30 Best Disney Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids (2022)

30 Best Disney Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids (2022)

If you are a die-hard Disney fan, age does not matter because Disney always offers something that people of all ages will truly enjoy and appreciate. 

If you are planning to dress up as Disney characters, our team curated a list of Disney custom ideas that you can pull off, even to the last minute.

30 Disney Costume Ideas You Need To Try

1.  Disney Miles Chrome Classic Costume Toddler

Disney Miles Chrome Classic Costume Toddler

Be prepared for a space adventure with the Disney miles chrome classic costume for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. The costume includes a jumpsuit with a detachable collar and a vacumform blast buckle. The disguise costume comes with a size chart so you can check out what fits best for you. 

2.  Disney Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Faux Fur Adult Costume Hat

Disney Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Faux Fur Adult Costume Hat

White Rabbit is a major character from the Disney film Alice in Wonderland [1], and if you are planning to catch the attention of Alice, you can disguise it with the White Rabbit Costume Hat. 

The costume hat features deluxe faux-fur white rabbit ears with screen-printed pink satin ears. You can wear it with a tulle skirt if you may be able to find one. 

3.  Disney's The Lone Ranger Earrings 3-Pack Costume Jewelry

Disney's The Lone Ranger Earrings 3-Pack Costume Jewelry

The Lone Ranger earrings can be a great DIY Disney costumes idea. The jewelry pack includes three pairs of pierced earrings that feature different designs inspired by the movie The Lone Ranger. 

The Lone Ranger's Mask, his horse, and his Texas Ranger badge earrings are made from metal alloy earrings and are hypoallergenic. You may be able to match it with a simple top, yellow skirt, or black pants. 

4.  Disney Tomorrowland Miles Toddler Deluxe Costume

Disney Tomorrowland Miles Toddler Deluxe Costume

If your child loves Miles from Tomorrowland and you are planning to get Disney Halloween Costumes, you can check out the Tomorrowland Miles Deluxe Costume. The costume features a padded jumpsuit with a removable collar, a great Halloween costume for toddlers. 

In addition, you may be able to use it with arm cuffs, shin guards, and soft blast buckles if you don't have time to make DIY Disney costumes. 

5.  Disney Pixar's Inside Out Joy Wig Child Costume

Disney Pixar's Inside Out Joy Wig Child CostumeIf you prefer to make some DIY Disney costumes, you can check out this feathered blue pixie wig to imitate Joy from Inside Out. Inside Out from Disney taught us that emotions are part of our lives, but everyone might want to add a little more joy. 

The wig features a short, blue pixie hairstyle with a topknot that fits most children. It is made from mixed fiber synthetic with a mesh cap and elastic edge. 

6.  Finding Dory Disney's Dory Infant Costume0

Finding Dory Disney's Dory Infant Costume

The Finding Dory onesie costume can be a good option if you are looking for Halloween costumes. Dory is a forgetful blue tang fish, and kids love her adventure, so you can get one to dress your child with it. 

The Finding Dory costume features a jumpsuit with a detachable headpiece (to skip the use of hot glue) and a tail. It is made from polyester for a comfortable and stretchable fit.

7.  Disney Descendants Ally Deluxe Costume Child

Dress up like Disney Descendants Ally in a Halloween Party with the deluxe costume inspired by Ally. The costume features a lovely blue dress with gold glitters and black trim on the waist and hem. 

In addition, the dress comes with tights and a headband to complete the Halloween costume. The Ally costume may suit you if you don't prefer a Belle Costume from Beauty and the Beast. 

8.  Disney Descendants CJ Deluxe Costume Child

Disney Descendants CJ Deluxe Costume Child

If you find Peter Pan and Tinker Bell costumes very typical, transform into the daughter of Captain Hook with the Disney Descendants CJ Deluxe costume. 

CJ Hook's costume includes a romper with a white blouse and shorts, tights, red coat, and headscarf. This costume is ideal if you prefer DIY Disney costumes for Halloween. The outfit is made from high-quality polyester for a fun, nice, and comfortable fit. 

9.  Disney Mickey Ears Costume Headband

Disney Mickey Ears Costume Headband

You may be able to find Mickey Mouse as one of the easiest Disney characters to try and imitate this Halloween. The Mickey ears costume headband is made from fine black velvet fabric to look like the magical mouse. In addition, the headband has one size fits all that can fit kids and adults. 

10.  Disney Pocahontas Prestige Adult Costume

Disney Pocahontas Prestige Adult Costume

Bring Pocahontas into reality with the Pocahontas Prestige Adult Costume. The dress is chic and can be worn as a Disney Halloween costume by teens and adults. In addition, it is made from high-quality fabric for a comfortable and nice fit. You may find the sizes on the size chart for size referencing to ensure they fit. 

