What Does DISO Mean In Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

What Does DISO Mean In Squishmallow? (2023 Updated)

If you’re a certified Squishmallow collector, you may have already stumbled upon the term DISO. This term is usually used in forums and other platforms such as Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram.

But what does DISO mean in Squishmallow? Here’s what we know!

What DISO Really Means in Squishmallow 

What DISO Really Means in Squishmallow

In the world of Squishmallow super fans, DISO means “desperately in search of.” It’s a word that stemmed from the term ISO, which means “in search of.” The “D” is used to emphasize desperation in finding a very rare Squishmallow that most local or online stores don’t sell.

If you’re a certified Squishmallow collection, searching for valuable items to add to your collection is very important. So, using the term DISO in forums and on social media platforms, you’ll most likely find it easier (at least) to find what you’re looking for.

What’s DISO? 

DISO, or “Desperately In Search Of,” is an official Squishmallow slang that a true-blooded Squishmalow fan knows by heart. This term is often used by Squishmallow fans desperately searching for a certain Squishmallow character, whether it’s for trade or sale. Often, you’ll see DISO posts on forums like Reddit. 

Certain groups let their members exchange DISO posts for helping one another find their most searched, valuable Squishmallow item. Check out our Squishmallow master list here

When Do You Use DISO?

When Do You Use DISO?

You only use DISO if you are “desperately” searching for an item, either for sale or trading. This term is very useful in the world of buy-sell-trade because it makes searching easier. It also helps boost a post, attracting more users to check out your “cry of help” finding your most wanted item.

For example, you may post something like, “I’m DISO 12-inch Jack the Black Cat.” 

What’s ISO? 

ISO means “in search of.” This term is one level lower than the DISO because obviously, you aren’t “desperately” looking for something. Traders use ISO in forums or support groups to look for something they wish to collect.

Some Squishmallow fans create an ISO list where they could make an inventory of the Squishmallow characters they want to collect. It could either be in a list form or an individual search. One excellent example of an ISO account is the @squishmallow.iso on Instagram, where they post Squishmallow ISOs, sales, and trades.

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Do Collectors Only use DISO? 

Do Collectors Only use DISO?

No, DISO isn’t only used by collectors. Anyone can use it. It’s a given that most collectors use this term because they want to find rare Squishmallow items that aren’t easily found in local and online stores. 

However, some people may also use DISO if they desperately want to find a specific Squishmallow character they want to give someone as a gift. 

Other Squishmallow Slang/Lingo You Need To Know

Aside from the terms DISO and ISO, there are also a few Squishmallow slang/lingo terms you need to know if you want to sell or trade your Squishmallow items.

Here’s a list of the terms you may want to remember when you finally decide to sell or trade your Squishmallows:

  • DISO: Desperately In Search Of
  • ISO: In Search Of
  • CISO: Casually In Search Of
  • TISO: Tentatively In Search Of
  • NFS: Not For Sale 
  • NFT: Not For Trade
  • UFT: Up For Trade
  • NWT: New With Tags
  • BNWT: Brand New With Tags
  • HTF: Hard To Find


Is the “DISO” tag useful?

Yes, the DISO tag is very useful because it makes searching for Squishmallow rare finds much easier. If you are a certified seller or a trader, most often than not, you will most likely look for posts with the DISO tag because you are also looking for something special and rare. The exchange of information is very spontaneous when the DISO tag is used.

Can anybody use the word “DISO?”

No, anybody cannot use the word DISO because you should only use DISO if you are desperately looking for something. You can’t post a DISO list if the items are readily available in most online stores. There are actually internet rules and etiquette [1] that most Squishmallow collectors and fans go by.

So, What Does DISO Mean in Squishmallow? 

DISO means “Desperately In Search Of” in Squishmallow fandom. This useful term is most often used in forums like Reddit and social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook Market Place. 

DISO makes searching for rare Squishmallows easier because it creates a small community of Squishmallow sellers, buyers, and traders who can openly search for Squishmallow collectibles. 

Do you also have some DISO Squishmallows? If you do, check out Toynk because we got a massive Squishmallow list. Who knows, your DISO items might be here!

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