Squishmallow Sizes, Prices & More

Squishmallow Sizes, Prices & More (2023 Updated)

Navigating the world of Squishmallows is an adventure filled with endless cuddles and charming characters. 

From dainty clip-ons that can accompany you on every journey to sizable companions that offer extra coziness, Squishmallow sizes cater to all preferences.

As someone who loves collecting Squishmallows, I'll walk you through the different Squishmallow sizes and help you figure out the sizes of your own  collection.

If you want to check the complete list of available Squishmallows, kindly click the link provided below.

All About Squishmallow Sizes 

All About Squishmallow Sizes

Knowing the different Squishmallow sizes is vital if you want to collect these super-soft, huggable, and marshmallow-like plush toys.

Squishmallow comes in exclusive sizes, from 3.5", 5", 7", 8", 11", 12", 13", 14", 16", 20", and 24". 

The smallest Squishmallow size is the clip-on size, which is only about 3.5 inches, and are made to be clipped onto keys or bags. 

Meanwhile, the largest size for Squishmallows is 24 inches. This size is huggable enough to be used as a pillow.

The availability of these  exclusive sizes depends on the sellers. Some sellers have exclusive sizes, while other stores and sellers don’t.

Also, the price of the Squishmallows also depends on their size. Typically, smaller sizes cost cheaper than bigger exclusive sizes.

4 Common Squishmallow Sizes 

1. Clip-On (3.5 inches)

Clip-On (3.5 inches)

The smallest size of Squishmallows is 3.5 Inches. This size is also known as the keychain size.

It’s small enough to be carried anywhere because you can easily clip Squishmallows with this size on your keys, purses, or bags. 

The clip-on Squishmallows are very easy to store, too. You can hang these cute-sized Squishmallows on a thick thread just right above your bed’s headboard.

Clip the Squishmallows on the thread and form a cute line of squishy and design varies depending on its exclusive squads. 

2. Small (5 - 10 inches)

Small (5 - 10 inches)

The Squishmallows also come in small sizes, ranging from five to ten inches.

If you want your Squishmallows to become easy to carry but not too small to not be noticed, then small-sized Squishmallows are perfect for you. 

Small-sized Squishmallows are only just as big as the palm of your hands, so you can easily squish them anytime!

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3. Medium (11 - 13 inches)

Medium (11 - 13 inches)

Medium-sized Squishmallows are just a few inches larger than the small-sized ones. They come in 11 to 13-inch sizes, perfect for cuddling and hugging!

These exclusive sizes are also perfect for children because they can easily hug the Squishmallows.

I personally collect Squishmallow from these size becauce they won’t be super big or super small to hug, and they won’t be as heavy to carry, too!

So, if you plan to gift Squishmallows to your children or godchildren, medium-sized Squishmallows are the perfect ones to get!

4. Large (16 - 24 inches)

Large (16 - 24 inches)

Squishmallows also come in large exclusive sizes. How large, you ask? Well, they come in a whopping 16 to 24 inches! They are perfect cuddle buddies and could even replace your pillows. 

A soft pillow like Squishmallows tucked under the legs, or lumbar spine may help relieve pressure in your lower back.

Watching my friend's face light up when they held a 24 inches Squishmallow for the first time was a heartwarming experience.

A pillow’s firmness level impacts both pressure relief and support [1], so getting large-sized Squishmallows is beneficial, too. But is there a fake Squishmallow?

What Size Might Be Discontinued Soon? 

What Size Might Be Discontinued Soon?

According to some reliable sources, the 13-inch size might be discontinued soon [2]. However, there is no announcement from the official manufacturers, Jazwares and Kellytoy, about this information. Squishmallows that come in 13-inch sizes are very limited. 

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How to Tell the Size of a Squishmallow? 

close up shot of kwame squishmallow

Older Design Tags

For most older design tags of Squishmallow, the size of most exclusive squads, can be found near the barcode. The size of the Squishmallow is stated in between the item number and barcode. 

For instance, the Cheetah with a tag 7.5” SQUISHMALLOW 12 ASST means the Squishmallow measures 7.5 inches. 

Latest Design Tags

For most latest design tags of Squishmallow, the size of exclusive squads, can be found on the front of the tag. Most tags feature a line of letters and numbers on the front tag. 

The number followed by the letter “S” is the size of the squishmallow. For instance, Kayla from Five and Below is 7.5 inches, and the front tag features an S7.5, followed by the item number.

Squishmallow Pricing Chart

Disclaimer: The prices stated below may not be the same as other sellers. Also, prices vary depending on the Squishmallow’s rarity.


Average Price

3.5 Inches (Keychain Size)

$3 - $5

5 Inches

$3 - $8

7 Inches

$5 - $8

8 Inches

$5 - $8

11 Inches

$10 - $16

12 Inches

$10 - $16

13 Inches

$10 - $16

16 Inches

$20 - $30

20 Inches

$30 - $40

24 Inches

$50 - $80


Do all Squishmallow squads come in all sizes?

No, not all Squishmallow squads come in all sizes because many exclusive squads come in exclusive sizes.

The size availability depends on the type of squad. Some squads come in seven sizes, while others only come in one size. Here's our complete Squishmallow list

Is there a giant Squishmallow?

Nope, there is no giant Squishmallow. Most exclusive squads and official Squishmallows only come in up to 24 inches. As of now, there are no Squishmallows larger than 24 inches.

How many cm is the biggest Squishmallow?

The biggest Squishmallow measures 60.96 centimeters (24 inches). Many exclusive squads come in this size and the size availability varies. 

How to find the size of a Squishmallow without a tag?

If the Squishmallow does not have a tag, you can roughly measure it from the bottom to the top of the head. Do not include anything that sticks out, like ears. 

However, there will be slight discrepancies, probably because of their fatness. 

What is the original Squishmallow size?

Squishmallows originally came in four sizes, so you can only get 3.5, 8, 13, and 16 inches. 

Is there a 40-inch Squishmallow?

No, there is no 40-inch Squishmallow. The officially largest size from most exclusive squads of Squishmallow measures 24 inches only.

Final Thoughts on Squishmallow Sizes

Although Squishmallows originally came in four sizes only, you can now have Squishmallows in more size options.

You can get as small as 3.5 inches or as large as 24 inches. 

You can easily opt for the smallest size if you wish to take it anywhere with you, or just get the small and medium-sized Squishmallows for cuddling and squeezing.

Most children will love medium-sized Squishmallows, too. 

Have you decided which Squishmallow size to get? If you want to know which Squishmallows come in specific sizes, check out Toynk’s Squishmallow collectibles.


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These squish mellows are cute but
I’m eight I can’t buy anything unless I’m a YouTuber sorry but there actually cute byeee

These squish mellows are cute but
I’m eight I can’t buy anything unless I’m a YouTuber sorry but there actually cute byeee



These squish mellows are cute but
I’m eight I can’t buy anything unless I’m a YouTuber sorry but there actually cute byeee

These squish mellows are cute but
I’m eight I can’t buy anything unless I’m a YouTuber sorry but there actually cute byeee

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Paul Berard

Please send me 16inch Leonard the lion price please.

Please send me 16inch Leonard the lion price please.

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