11.  Disney Pixar Cars 2 Movie Tow Mater Spy Gadgets Costume Accessory

If you plan to do DIY Disney costumes this Halloween, the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Tow Mater Spy Accessory can be a great option. The costume accessory is seen in Cars 2 and makes a great Tow Mater costume. 

It measures 8.5 inches long, and the package comes with a pair of toy spy gadgets and arm straps. 

12.  Disney Minnie Mouse Hoodie Scarf Adult Costume Accessory

Disney Minnie Mouse Hoodie Scarf Adult Costume Accessory

The Minnie Mouse Hoodie scarf can be a great addition to your DIY Disney costumes. The black hood comes with Minnie ears, red and white polka dots, and a long scarf with mittens at the end. 

In addition, the studio DIY Mouse costumes are designed to fit teens and adults, and you may be able to find it simple and cute. 

13.  Finding Dory Disney's Dory Classic Child Costume

Finding Dory Disney's Dory Classic Child Costume

If you are running out of time to make DIY Disney costumes on Halloween, you can include Finding Dory Classic Child Costume on the list of Disney costumes ideas. 

The costume features Dory, a forgetful blue tang fish who searches for her long-lost parents. It comes with a tunic and an attached headpiece to complete the look. 

14.  Disney Shake It Up Season 2 Cece Classic Costume

Disney Shake It Up Season 2 Cece Classic Costume

The Shake It Up Season 2 lead character CeCe Jones is a street-smart and impulsive girl who loves dancing. Fulfill your dreams and live life to the fullest with CeCe classic costume that includes the tunic and leggings. It is made from high-quality fabric for the best fit.

15.  Disney's Finding Dory Hank The Septapus Deluxe Toddler Costume

Disney's Finding Dory Hank The Septapus Deluxe Toddler Costume

If your kid loves Hank The Septapus, Halloween is a great time to put on this type of costume. The tunic with the attached headpiece of the grumpy orange octopus with seven tentacles is a great Halloween costume for toddlers and kids. 

In addition, the costume is made from breathable fabric to make sure it is comfortable to put on.  

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16.  Disney Princesses Deluxe Ariel Costume Adult

Disney Princesses Deluxe Ariel Costume AdultThe Disney Princess Ariel costume for female adults can be a great Halloween costume. The costume includes a corset top with a sequin bodice and shoulder sleeves, a full skirt with satin detail, and removable clear straps.

In addition, the costume is perfect for plays and parades to imitate the adorable and fun mermaid princess Ariel and her voice of gold. If you may be able to find a red wig, it can complete your outfit. 

17.  Frozen Disney Classic Elsa Snow Queen Gown Child Costume

Frozen Disney Classic Elsa Snow Queen Gown Child CostumeThe iconic Disney Halloween costume Elsa, the Snow Queen from Frozen, can be a great option if you look for costumes suitable for your daughters and niece. The costume includes a dress inspired by Elsa, made from polyester materials for a stretchy and comfy fit.

18.  Disney Frozen Deluxe Anna Costume

Disney Frozen Deluxe Anna CostumeFrozen is a famous animated series popular for kids and adults because of its excellent animation, inspirational storyline, and catchy songs. If your kids love Frozen, there is no doubt that they want to put on a Frozen-inspired Halloween costume. 

The Anna costume comes with a beautiful dress with a petticoat and a vest for the character's cameo. 

19.  Disney Minnie Ears & Gloves Costume Accessory Set

Disney Minnie Ears & Gloves Costume Accessory SetThe Disney Minnie ears and gloves costume can complete your DIY Disney costumes collection. The Minnie ears and oversized gloves imitate the famous Disney character Minnie Mouse which can be used as a Halloween costume, play, or themed birthday. In addition, you can put on a red shirt with fabric paint to go well with the headband and mittens to dress up like the magical mouse.

20.  Alice in Wonderland Queen Of Hearts Teen

Alice in Wonderland Queen Of Hearts TeenThe Red Queen from the famous movie Alice in Wonderland is known for playing croquet and ordering executions. To dress up as the Red Queen, you can get the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts to dress, stockings, and mini crown hair clip. If you may be able to find red stilettos, it will go well with the costume and can gather bonus points. 

21.  Disney Stitch Inflatable Child Costume 

Disney Stitch Inflatable Child Costume If you are looking for a unique Halloween costume, we are able to find an inflatable child costume for your kids. The child-size Stitch costume can impress your friends and family because it is made from nylon, and it comes with a mesh air vent. In addition, it comes with zipper closure, so it would be easier to wear and remove.

