tie and white sailor’s hat. 

If you’re looking for a gift for Sanrio and Squishmallow fan, the Tuxedo Sam plushie would definitely make a great choice!

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10.  Willow the Tie Dye Pegasus

Willow the Tie Dye Pegasus

Make your Fantasy Squad stand out with Willow the Tie Dye Pegasus. This plushie is a great variation to your unicorn collections, featuring a pink and purple tie-dye color with fluffy lavender mane and tail. It also has a white belly, muzzle, and inner ear with metallic and shiny lavender wings, completing the Pegasus look.

Aside from that, it is ideal for cuddling and bedtime, measuring only 16 inches tall and making it handy for outdoor travels. This plushie would also work great for playtime and bedroom decoration if you have younger kids. 

This flying ball of energy would definitely remind you to get up early!

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11.  Tex the Taco

Tex the Taco

The only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat, but Tex the Taco is for sure a good one despite not being consumable! If life is like a taco for you, this cute Squishmallow tortilla is the perfect way to display your love for your favorite Mexican food. 

Coming from the Food Squad, Tex the Taco is an adorable chef with an irresistible smiling face featuring a yellow taco shell and nutritious fillings, like onions, lettuce, tomato, and cheese popping out of its body. It measures 12 inches tall and is made from super soft spandex and polyester - the perfect size for cuddling (and craving tacos).

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12.  Davina the Narwhal Octopus

avina the Narwhal Octopus

If your unicorn stuff toy collections need more boost, the Davina the Narwhal Octopus might be the one you’re searching for. This Squishmallow plushie is another unique character, combining octopus and unicorn features. It has a little unicorn horn, a light pink body, and colorful tentacles alternating from orange, purple, and light and dark pink colors.

Davina has a shy yet playful character with a charming face, measuring 8 inches tall and stuffed with super soft spandex and polyester - a great plushie to cuddle and collect! Also, it is ideal for younger kids to play with and bring around anywhere.

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13.  Navina The Narwhal

Navina The Narwhal

Collecting Squishmallow plushies has become even more exciting with Navina the Narwhal character. This plushie is another cute and charming unicorn who loves painting using vibrant and beautiful colors. Navina comes with a rainbow tie-dye color body and fins, white protruding horn, and white belly with silver speckles.  

It measures 12 inches tall, and the best feature of Navina is its lovely and happy face - a great piece to improve and liven up gloomy days!

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14.  Pink Tie-Die Unicorn

Pink Tie-Die Unicorn

If you can’t stop collecting unicorn plushies, add in the Pink Tie-Die Unicorn Squishmallow. While there are many variations of unicorns, this plushie features a unique tie-dye pattern, making it look like a rainbow. It has a light beige belly, muzzle, inner ear, and a tiny rosy shade horn.

It also measures 12 inches tall, ideal for cuddling and collectible displays. This unicorn plushie would also make a great gift for kids during their playtime, as a cute character for bedtime stories, and a handy toy for outdoor family trips! Find out what's the largest Squishmallow here

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15.  Jackie the Purple Tulip

Jackie the Purple Tulip

Lastly, Jackie the Purple Tulip is one of the cutest and lovely Squishmallow plushies on this list. Add color to your space or give it to your sister to show your love and cheer up their days. This plushie is a great reminder that there are always brighter days ahead, featuring a blossoming beautiful and playful tulip in lively green and purple colors.

It measures 20 inches tall, which is the ideal size to cuddle with or display in your living space to add warmth and joy to your day. In addition, this plushie would make a great present to girls and flower enthusiasts.  

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Squishmallow Master List (Alphabetical Order)

