What Happens If You Say Beetlejuice 3 Times

What Happens If You Say Beetlejuice 3 Times? Answered (2023)

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Many people use this theme for Halloween, and some even imitate his appearance.

If you’re a newbie to the Beetlejuice fandom or if seeing him constantly at costume parties made you curious, you might be wondering what happens if you say Beetlejuice 3 times?

Find out what our team discovered after scouring the internet for hours.

What Will Happen If You Say Beetlejuice 3 Times?

Lydia Deetz Cast of Beetlejuice

Did you know that saying Beetlejuice is like a “magic chant”? Saying the name "Beetlejuice'' three times is like an incantation that will result in his sudden appearance [1].

Remember that Beetlejuice is a trickster who loves playing tricks on people, so be careful in summoning him!

The Effects of Saying Beetlejuice 3 Times

Beetlejuice Appears (In the Film)

In the film, saying the name “Beetlejuice” thrice is the key to summoning him. Saying his name 3 times stresses how much he is wanted and acts like some sort of a “contract.”

So, once he appears, you couldn’t raise the defense that you summoned him by accident.

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Beetlejuice Will Have A Sequel

Say Beetlejuice thrice, and it will have a sequel [2]. After over 30 years, your favorite Halloween movie is back for a sequel, and fans have been anticipating this for years.

There has been no such disclosed information yet about the movie, but we’re all definitely excited!

Why Should You Say His Name Thrice?

Beetlejuice cast on top of  a roof

The rules dictate that someone has to repeat “Beetlejuice” thrice before he appears.

Repeating his name acts like a contract to use his services when you summon him.

Hence, 3 has been a significant number in the film.

Would He Appear If You Say His Name More Than Thrice?

Saying Beetlejuice’s name more than 3 times will not summon him. Hence, if you don't want him to get to you, make sure not to say his name exactly three times.

If you want the opposite to happen, then his name should be chanted thrice.

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Can Anybody Say Beetlejuice's Name 3 Times?


Yes, anybody can say his name 3 times (if you dare). Take note that Beetlejuice is a magical trickster who might play naughty tricks on you.

So, before you summon him, make sure you’re 100% prepared! Check out our favorite Beetlejuice quotes here

Do You Have To Say Beetlejuice 3 Times In A Row?

To summon or send him away, his name must be repeatedly and clearly summoned three times in a row.

This works like a magic spell and is the only way to either summon him before you or send him away.

However, be careful about what you wish for - he's a trickster for all we know.


How do you make Beetlejuice go away?

You must also say his name thrice in a row to make him disappear. As to saying his name thrice can make him appear before you, getting rid of him goes the same way.

Why can't Beetlejuice say his name thrice?

It wasn’t clearly stated, but what’s clear is that someone else has to summon him before he can appear.

Beetlejuice has a variety of supernatural powers but can't do it without you saying his name.

Aside from being unable to say his own name, he also can’t even write his own name. This is the reason why they had to use charades in order for him to be able to reveal his name.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Before you call out his name, make sure you can handle this magical trickster's naughty tricks! Also, remember to say it not once, not twice, but 3 times in a row.

If you’re a huge fan of Beetlejuice, make sure to check out Toynk’s Beetlejuice collection.


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