22.  Disney Stitch Deluxe Adult Costume

Disney Stitch Deluxe Adult CostumeFinding a Disney Halloween costume can be a challenge for some, but fortunately, we are able to find a simple adult costume that you can check out. The Stitch adult costume kit comes with ears, mittens, and a tail that can complete your Halloween costume. 

In addition, the Stitch accessory is made from high-quality and comfortable fabric to make sure it is safe and comfy to wear. 

23.  Disney Minnie Tail Accessory Kit

Disney Minnie Tail Accessory KitCalling out Minnie Mouse lovers as we are able to find an adorable Minnie Mouse accessory kit that you may be able to use for Disney Halloween Parties and Holidays. The Minnie tail accessory kit includes cute headband ears, tails, and a set of mittens made from durable and comfortable fabric. 

You can wear a tulle skirt, red blazer, or Mickey Mouse-inspired shirt that can go well with the accessory.

24.  Hannah Montana Child Costume

Hannah Montana Child CostumeHave the best of both worlds with the Hannah Montana costume that features a white top and a black skirt to imitate the lead character of the famous American sitcom. In addition, it comes with a detachable belt that comes with the show's logo for a perfect costume you can use for Halloween Parade. 

25.  Toy Story Woody Jumpsuit Child Classic Costume

Toy Story Woody Jumpsuit Child Classic CostumeBring to life the leader of all the toys with the Sheriff Woody classic outfit from the famous Toy Story. Woody may not be a Prince Charming, but he is a great leader that Buzz Lightyear and other toys follow and respect. 

The Toy Story Woody jumpsuit costume comes with a cowboy hat and boots to complete the outfit. The jumpsuit is suitable for infants 0-6 months, and you can check out the sizing guide for your reference.

26.  Mad Hatter Alice Wonderland Girl Dress

Mad Hatter Alice Wonderland Girl DressMad Hatter is known for his excessive tea drinking and odd attitude, and it can be a perfect Halloween costume for males and females. The violet and pink dress come with an attached yellow necktie and yellow-green printed leggings. In addition, it is paired with matching glovelettes, hats, and shoe spat covers. 

27.  In Wonderland White Rabbit Topper 

 In Wonderland White Rabbit Topper As seen in Alice in Wonderland, the white rabbit topper hat can be a great Halloween costume. White Rabbit is first seen at the beginning of the book wherein he runs late, then Alice follows him to the rabbit hole. The white rabbit topper can be paired with a coat, black tie, and black jeans, making it a simple costume. 

28.  Alice Through The Looking Glass Asian Inspired

Alice Through The Looking Glass Asian InspiredAlice Through the Looking Glass is a live-action fantasy movie sequel of Alice in Wonderland that premiered in 2010 [2]. The costume features a colorful tunic, collar, and pants. In addition, it comes in three different sizes so that you can check out the sizing guide for the best fit. 

29.  Snow White & Red Riding Hood Costume Make-Up

Snow White & Red Riding Hood Costume Make-UpComplete your overall look with the Snow White and Red Riding Hood costume makeup. Impress them with your smokey-eyed princess look using the makeup kit you can get at an affordable price. 

The kit includes false eyelashes, makeup pencils, lipstick, and shimmery eye makeup. Moreover, you may be able to find the same content usable for face paint. 

30.  Indiana Jones Deluxe Mutt Child Costume

Indiana Jones Deluxe Mutt Child CostumeThe Mutt costume can be a simple Halloween outfit you can get for your child if he does not want to be prince charming. Mutt Williams was the illegitimate son of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood, and he is seen in different Indian Jones episodes. 

The costume comes with a shiny black leather jacket and pants, and you can add a few items like shades and a sword to complete his outfit.


How much does it cost to DIY a Disney costume?

It will cost you roughly $100 to DIY Disney costumes, and it can get lower if you got good sewing skills. You can DIY different costumes of Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Prince Charming, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, Beauty, and the Beast Snow White, or Cruella De Vil at a lower price. 

Which Disney Princess has the best costume?

Elsa from Frozen is the Disney princess with the best costume. Her costume is stunning and shimmering, and the snowflake cape makes her outfit more recognizable. In addition, her gown suits an Ice Queen, and the details are very accurate and impressive. 

In Summary  

Disney is not just for kids, and dressing up inspired by characters from your favorite movies does not have an age limit. Halloween is a perfect time for the whole family to have fun and dress up as your favorite Disney character. 

From family members to a group costume, our cheat sheet provided lots of options for you to choose from. You can wear costumes like Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Tinker Bell, Big Hero, Cruella de Vil, or Buzz lightyear. We hope you find our Disney costumes ideas fun, easy, and helpful for your next Halloween outfit. 

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