  • Ace the Unicorn 
  • Addie the Axolotl
  • Aimee the Chick
  • Alan the Fox
  • Alejandra the Bunny 
  • Alicia the Llamacorn 
  • Alyssa the Chick 
  • Anna the Dinosaur 
  • Apple Ashley 
  • Aqua the Sloth 
  • Archie the Axolotl
  • Aria the Unicorn 
  • Astrid the Unicorn 
  • Autumn the Black Cat 
  • Autumn the Fox 
  • Ava the Avocado 
  • Avery the Unicorn 
  • Avocado Austin
  • Barb the Dog
  • Baron the Bear
  • Bella the Spider
  • Ben the Dinosaur
  • Bernie the St. Bernard
  • Blair the Cat 
  • Blake the Bear
  • Blake the Bunny 
  • Blossom the Sheep
  • Bo the Llamacorn 
  • Bobby the Bunny 
  • Bop the Bunny
  • Brenda the Butterfly
  • Brian the Puppy 
  • Brisby the Horse
  • Brock the Bulldog
  • Brody the Dinosaur 
  • Brooke the Polar Bear 
  • Bruce the Walrus
  • Bubbles the Bunny 
  • Buttons the Bunny
  • Caeli the Cat
  • Camden the Chick
  • Cameron “Cam” the Calico Cat 
  • Candy the Bunny
  • Cannon the Candy Corn
  • Carla the Caticorn
  • Carson the Cat 
  • Catrina the Sugar Skull
  • Cedric the Chick 
  • Charity the Chick 
  • Charlie the Dog 
  • Charlie the Pup
  • Charlotte the Cat 
  • Chase the Cat 
  • Chauncey the Chihuahua 
  • Chip the Beaver
  • Chloe the Pink Poodle
  • Chuck E Cheese Mouse 
  • Chuck the Duck
  • Cici the Red Panda
  • Cindy the Cat 
  • Cleo the Black Cat
  • Cody the Flamingo 
  • Connor the Cow
  • Cookie the Flamingo 
  • Cora the Cat 
  • Courtneys the Caticorn 
  • Cris the Lamb 
  • Crystal the Snow Leopard
  • Dakota the Dragon Pig 
  • Damien the Dinosaur 
  • Danny the Dinosaur
  • Dawn the Fawn
  • Denise the Mermaid
  • Dexter the Dragon
  • Diego the Elephant 
  • Dina the Dragon 
  • Doug the Dog 
  • Drake Dracula
  • Drew the Dragon 
  • Duffy the Puppy 
  • Duma the Cheetah 
  • Edden the Unicorn
  • Ella the Unicorn 
  • Ellie the Elephant 
  • Elliot the Elf 
  • Elton the Monkey
  • Emily the Bat 
  • Emmi the Sloth 
  • Esmeralda the Unicorn
  • Ethan the Elephant
  • Felicia the Pandacorn 
  • Felix the Dog 
  • Felix the Pup 
  • Fern the Fox 
  • Fifi the Red Fox 
  • Fitz the Corgi 
  • Francesca the Owl 
  • Francis the Lion 
  • Frankie Frankenstein
  • Franny the Flamingo 
  • Gabby the Yeti 
  • Gary the Giraffe
  • Gertrude the Canadian Goose 
  • Gertrude the Goose 
  • Gilbert the Sheep 
  • Gina the Gingerbread
  • Gordon the Shark 
  • Grace the Ghost 
  • Gray the Alpaca
  • Hank the Hippo 
  • Hans the Hedgehog
  • Harper the Bunny 
  • Harriet the Owl
  • Henry the Turtle
  • Holly the Owl 
  • Hoot the Owl 
  • Humphrey the Hamster
  • Icicle the Bunny 
  • Ilene the Unicorn 
  • Iris the Husky 
  • Irving the Rhino
  • Isabella the Bunny 
  • Ivy the Deer 
  • Jacob the Lamb 
  • James the Donkey 
  • James the Fox 
  • Jamie the Pegacorn 
  • Jarin the Jellyfish
  • Jaxton the Owl 
  • Jayda the Jellyfish 
  • Jazzy the Giraffe
  • Jeanne the Octopus 
  • Jen the Penguin 
  • Joanne the Otter
  • Jolie the Zebra 
  • Jordon the Gingerbread
  • Juliette the Corgi 
  • Kai the Orca
  • Karina the Cat 
  • Kayce the Pandacorn 
  • Kayla the Elephant 
  • Keely the Kangaroo
  • Kelsey the Cat 
  • Kenny the Dragon 
  • Kirk the Koala 
  • Kylie the Cheetah 
  • Layla the Lemur 
  • Leslie the Llama 
  • Levi the Lamb 
  • Lexie the Cheetah 
  • Liam the Lamb 
  • Lilah the Koala 
  • Lily the Lamb
  • Linda the Bunny
  • Liv the Leopard 
