Squishable vs Squishmallow: What's The Difference? (2024)

Squishable vs Squishmallow: What's The Difference? (2024)

Many people interchange Squishable and Squishmallow because both brands sound almost the same. They also have similar products, making the confusion grow more. If you are also confused about which brand to collect between Squishable vs Squishmallow, then this article is for you.

Let’s dive deeper and compare these two famous brands and find out which is the superior “squishy” between them.

Choosing Between Squishmallow &  Squishable 

Choosing Between Squishmallow &  Squishable

Although Squishmallow and Squishable both offer squishy, they are actually different brands offering products with different textures. Squishmallows are velvety soft, while Squishables are fluffy. Both have various shapes, but Squishmallows usually feel marshmallowy-soft, while Squishables are a little bit firmer.

Squishmallows offer more collections, like its Valentine's collection. Squishmallows have more squishy varieties, while Squishable focuses more on round animals and comfort foods.

Meanwhile, Squishables can be “dressed up,” while Squishmallows don’t have any accessories. 

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Key Differences 

Texture & Shape

Texture & Shape

Squishmallows typically have specific shapes because it offers more plushie varieties than Squishable. It has animals, food, aliens, famous characters, and many other squads. 

On the other hand, Squishables centers on comfort foods and round animals that you can dress up. Squishamallows are softer than Squishables, too.

“Squishy” Level

If our team determined their “Squishy” level, Squishmallow would get a 9.5 while Squishables would have at least 8 out of 10. As most collectors claim, hugging Squishmallows feel like you’re hugging marshmallows. Meanwhile, the Squishables are soft but not as soft and velvety as the Squishmallows. But how do you wash a Squishmallow?

Size & Quality

Both brands offer high-quality products. However, they offer different sizes. Squishmallows offer plush toys as small as 5 inches up to 24 inches. On the contrary, Squishables offer 7.5 inches (mini) and 15 inches (giant) Squishables. However, they also offer 3-inch micro Squishables and up to 32-36 inches massive plushies. 

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Jazwares and Kellytoy companies manufacture Squishmallows. They started manufacturing these plush toys in 2017. Meanwhile, Squishable is owned by a married couple and co-founders, Aaron and Zoe. They founded the company in 2007.

Materials & Durability

Squishables are made of 100% polyester fabric. It is stuffed and lined on the outside using this material. However, some Squishables are filled with polyethylene pellets for an added weight.

On the other hand, Squishmallows also use polyester stuffing. However, it uses a super soft Spandex EF on its outside line, giving it a marshmallow-soft texture. Unlike Squishables, Squishmallows are labeled as hypoallergenic.

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Collection Line

There are more than 1000 Squishmallows created and ready to be collected. Squishmallow also offers various squads you can collect. Squishables also offers a lot of collections, like Squishmallow. But there’s one thing Squishable doesn’t have that Squishmallows offer – a Valentine Collection! But what's the rarest Squishmallow?

Characters & Squad

Characters & Squad

Squishmallows identify their plush types using “squads” whenever they release plush toys. They also have different characters like animals, food, aliens, and even Disney and Star Wars characters. 

Meanwhile, Squishables mainly focuses on comfort food and round animals. However, they also collaborate with some famous comic artists like Andrew Bell.


Another difference between Squishable and Squishmallow is the availability of accessories. Squishmallows don’t come with any available accessories. In contrast, collectors can dress up their Squishables using various undercovers! Undercovers are purchased separately. 


Squishmallows offer personalization options with plush names. They also offer adoption certificates. Squishmallow collaborates with Star Wars and Disney, while Squishables only involve some webcomics. 

In contrast, Squishables have a unique way of choosing designs for their plush characters. They let the fans draw the designs they want, put them up on their website for voting, and whoever wins gets a cash prize. The winner will also have his name on the tag if it successfully becomes a Squishable [1]!

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Squishmallows are more popular than Squishables. However, its popularity was covered with controversy due to reselling allegations. 

Despite the debate over reselling, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Kellytoy LLC sold 50 million Squishmallows between February 2020 and October 2021, bringing the total number sold to over 100 million since their launch. Largely fueled by social media, platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok now host Squishmallow communities comprising thousands of users [2].


Since Squishmallow is more popular than Squishables, it’s not surprising to know that it is more readily available. You can easily order them through various online stores like Toynk or their official website. But because of its massive popularity, many support groups have been made where selling and trading Squishmallows are encouraged.

And maybe because Squishmallows are cheaper, they are easily manufactured, so they are easier to buy.

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Price Tag

Price Tag

Squishmallows are cheaper than Squishables. Maybe it could also be one of the reasons why it easily gets sold out, aside from being a trending topic on TikTok and other social media platforms. 

A standard Squishable costs around $40 - $50, while standard Squishmallows only cost about $20 - $30 each.


Which came first, Squishmallow or Squishable?

Squishable came first because the Squishable company started out in 2007. Ten years later, Squishmallow was launched by Kellytoy LLC. However, although Squishable came first, Squishmallow’s popularity kicked off in 2020, making it more popular than the former.

Is Squishable a knock-off of Squishmallow?

No, Squishable is not a knock-off of Squishmallow. Squishable is a reputable brand that manufactures plush toys, like Squishmallow. It was launched in 2007, and since then, it has built its brand name until it successfully became a top-tier toy company.

In Conclusion

Squishable and Squishmallows aren’t the same brands nor the same company. They aren’t a knock-off because they both cater to different varieties using different materials.

If our team chose between Squishable vs Squishmallow, our pick would be the Squishmallow mainly because it is cheaper, yet it offers better squishy quality than Squishable. It is also more readily available than Squishables.

However, Squishables aren’t as difficult to like because it also offers great designs, excellent quality, and interesting stories with their characters. So, if you were to choose between the two, which one would you choose?

If you love Squishmallows as much as we do, don’t forget to check out Toynk!

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