Best Axolotl Names

200 Best Axolotl Names: Creative & Cute Ideas for Your Pet

Naming axolotls is a fun yet significant first step in fostering a deeper bond between you and your new pet. I usually suggest looking for unique names that deeply resonate with the owner, like choosing their favorite color or movie character. 

So whether inspired by their appearance, personality, or the mystique of the aquatic world they hail from, we will help you find the perfect name for your new pet. 

Here are the best axolotl names curated by our expert team, featuring some of the most famous Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Japanese names and words.

Top 200 Axolotl Names


Best Pet Axolotl Names

For this category, our team has gathered some of the best pet axolotl names that exude elegance, charm, and simplicity.

We have included axolotl names originating from Irish, Greek, Latin, and more. 

  1. Ace
  2. Ariel
  3. Bruno
  4. Cleo
  5. Dexter
  6. Dobby
  7. Dune
  8. Elsa
  9. Felix
  10. Flamingo
  11. Fuchsia
  12. George
  13. Glacier
  14. Hank
  15. Jasper
  16. Lir
  17. Mango
  18. Mizu
  19. Neptune
  20. Otis
  21. Peanut
  22. Quincy
  23. Roscoe
  24. Taz
  25. Uma
  26. Vega
  27. Wally
  28. Xander
  29. Yara
  30. Zephyr

    Male Axolotl Names

    Our list of male axolotl names reflects strength, power, and charisma, inspired by Greek, Spanish, Japanese, and Hawaiian words and personalities.

    These axolotl names are bold, confident, and perfect for male axolotls with a commanding presence. We also have the best names for stuffed animals here

    1. Apollo
    2. Ares
    3. Atlas
    4. Blitz
    5. Caesar
    6. Flash
    7. Hunter
    8. Hydro
    9. Kai
    10. Kano
    11. Loki
    12. Magnum
    13. Mars
    14. Odin
    15. Rio
    16. Samson
    17. Simba
    18. Thor
    19. Titan
    20. Zeus

      Female Axolotl Names

      But of course, for your cute pet, which captures the grace and beauty of females, we list down some of our favorite female axolotl names. 

      Greek Mythology heavily inspires our list, but we also incorporate some Japanese and Spanish names.

      1. Amara
      2. Aphrodite
      3. Aria
      4. Athena
      5. Electra
      6. Eris
      7. Esmeralda
      8. Gaia
      9. Hecate
      10. Hera
      11. Hydra
      12. Isadora
      13. Lilith
      14. Medusa
      15. Naiko
      16. Neri
      17. Nyx
      18. Selene
      19. Umi
      20. Xanthe

        Funny Axolotl Names

        Our team carefully selected a list of funny axolotl names that will bring a smile to your face every time you interact with your smiling little friend. 

        1. Bubbles
        2. Bubba
        3. Einstein
        4. Fintastic
        5. Flippy
        6. Fuzzball
        7. Gilly
        8. Jumbo
        9. Mucus
        10. Noodle
        11. Puddles
        12. Slick
        13. Slimy
        14. Slimy Sue
        15. Sparkles
        16. Sponge
        17. Squishy
        18. Turbo
        19. Wigglebutt
        20. Wiggles

          Aquatic-Inspired Names

          How about giving your aquatic friend the perfect moniker inspired by elements of the ocean?

          1. Algae
          2. Aqua
          3. Bayou
          4. Brook
          5. Coral
          6. Delta
          7. Drift
          8. Flipper
          9. Gulf
          10. Harbor
          11. Jaws
          12. Kelp
          13. Lagoon
          14. Marsh
          15. Orca
          16. River
          17. Salty
          18. Surf
          19. Tidal
          20. Zenith

            Common Axolotl Names

            Side View Image of an Axolotl

            Now, for something easy to remember but universally loved, check out this list of timeless and popular name choices for axolotl owners worldwide. 

            1. Axie
            2. Axo
            3. Bella
            4. Bob
            5. Finn
            6. Gizmo
            7. Jelly
            8. Kiki
            9. Kiwi
            10. Leo
            11. Lily
            12. Louie
            13. Lucy
            14. Luna
            15. Max
            16. Mimi
            17. Pepper
            18. Sammy
            19. Sushi
            20. Toby

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              Cute Axolotl Names

              Who can resist cute names for adorable creatures like axolotls? From sweet and endearing to charming and playful, our team is especially fond of these names that perfectly capture the irresistible charm of axolotls.

