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10 Best Beetlejuice Decorating Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

Halloween is incomplete without a touch of Beetlejuice spookiness. Black and white stripes are the main element of the theme, but you can still take your decorations to the next level.

Double the fear and fun factor of this exciting holiday with some of the most creative Beetlejuice decorating ideas we have compiled for you!

Top 10 Beetlejuice Decorating Ideas To Try

1. Black & White Striped Pumpkin On Pots

black and white pumpkin

When we hear Beetlejuice, black and white stripes come to mind immediately, the same way we would think of pumpkins when we hear Halloween [1]. The best way to start your Beetlejuice-themed Halloween decor is with a pumpkin on a pot.

All you’d need for this project is a pumpkin, whether an already carved one or something you’d have to DIY. Take out your black and white spray paint and start spraying color alternately on every vertical section of the pumpkin.

If you want extra fun, add a dash of green paint on top of the pumpkin to make it look like Beetlejuice’s hair.

2. Beetlejuice Tombstones In The Yard

A tombstone is another key element during Halloween. Incorporate a Beetlejuice Tombstone in your yard with the name Betelgeuse [2].

This design may require some work, but it is pretty simple and fun. The preparation would include making skeletons, the base, carving, adding texture, and creating plasters. You can follow some easy video tutorials online.

3. Use Black & White Striped Carpet

stripe carpets

Decorating your yard or your entire home for Halloween need not be too systematic or complicated. Simply keep in mind the key elements of the Beetlejuice theme: black and white stripes.

Besides primary Halloween objects like pumpkins, skeletons, and tombstones, you can incorporate a black and white striped carpet and lay it down neatly at the center of the room. Nothing screams Beetlejuice than having black and white pinstripes on your floor!

4. Hang Beetlejuice Pictures On The Wall

Do not leave your wall empty. You can hang pictures of Betelgeuse, the star of the party himself, on your wall.

It would be even better to select the most gruesome and horrifying pictures in varying sizes to add variety to your decor.

5. Paint The Walls With Black & White Stripes

black and white striped wall

If you are hosting your Halloween party indoors this year, you can start by painting your walls with black and white stripes.

It is probably all you need to complete your overall Beetlejuice ensemble. If your landlord is strict, you may also opt for adhesive wallpapers for a temporary look as an alternative to painting your walls black and white.

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6. Beetlejuice Striped Bed Sheets

Old bed sheets can be a very versatile piece for the spooky season. Worn-out bed sheets with holes in them are just perfect for the occasion.

You can repurpose your bed sheets, paint them black and white, and turn them into another Beetlejuice-inspired decoration, a tablecloth, a spooky backdrop, or a ghost costume.

7. Beetlejuice-Inspired Lamps

diy beetlejuice lamp

The secret to a fun-filled Halloween decoration is your strategy to balance the dark and light.

You would not want the environment too dark, as your guests might trip. However, you also would not want it too bright because it defeats the spookiness of the occasion.

You can add some Beetlejuice-inspired lamps to your main table as a centerpiece or small ones in the corners of the room or your walls. But what happens if you say Beetlejuice 3 times?

8. Black-Out Curtains

If you are looking for a base or a backdrop for the whole set, opt for black-out curtains. Choose the ones made of thick cotton or polyester so the light will not pass through the fabric.

With black-out curtains, you can achieve the right amount of darkness to match the party’s mood. It would be better if you could find striped black-out curtains in black and white.

9. Beetlejuice-Inspired Ornament Plants

beetlejuice sandworm on a pot

If you’re into gardening and plants, why not incorporate them into your Beetlejuice theme? You can create striped sandworm tails and attach them to your planters.

You can also check out this Beetlejuice ceramic mini planter with an artificial succulent that can serve as a centerpiece on every table. Talk about fun and spooky!

10. Beetlejuice-Inspired Bathroom Sign

For a Beetlejuice-inspired bathroom sign, prepare a piece of cardboard and paint the edges with a mix of white, black, and gray.

Write the word Betelgeuse and put your lettering skills into action, or just print the letters in a spooky font. If you’re feeling creative, you can also include a picture of Betelgeuse.


Where can you buy Beetlejuice decors?

You can buy Beetlejuice decors from legitimate retailers like Toynk, especially for last-minute Halloween decorations or when you do not have the time to DIY. Toynk offers a vast collection of Beetlejuice decors, so you’d have plenty to choose from!

Are Beetlejuice decors only for Halloween?

No, Beetlejuice decors are not only for Halloween. Although it is most appropriate during the spooky season, fans of the classic horror comedy film do not mind putting their Beetlejuice Head Ceramic Planter as a centerpiece for any event.

This Geeki Tiki Beetlejuice Ceramic Mug featuring Adam is also a versatile and practical piece you can use daily.

Are Beetlejuice decors scary?

Beetlejuice decors are definitely scary enough to be a popular theme during the spooky season. This is one of the main reasons why many people opt for this theme, aside from the fact that they loved the show (who didn’t?).

Decorate ‘Em!

Beetlejuice decors are definitely spooky and one of a kind. You can create or even purchase various decorations, ranging from the main star himself (Beetlejuice) to other spooky characters like the Maitlands and their scary masks.

If you’re looking for the best decorations to help you pull off a great Beetlejuice-themed party, make sure to check Toynk out. 



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