15 Best Squishmallow Storage Ideas (2023 Updated)

One major struggle most Squishmallow collectors usually face is storing their valuable Squishmallow collection without making them an eyesore. Various factors can help you decide how to store these babies properly, but being aesthetically pleasing (usually) tops them all.

If you want to store your Squishmallows like a pro, try these unique Squishmallow storage ideas now! 

Top 15 Unique Squishmallow Storage Ideas 

1. Squishmallow Hammock

Squishmallow Hammock

A Squishmallow hammock is probably one of the cutest ways of storing Squishmallows. This unique idea gives any space a chic look, no matter how you set it up. 

You only need a few hooks to hang the hammock and put your Squishmallow collections in the net. Arrange them as if they are only chillin’ and vibin’ to make your room rock. 

2. Hanging Shelf

Hanging shelves never go out of style, whether you’re into minimalist house designs or Nordic house themes. Paint your shelves white or quickly apply varnish to accent their wooden look, then hang them.

Then, carefully arrange your Squishmallow collections according to your preferred style. A hanging shelf is one of the quickest and simplest ways to display and store your Squishmallows in style.

3. Tall Wire Storage Basket 

Tall Wire Storage Basket

The height of your wire storage basket depends on the number of Squishmallows you wish to put inside it. If you wish only to display your Squishmallows, you can make them as tall as possible.

However, if you want your kids to get any of the Squishmallows easily, you may use a smaller wire storage basket. You can also put a small door behind the wire basket for easier access.

4. Ladder Type Shelves  

Ladder-type shelves are like upgraded versions of hanging shelves. These shelves cater to more Squishmallows while offering a fun way to flaunt your collection. The kids will love it, too!

You can either hang it on the ceiling or use a ladder with a stand so you can easily place it in a corner.   

5. Desk Shelf

Desk Shelf

It’s exciting to decorate your working desk with a few of your favorite Squishmallows. Just put a desk shelf and carefully arrange them on the shelf as if they are part of your desk.

6. Huge Dollhouse 

It would be a waste to throw away something that has been part of your child’s memories. So, repurposing your child’s old dollhouse could be satisfying. You can put your Squishmallows inside her dollhouse. 

No matter how much she’d already grown up, your child would feel delighted to reminisce about her childhood.

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7. Caged Storage

Caged Storage

You can also store your Squishmallows using caged storage. This type of storage may give a “zoo” vibe inside your room or living room. 

You can DIY cage storage according to your preferred sizes. However, you may also purchase caged storage in online stores.

8. Repurpose A Shoe Organizer 

Small Squishmallows may be too difficult to fit into shelves or cages storages because of their size. And what’s one way to store them while low-key displaying them? 

That’s right! You can repurpose a shoe organizer and put those cute little babies in each pocket! 

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9. Wheeled Storage

Wheeled Storage

Wheeled storage can also help store your Squishmallows. This is a space-saving storage idea that can help you store your Squishmallows. You can easily DIY wheeled storage, too. 

10. Drawers & Bins Storage

You can store your Squishmallows [1] using bins that feature drawers. Some bins are made in plastic, while you can DIY this storage idea using wood. You can customize its size and easily put it in a corner to save space inside your room.

11. Book Cases

Book Cases

Bookcases may also become your Squishmallows’ storage. You can use them solely for your Squishmallows or put the Squishmallows along with your books. You can store your Squishmallows while they act as decor to make your books look stylish.

12. Cribs 

If you can’t throw away your child’s old crib but don’t have any space to store it, you can turn it into cute storage for your Squishmallows. Just creatively arrange them into the crib so they wouldn’t be eyesores.

13. Display Racks

Display Racks

Display racks are always awesome for storing things, especially Squishmallow collections. You can put the display racks in one corner of your room or living room. Then, add a couple of string lights or fairy lights to make them look extra special.

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14. Wooden Chests

Wooden chests safely store Squishmallows. You can easily place them under your bed or in a storage room without worrying your Squishmallows will accumulate tons of dust. Secure a wooden chest with a sturdy cover with a lock to make it more reliable.

15. Glass Cabinets

Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets are like display racks but with added security features. You can proudly display your collection without worrying your Squishmallows would easily accumulate dust because glass doors protect them. 

You can also put some string lights to make it look more stylish. 


How do you arrange Squishmallows on storage?

You can arrange your Squishmallows any way you want, but we recommend arranging them by color or size to make them look more presentable. However, if you want to store them in tightly-sealed storage, we recommend arranging them according to type so it would be easier for you to locate them when you need them. 

Can you store Squishmallows on the bed?

Yes, you can store Squishmallows on the bed. However, it doesn’t mean you should. If you only have a few favorite Squishmallows that you want to keep close to, you may do so. However, you might have a limited space to sleep in if you have a small bed.  

Key Takeaways 

There are various ways to store your Squishmallow collections. You can hang them, put them inside a box or display them according to your preference. However, deciding which storage idea to use depends on how you want your Squishmallows to be stored.

If you wish to display them, look for creative storage ideas that could match the style of your room or home. But if you want to protect them from dust and damage, storing them in a sealed container is better.

So, which storage idea piqued your interest? Show us some love by commenting! If you wish to add more Squishmallows to your collection, don’t forget to check out Toynk!

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