              1. Biscuit
              2. Cupcake
              3. Dinky
              4. Fluffy
              5. Guppy
              6. Indigo
              7. Mochi
              8. Nugget
              9. Peachy
              10. Peaches
              11. Pickle
              12. Sassy
              13. Skye
              14. Sunny
              15. Taffy
              16. Tilly
              17. Winnie
              18. Zippy
              19. Zuzu
              20. Ziggy

                Unique Axolotl Names

                These unique axolotl names are as special and one-of-a-kind as your cute axolotl friend and are sure to make them feel truly unique.

                1. Axor
                2. Boris
                3. Cheeto
                4. Chief
                5. Falcon
                6. Fleabag
                7. Giller
                8. Ginger
                9. Haku
                10. Heather
                11. Jalapeno
                12. Jello
                13. Kabuto
                14. Malvolio
                15. Marvin
                16. Murph
                17. Nico
                18. Nibble
                19. Oga
                20. Ox
                21. Pac-Man
                22. Percy
                23. Spud
                24. Sugar
                25. Sophie
                26. Tetra
                27. Toni
                28. Travis
                29. Tuco
                30. Yoda

                  Famous Axolotl Names

                  From iconic figures to beloved characters, you can celebrate the legends of history and pop culture by giving your cute pet an instantly recognizable name. 

                  1. Alex
                  2. Aragorn
                  3. Aximus
                  4. Buffy
                  5. Captain Jack
                  6. Doodle
                  7. Dylan
                  8. Elphy
                  9. Fatboy
                  10. Frankie
                  11. Hector
                  12. Hellboy
                  13. Henry
                  14. Hoover
                  15. Jester
                  16. Mojo
                  17. Monster
                  18. Nero
                  19. Owen
                  20. Pokemon

                    Criteria for Choosing an Axolotl Name


                    Axolotls can live up to 15 years, so the name you will give your cute, smiling pet ensures it stands out among other pet animals.

                    Axolotl can appear in different colors, like green, black, brown, or dark gray. You can also find a white or pink pet axolotl (leucistic axolotl) and name them Pearl (a precious gem from the sea). 

                    Giving your pet axolotl a meaningful name can help establish a deeper bond between you and your pet. You can also look for a perfect name that is meaningful or important to you, like Cherry Blossom, Ocean, River, Pond, or Azure.


                    Observing your axolotl's behavior can inspire a fitting name. Who knows? Maybe your pet axolotl reminds you of your favorite movie icon, like Captain Jack, or a book character, like Frodo. 

                    For those who are into Greek mythology, you can name your pet axolotls Poseidon (god of the sea), Hydra (water serpent), or Nereus (sea god).

                    Nibbler and Picky may have been cute names inspired by the pet's behavior. In addition, Happy Gilmore can refer to a short-tempered but adorable pet.


                    Some unique axolotl names can come from Japanese, Latin, Greek, and other languages. However, you can also choose a common yet unusual name. 

                    For instance, you can name your pet Cupcake as a nod to your favorite dessert. The moniker Bubbles can also be a good option. 

                    Since this unique pet lives in water, we prefer naming our axolotls with water-related words. For instance, Mizu (water) and Nami (wave) are Japanese names connected to water, while Brook means small stream.


                    What is the most common axolotl name?

                    The most common axolotl names are Toothless, Salt, and Pepper, based on people we know who have axolotl pets. 

                    However, the best pet axolotl names we've ever heard are usually related by some of the most beautiful names from Japanese, Latin, and Greek.

                    What is the pink axolotl's name?

                    The pink axolotl's name could be Blush, Pinky, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, or Cherry Blossom.

                    This species is called leucistic axolotl, which usually has a light pink color and black eyes [1]

                    What do you call a blue axolotl?

                    You can call your blue axolotl Azure, Aoi, Sky, or Aqua. Blue axolotls do not exist. What you see as "blue axolotl" is either black or brown. 

                    The blue color we see in pictures results from lighting or photo editing.

                    Final Thoughts

                    Axolotls, Mexican walking fish, have short legs and feathery external gills. However, their most unique abilities are regenerating and healing parts of their bodies. 

                    They breed easily in captivity, fascinating the public [2]. Naming these enchanting companions has become a delightful process for any axolotl owner. 

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