What is the Rarest Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

What is the Rarest Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

Are you familiar with the Beanie Baby craze of the 90s? The Squishmallows craze from the Kelly Toy company is all the rage, except it’s bigger, softer, and definitely squishier. But, what is the rarest Squishmallow?

From Halloween Squishmallows up to Christmas Squishmallows, our team looked for the best and rarest Squishmallows you can find and collect.

15 Rarest Squishmallows To Date 

1. Jack The Black Cat

Jack The Black Cat

Jack is a black cat Squishmallow with closed white eyes and white whiskers, making him look like Hello Kitty. He is a strong but silent type of Squishmallow. Jack the Black Cat loves cuddling and is always available to lend a helping hand. 

2. Avery The Duck

Avery The Duck

Avery is a rare duck Squishmallow with a green head and brown body. His belly is tan, and he has super soft brown wings. This Squishmallow is a part of the rugby team, so don’t underestimate him! He also has a family who loves to watch his games and bring popsicles to celebrate them.

3. Patty The Cow

Patty The Cow

Patty is one of the Squishmallow plush toys people adore most because of her pastel pink patches and the lavender purple touches on her ear. She’s living with a Squishmallow family on a popular booth at the springtime farmer’s market. Just imagine a whole family of squishy plushy goodness!

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4. Blossom The Sheep

Blossom The Sheep

Blossom is one of the rare Squishmallows toys that can serve as a perfect gift for a person who loves sheep. If you’re looking for an addition to your Squishmallows collection, Blossom is perfect for cuddling since he is not as expensive as the other Squishmallows characters.

5. Gertrude The Goose

Gertrude The Goose

Gertrude is one of the rare Squishmallow toys that loves adventure. Although everyone knows her as the “bossy” type, she has a soft heart and loves helping others. Gertrude is a black and grey goose with a white belly with round black eyes. She is one of the Squishmallows that can only be bought in Canada.  

6. Philippe The Frog

Philippe The Frog

Philippe is a green frog and a rare Squishmallow with a white-colored body and a pale pink heart on his cheeks. His black eyes are rimmed in white at the top of his head. He is part of the Valentine baby squad Squishmallows, who enjoys playing hopscotch with his friends, especially with Marco.  

7. Connor The Cow

Connor The Cow

Connor belongs to rare Squishmallows that sellers often restock since many are attracted to him. He has black and white patches with small, pale horns and black eyes. 

He is an active Squishmallow athlete who loves riding his bike. This Squishmallow has been in California (which he considers the coolest place he has ever been to).

8. Celine The Hen

Celine The Hen

Celine is a light brown chicken and a rare Squishmallow with round black eyes and a light orange beak. She is a great addition to your Squishmallow collection because she is considered a sweet and thoughtful Squishmallow. Celine loves to help her fellow Squishmallows just like she does when her aunt works outside.

9. Lenora the Loon

Lenora the Loon

One of the rarest plushies, Lenora the Loon, is a black and grey Squishmallow exclusive to Canada. She is an aquatic bird with black wings, a grey body, and a white neck filled with vertical black stripes.

She is a part of the singer’s Squishmallow family, but unfortunately, she can’t sing. Show her your love and support by including Leonora in your Squishmallow collection! Check out the cutest Squishmallows here

10. Santino The Platypus

Santino The Platypus

The whole lineup of the rarest Squishmallows will not be complete without Santino the Platypus. He has a dark brown color, a duck-like bill, and round eyes.

The manufacturers love to make Squishmallow toys with adorable personalities, and Santino is not an exception. He loves blueberry pancakes and spends most of his time playing soccer.

11. Willow The Tie Dye Pegasus

Willow The Tie Dye Pegasus

The Squishmallow craze has various characters categories like the Citrus squad or the Fantasy squad where Willo belongs. She has a purple and pink tie-dye pattern in her body with a lavender-colored tail.

She is part of the Squishmallow toys with tremendous energy as she loves going to her favorite fitness class!

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12. Jackie The Purple Tulip

Daxxon The Purple Alien

Some Squishmallows toys resemble Disney characters, and Jackie the Purple Tulip might be one of them. She gives off almost the same vibe as French Fry Floyd, except she is a tulip with dark purple petals up to the top of her head. 

This limited Squishmallow has large pale green leaves, black eyes, and a smiling mouth. Jackie loves shopping with her sisters and traveling together for a retro hunt!

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13. Daxxon The Purple Alien

Daxxon The Purple Alien

Daxxon is part of rare alien Squishmallows embellished with purple, blue, and a white pattern of stars. He has dark purple speckles with antennae and a smiling face too. This alien Squishmallow traveled far to join his fellow Squishmallows in world domination! 

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14. Brigita The Snow Leopard

Brigita The Snow Leopard

Squishmallow Brigita is a bit rare as she is one of the stuffed animals exclusive to Target (almost the same as the few reasons Mariah is rare as she is an Aldi store exclusive). She is covered with light green spots and a beige outline. 

This Squishmallow has a tiny pink mouth and loves bagels and making mornings more fun!

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15. Louisa The Penguin

Louisa The Penguin

Louisa is a tie-dyed rainbow penguin with a large beak and round black eyes. She comes with fluffy wings and a small crown on her head. Marketing her doesn’t come so hard, as she is one of the Squishmallows who love to ski!

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What was the first Squishmallow?

Cam the Cat was the first Squishmallow released [1]. He loves going on adventures with his squad. He is one of the most adorable Squishmallows, which is why most retailers always sell out at a limited time!

What is the most sought after Squishmallow?

Baby Yoda is one of the most sought-after (if not the most popular) Squishmallows in the market. He doesn’t talk or move but has a powerful force of “snuggability.” 

Baby Yoda has a green pastel color and big round eyes. Baby Yoda is a Squishmallow that is 100% adorable, lovable, and of course, huggable. But what's the biggest Squishmallow in the world?

How much are Squishmallows worth?

The price of a Squishmallow ranges from $10-$40, depending on the Squishmallow's size and design [2]. There are a couple of Aldi grocery store exclusive Squishmallows (like Jack the Black Cat) during the second half of the pandemic. 

Some rare Squishmallows may cost from $500 to $2,000, depending on how relevant it meets customer demands.

Wrapping Up! 

From Halloween Squishmallows to Christmas Squishmallows, these plushies created by the Kelly Toy Company definitely topped the Beanie Babies of the 90s! Due to the comfort they provide and, of course, their bursting personality, some Squishmallows were easily selling out and were soon considered as the “rare ones.”

A common Squishmallow is typically affordable, but the most expensive Squishmallows may reach up to a thousand dollars.

Make sure to check  Toynk, as we sell authentic Squishmallows at affordable prices!

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