  • Lola the Unicorn 
  • Lorie the Cheetah 
  • Lucia the Lemur 
  • Lucille the Seal 
  • Lucille the White Seal
  • Lucinda the Unicorn 
  • Lucy-May the Llamacorn 
  • Luke the Lamb 
  • Luna the Penguin 
  • Luna the Unicorn 
  • Madeline the Witch 
  • Mandy the Sloth
  • Manny the Snowman 
  • Marco the Hedgehog 
  • Margo the German Shepherd
  • Maribel the Butterfly 
  • Mark the Monkey 
  • Mateo the Rottweiler
  • Matt the Manatee
  • Maurice the Moose
  • Mauve the Llama 
  • Maxwell the Monkey 
  • Mel the Racoon
  • Mia the Unicorn 
  • Micah the Giraffe 
  • Mikah the Unicorn
  • Mila the Elephant 
  • Miles the Dragon
  • Milly the Monkey
  • Milo the Mummy 
  • Misty the Grey Mouse
  • Momo the Monkey 
  • Mooncake the Green Alien 
  • Morty the Monster
  • Nathan the Cat 
  • Nellie the Narwhal
  • Nic the Squirrel 
  • Nick the Santa 
  • Nini the Bear 
  • Nova the Bunny 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Olive the Owl
  • Oliver the Cat 
  • Opal the Octopus
  • Orange Orin 
  • Owen the Owl 
  • Paco the Parrot 
  • Paige the Pumpkin 
  • Pam the Pug 
  • Pandora the Pegasus
  • Patty the Cow 
  • Paulita the Cat 
  • Penelope the Panda 
  • Penelope the Pandacorn 
  • Penny the Panda 
  • Perry the Dolphin 
  • Peter the Pig 
  • Peyton the Fox 
  • Philip the Horse
  • Philippe the Frog 
  • Piper the Penguin 
  • PJ the Panda 
  • Prince the Pug
  • Priscilla the Peacock 
  • Puff the Penguin 
  • Ramona the Red Panda
  • Randy the Racoon
  • Regan the Bunny 
  • Reginald the Corgi 
  • Reina the Butterfly
  • Riah the Yeti
  • Richard the Lion 
  • Ricky the Clown Fish
  • Rocky the Racoon
  • Robert the Frog
  • Ronnie the Cow
  • Roxy the Cat 
  • Ruby the Reindeer
  • Rupert the Sloth
  • Ruth the Unicorn
  • Ryan the Husky
  • Sabrina the Caticorn
  • Sadie the Sloth
  • Sam the Dog 
  • Samantha the Owl 
  • Sarah the Squirrel
  • Sawyer the Squirrel 
  • Scarlet Strawberry
  • Scout the Panda 
  • Sebastian the Bunny 
  • Selina the Shark 
  • Seraphina the Unicorn
  • Seth the Red Panda 
  • Sharie the Sloth 
  • Sharon the Shark 
  • Shawn the Schnauzer
  • Sheldon the Seahorse 
  • Silvia the Unicorn 
  • Simon the Sloth 
  • Skyler the Skunk
  • Sofia the Unicorn
  • Sophie the Lamb 
  • Stacy the Squid
  • Stanley the Panda 
  • Starry the Unicorn
  • Stefana the Pegasus 
  • Stella the Unicorn 
  • Sugar Loaf the Goat 
  • Summer the Pineapple
  • Sunny the Honeybee
  • Tabitha the Cat 
  • Tallulah the Unicorn
  • Tally the Tabby Cat 
  • Tanner the Penguin 
  • Tatiana the Dragon
  • Theo the Unicorn 
  • Thomas the Squirrel 
  • Tibby the Caticorn 
  • Tiffany the Cat 
  • Tilman the Husky 
  • Tim the Alpaca 
  • Tina the Tiger
  • Todd the Chicken Rooster
  • Tony the Zebra
  • Tracy the Zebra 
  • Trey the Triceratops
  • Trina the Chick 
  • Trinity the Triceratops 
  • Tristan the Dinosaur 
  • Tristan the Triceratops
  • Trudy the Ladybug
  • Uri the Penguin
  • Ursula the Caticorn
  • Vee the Ow
  • Veronica the Octopus 
  • Violet the Octopus 
  • Walker the Goat 
  • Wally the Narwhal
  • Walter the Bear Witch 
  • Wanda the Watermelon
  • Wendy the Frog
  • Willey the Great Wolf 
  • Willow the Deer 
  • Willow the Pegasus
  • Winnie the Walrus 
  • Winston the Owl 
  • Zachary the Zombie 
  • Zeena the Unicorn 
  • Zeke the Zebra
  • Zobey the Octopus
  • Zoe the Unicorn

