Beetlejuice Costume Ideas

5 Best Beetlejuice Costume Ideas For Fans (2023 Updated)

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetleju—-. Alright, we dare not say it three times, and neither do you.

This 1988 fantasy-slash-horror-slash-comedy film made a mark on television, in video games, and on the stage.

If you are a huge fan of this multi-awarded film, check out these Beetlejuice costume ideas we compiled for your next costume party!

Top 5 Ohhh-some Beetlejuice Costume Ideas

1. The One and Only Taxi Driver

To pull off this costume, all you need to do is visit the local thrift store. Find yourself an oversized trench coat (the more raggedy, the better), red flannel, gray slacks or pants, and white socks reaching up to the knees.

Remember that you need to look like you just rose from the grave, so your costume doesn’t have to be neat, and the more ragged it is, the more in character you are. You can also stamp mini bug shapes on the clothes and sandpaper the trench coat to make it look worn out.

Then, you can tease your hair to make it appear fuller or opt for a readymade Beetlejuice wig if you want to keep your actual hair clean. You can also DIY the taxi hat by taking an old cap and writing “GUIDE” using a marker.

2. Dress-Up As Beetlejuice Characters

Beetlejuice In Universal Studios theme park

Nothing screams Beetlejuice more than actually going as the characters from this beloved movie:

  • Beetlejuice

Go as Beetlejuice in his iconic black and white striped suit [1]. You can either buy a pair of pinstriped top and pants or DIY the costume using paint (black or white, depending on the color of the fabric of your clothing) and masking tape.

Put tape on your top and pants in a vertical position as if creating stripes on both of them. Then, paint the exposed part and let it dry.

  • Lydia Deetz

You can also go for Lydia Deetz’s gothic and chic look [2]. Again, scour the thrift store for a black vintage dress (preferably long sleeves) and some combat boots. You can also carry a vintage camera with you to spice it up.
  • Barbara Maitland

Barbara Maitland has 2 looks, but we’d be going with her “normal” look for this one. Grab a faded yellow dress or a long-sleeved top with a floral pattern and a flowy maxi skirt.
  • After-Life Miss Argentina

If you want a sexier look, this is your chance to show off those curves! Grab a red strapless dress, pair it with red heels, add a lacey red cape, and spray your hair with red or opt for a red wig in a beauty queen’s updo.

Also, don’t forget your beauty queen sash and paint your body with teal to capture that “afterlife glow” (if you know what we mean).

3. Use Anything Stripes & Beetlejuice Wig

Beetlejuice Costume Stripes

If you’re in a rush or don’t have the time to DIY your costume, buy striped (both top and pants) and purchase a Beetlejuice wig from officially licensed retailers to complete your look.

Of course, don’t forget to do your makeup to really get into character! But what happens if you say the name Beetlejuice 3 times?

4. Complete The Beetlejuice Family

Beetlejuice Family Halloween Costume

The Deetz family comprises Charles, Delia, and their daughter, Lydia. This would be best if you will be going to a party with your family or friends.

Simply thrift some vintage clothing that would suit the characters’ personalities. For instance, go for a brown checkered suit for Charles and a vintage black dress for Delia.

Lydia’s character would be the trickiest one here as she will be the one to carry the entire group. In short, once the other partygoers are able to identify Lydia, they’d automatically know that your group went as the Leetz family.

To portray Lydia’s character better, wear a long-sleeved black dress, combat boots, a black summer hat, and carry a vintage-style camera.

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5. The Maitlands & Their Scary Masks

Beetlejuice Family Mask Costume

Barbara and Adam Maitland are 2 of the ghosts who haunt the Deetzes. We recently shared with you how to sport Barbara’s “normal” look, and now, we’re off to her “scary look.”

All you need is a floral summer dress and a freaky mask with eyes and a huge tongue inside its mouth. Meanwhile, Adam’s is a scary plague doctor mask and eyeballs on his fingers.

You can search online how to DIY these masks. Some opt for paper mache, and some use foams.

If you just don’t have the time to DIY these awesomely scary masks, you can always order them online. Enjoy these awesome Beetlejuice quotes, too. 


Can kids wear Beetlejuice costumes for Halloween?

Yes, kids can wear Beetlejuice costumes for Halloween. If they are a fan of this timeless classic from Tim Burton, then they surely can recreate some of the iconic looks from the film.

Your daughter can dress up as the chic gothic Lydia Deetz, and your son can dress up no other than the star himself - Beetlejuice!

Is it easy to DIY Beetlejuice costumes?

It depends on which character you will be portraying. One character that’s easy to portray is Beetlejuice since all you need are a pinstripe top, pants, and a Beetlejuice wig.

Final Thoughts

Portraying your favorite Beetlejuice characters is quite easy - all you have to do is scour the thrift shop and buy a couple of items (like a Beetlejuice wig) to pull off their iconic looks and get creative with makeup.

If you are a huge fan of this film, make sure not to miss this Beetlejuice collection from Toynk that is to die for (pun intended)!



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