What Is The Cutest Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

What Is The Cutest Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

Squishmallows are ultra-huggable plush toys with cute faces, glamorous colors, and interesting stories. Thus, it’s not surprising to know that the Squishmallow craze never ceased since its unexpected blow-up in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, while all Squishmallows are deemed charming little buddies for all ages, what is the cutest Squishmallow to collect? From a certified collector’s point of view, here’s a list to help you decide which ones to get.

Top 10 Cutest Squishmallows To Collect 

1.  Bernardo the Burrito

Bernardo the Burrito

Who wouldn’t want a burrito next to his bed, right? With Bernardo the Burrito from the Food Squad, your life will be filled with oozing spice and cuteness overload! 

Bernardo only sings Spanish, but he will definitely make you smile if you’d hug him tight. His tortilla body is wrapped in white, and on top, you’ll see meat, lettuce, tomato, and cheese!

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2.  Indie the Hermit Crab

 Indie the Hermit Crab

Indie the Hermit Crab will make you feel like you’re the Little Mermaid (or Aquaman?). This huggable Squishmallow has six red legs and two large claws, ready to hug you back.

Indie is a very “handy” crab, so he could help you with your home improvements if you’d only ask. Just make sure to serve him fresh-baked goodies and some raspberry lemonade afterward! But what's the first Squishmallow ever?

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3.  Bernice the Boba Tea

Bernice the Boba Tea

Bernice the Boba Tea is another cutie Squishmallow from the Food Squad. She’s a bubbly, blissful, and bright cutie filled with dark brown yummy pearls. If you love milk teas, Bernice is your best buddy! 

Bernice has beautiful, round eyes and a pastel-colored lid with a green straw, and a red smiling mouth.

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4.  Hila the Hedgehog

Hila the Hedgehog

Hila the Hedgehog is a brown hedgehog with a creme belly and gold ears. He is always looking for a friend who’s up for an adventure like him. 

No matter how hard the quest is, he will always try his best! Hila is an excellent motivational friend who will push you to reach your goals. But what's the rarest Squishmallow to date?

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5.  Emery the Coffee Latte

Emery the Coffee Latte

Emery the Latte has a similar design to Mashina. She is a pink and brown Squishmallow known to be the caffeine queen! Coffee lovers will die to have Emery, for she will concoct the best coffee. She has excellent barista skills, so concocting coffee with lavender, gold foil, and rose petals is just an easy peasy.

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6.  Laura the Pink Tabby Cat

Laura the Pink Tabby Cat

Laura, the Pink Cat, is from the adorable Pet Shop Squad. She is a loveable cat who builds and invents things. Aside from having overflowing creative juices, she loves gaming, too. 

Did you know that she has a heavy metal collection, too? Laura may be pink, but she’s a rockstar waiting to happen.

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7.  Melani the Blue Fox

Melani the Blue Fox

Melani the Fox is a tie-dyed blue Squishmallow who is always on the move. She’s from the Sleepy Eye Squad. For Melani, sitting down and staying still is no fun at all.

She’s a die-hard stickers fan, so if you want to keep her still, just give her a sticker to keep her calm. Check out our Squishmallows master list here

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8.  Omar the Grizzly Bear

Omar the Grizzly Bear

Omar the Grizzly Bear is a brown Squishmallow who loves gems, crystals, and jewelry. He wants to be a jeweler someday! Omar has a light brown belly, round black eyes, and a pink blush on his chubby cheeks.

He has a keen eye for beautiful things, so you’re one lucky fella if he chooses you!

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9.  Willy the Wolf

Willy the Wolf

Willy the Wolf is a grey Squishmallow who is super fascinated by storms. This Wilderness Squad member wants to be a weatherman someday. He’s obsessed with bow-ties, so be ready to see his bow-tie collection because he loves to flaunt them (always!).

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10.  Daxxon the Purple Alien

Daxxon the Purple Alien

Daxxon the Purple Alien is Squishmallow from the Space Squad. He’s out of the ordinary, from his looks down to his characteristics. But that’s okay; he’s a Squishmallow from the space who loves exploring the galaxy!

Daxxon has a best friend, Rudy, whom he met on the way. But you could be his best buddy, too, only if you’d let him “save the day” as most superheroes do. However, are there fake Squishmallows?

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What Makes Squishmallows Cute? 

Squishmallows are cute because they have unbelievably soft bodies and grandiose colors. They also have cute names and interesting personalities, and backstories! They come in different shapes, colors, and types. They are filled with polyester fibers [1], making them ultra-soft and squishy. 

Some Squishmallows are animals, objects, food, and even famous characters like Baby Yoda and Hello Kitty Squishmallows. They all have cute rounded smiles, small but wideset eyes, and invitingly soft, huggable bodies.


Are big Squishmallows still cute?

Yes, big Squishmallows are still cute! Big Squishmallows can be your pillow that you can hug all night. Imagine sleeping like a baby while hugging its softness. Isn’t that cute enough?

Can adult men own cute Squishmallows? 

Of course, adult men can own cute Squishmallows. According to the official Squishmallows Twitter, their product is for everyone. 

So, What’s the Cutest Squishmallow? 

The cutest Squishmallow has a rounded smile, beautiful colors, irresistible softness, and a fascinating personality. Basically, every Squishmallow is cute! Who could resist any of them, right? 

Squishmallows’ cuteness meter will explode if you’d collect all of these, but who cares, right? Guess what, why don’t you visit Toynk and check out every Squishmallow?

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