Unnamed Characters

  • Aqua Raccoon
  • Blue Octopus 
  • Candy Heart with "HUG ME"
  • Candy Heart with "LOVE ME"
  • Candy Heart with "SWEET"
  • Candy Heart with "XOXO"
  • Green Parrot with Bow 
  • Knott's Berry Farm 100th Anniversary Exclusive Boysenberry
  • Hershey's Chocolate Bar
  • Justice Peach
  • Justice Rainbow 
  • Justice Watermelon 
  • Justice Yeti 
  • Mariachi Player
  • Mexican Flag
  • Pink Cat holding heart 
  • Pink Caticorn
  • Pink Chick 
  • Pink Mystery Chameleon
  • Pug holding heart 
  • Purple Chick 
  • Purple Spider
  • Rainbow Llama
  • Red Parrot with Hat 
  • Red Penguin with Blue Scarf 
  • Red Snowflake Dinosaur
  • Rockhopper Penguin

Licensed Squads 

  • Hocus Pocus Squad
  • Sesame Street Squad
  • Ryan's World Squad
  • Disney Squad
  • Peanuts Squad
  • Sanrio Squad
  • JoJo Siwa Squad
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Squad
  • Star Wars Squad

How Many Squishmallows Are There?

As they have gained popularity over the internet, Squishmallow has developed over 800 characters, catering to children of all ages [4]. The Squishmallows plushies first had eight characters: Ace, Astrid, Finn, Nathan, Piper, Puff, Seth, and Wendy.

Selling around 50 million Squishmallows in 2020, the brand continuously releases new plushies to the latest animated characters based on the season.

With this being said, the brand is expected to have more Squishmallows every year, making collecting them more exciting and fun! Since Squishmallow releases new characters and squads, our master list is in progress, and we’re regularly updating it. 

We’re updating the list from time to time. If we’re missing any characters, please make sure to let us know!

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Is there a Squishmallow named Morgan?

Yes, there is a Squishmallow named Morgan from the Dorney Park and the Wildwater Kingdom (a United States theme park). Morgan the Monster comes in a red hood, black body, and manlike hands, featuring a steel yet warm-hearted character. This plushie loves swimming and riding hot air balloons despite having horrific eyes.

Why are Squishmallows so hard to find?

Squishmallows are hard to find because retailers have limited each individual’s purchase to avoid resellers who hoard the entire shelves of display [5]. There are over 800 Squishmallows to choose from due to the brands increasing fanbase. The brand also releases seasonal lines, so it can be challenging to find similar characters once stocks run out. Find out what DISO means here

Why do adults like Squishmallows?

Apart from Squishmallow’s cute and charming features, adults like it for its functionality as a bedtime pillow or decoration. Squishmallow was founded in 2017, and since then, the fandom has begun. Due to the pandemic, collectors of the brands plushie have increased since most people are looking for comfort in the most challenging year [6].  

What is the rarest Squishmallow?

Belonging to the Select Series, Jack the Black Cat is the rarest Squishmallow you can find. It is the first character from the Select Series Squad, consisting of the rarest lineup of plushies and the 500th character released by Squishmallow. It has a 500 gold heart tag, and only 500 were manufactured.  

Wrapping Up!

With the list of our favorite Squishmallow characters, we hope that you found the perfect plushie for your loved one or to add to your collections. If you’re planning to join the fandom and are currently hunting for the adorable plushie characters, you can go over our Squishmallow master list, which we regularly update. Let us know if we’re missing any adorable characters!

Also, if you’re in search of more Squishmallows pillows and stuffed animals, make sure to check out our collections here at Toynk where you can be guaranteed 100% legitimate Squishmallows!

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