8 Best Squishmallow Birthday Party Ideas (2023 Updated)

8 Best Squishmallow Birthday Party Ideas (2023 Updated)

When the Squishmallow craze exploded over the internet, many Squishmallow fans were converted to Squishmallow collectors. Some fans even take it to the next level by being a superfan and using Squishmallow as their birthday party theme.

You'll have so much fun with these Squishmallow birthday party ideas!

8 Cute & Fun Squishmallow Birthday Party Ideas 

1. Use Squishmallow-Inspired Invites

Use Squishmallow-Inspired Invites

The first thing you should prepare is the Squishmallow-inspired invites you will be sending to your guests. If it’s a children’s party, you may use the child’s favorite Squishmallow characters. However, if the birthday celebrant is an adult, we recommend using the Squishmallow font style and font color instead.

You may or may not use Squishmallow pictures, but be sure to use pastel colors in the invitation’s fonts!

2. Decorate the Venue with Squishmallow Balloons

There are many Squishmallow balloons you can purchase either through online stores or local stores. Some balloons are shaped and designed exactly like the Squishmallow characters, while some can be customized and use printed names and pictures.

You can hang the balloons by the door or make the venue look more stylish by hanging the balloons on the ceiling. Scatter them to make the ceiling look more awesomely cute.

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3. Use Squishmallow Plates & Cups

Use Squishmallow Plates & Cups

Children’s parties typically use character-inspired plates and cups. However, it isn’t a crime for adults to use Squishmallow-inspired utensils like plates and cups for their birthday parties. 

To make every guest’s table more presentable, we recommend putting a few real Squishmallows. You may DIY create a cute sash that says, “Happy Birthday Squish-Buddy!” and put it on each Squishmallow. Decorate the sash with pastel-colored ribbons, too!

4. Create a Squishmallow Photo Booth

For some people, a photo booth is one of the highlights of every birthday party. Making memories with your family and close friends is only exciting; what more if you could make these memories more fun by adding your favorite Squishmallow characters?

We suggest using thick and hard cardboard for the frame for the photo booth. Cut the board into a big square or rectangle and design it as a huge polaroid photo with a smaller square or rectangle hole. Put a thank you message below the cardboard and paint the cardboard frame with different pastel colors.

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5. Serve Squishmallow-Inspired Party Foods

Serve Squishmallow-Inspired Party Foods

You may also serve Squishmallow-inspired party foods like cupcakes, fries, and jellies. For the cupcakes, you may use fondant icing [1] to mimic the design or face of Squishmallows. 

We also recommend preparing Squishmallow fries. You can cut a red carton as the base, then put the fries in it. You can put small, black eyes, a nose, and smiling red lips on the red carton to make it look like a real Squishmallow!

You can also prepare Squishmallow jellies if you are patient enough to prepare and cook some. You can use animal silicon molds for the jellies. If you’re skilled enough, you can also try to bake some Squishmallow cookies!

6. Bake A Squishmallow Birthday Cake

You have a lot of options for your birthday cake. But if we were to recommend some, we suggest using pastel-colored icing for a minimalist Squishmallow cake. You can just put a Squishmallow topper and a birthday message.

However, if you are creative enough, opt for a Squishmallow cake that bears your favorite character's face. You order from a resident baker from your local stores, or you can bake and design it yourself!

7. Prepare Squishmallow Party Games

Prepare Squishmallow Party Games

Make your birthday party alive by letting your guests play special Squishmallow games. We suggest Squishmallow hunting, where you’ll need to prepare medium-sized stones painted as Squishmallow characters. 

Then, each stone will be secretly hidden in specific places in the venue. The players will race to find the Squishmallow stones. Whoever finds the most stones wins.

8. Hand Out Squishmallow-Inspired Party Favors

Don’t forget to prepare party favors for your visitors. You can use a DIY party favor bag or a store-bought one. Put in some chocolates, candies, and cookies, and you’re good to go!

If you are feeling extra generous, you can even throw in some clip-on Squishmallows inside the bags!

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Will kids enjoy a Squishmallow birthday party?

Of course, kids will enjoy a Squishmallow birthday party. Well, who wouldn’t, right? Aside from being super famous, Squishmallows are cute plush toys that can make everyone smile with their grandiose colors and smiling faces.

Are there Squishmallow costumes for birthday parties?

As of this writing, there are no Squishmallow costumes for birthday parties officially released by Kellytoy, Squishmallow’s manufacturer. However, you can DIY these costumes or try printing Squishmallow t-shirts instead.

When It’s Squishy, It’s Time To Party! 

Planning a Squishmallow birthday party isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. In fact, it’s super fun and exciting to use your favorite characters! You can make Squishmallow party food like cookies, jellies, and cakes.

You can even use your birthday party to connect with your friends and families who are also Squishmallow fans. We hope you found interesting Squishmallow birthday party ideas for your next awesome parties!

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