Beetlejuice Party Ideas

9 Beetlejuice Party Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

Looking for the perfect party idea for Halloween or Tim Burton’s fan gathering? Then, search no more - we got you covered.

From its perfect casting to the wickedly funny and satirical scenes, a Beetlejuice party will surely make a great theme for gatherings.

Keep reading as we share spooky yet incredible Beetlejuice party ideas for added fun and thrill!

9 Spooky But Awesome Beetlejuice Party Ideas

1. Prepare Beetlejuice-Themed Invites

Beetlejuice Themed Invitation

If you’ve planned to host a Beetlejuice party, start by setting the mood right.

The best way to do it is to make a Beetlejuice party invitation that features the iconic black and white stripes suit of Betelgeuse.

You can also use sandworms and shrimp, as seen in the movie. Don’t forget to showcase your favorite Beetlejuice quotes, such as “It’s Showtime!” or “Troubled by the living?” for a uniquely inviting party!

Make sure to check out some ideas online (Pinterest or a blog post) and try to recreate them.

2. Use Beetlejuice Party Decorations

Beetlejuice Decortations

Bring all the spookiness by displaying your creative side using Beetlejuice party decorations!

You can decorate your house to portray iconic scenes from the movie. Be it the staircase or mantle, these spots will surely make the perfect party backdrop.

You can use patterns representing the movie’s characters, like black and white stripes and horse figurines.

Of course, you can paint your pumpkins with black and white stripes and include your favorite Beetlejuice quote from the movie, like “Never trust the living!”

3. Make Black & White The Dominant Color

black and white decor

Most importantly, use black and white stripes as the dominant color for your Beetlejuice party decorations to represent the ghost with the most babe.

From the table set up to the decorations, you can never go wrong with colors black and white!

Then, put in variation by using the color green to liven up your party, representing Betelguese's moldy hair in the movie.

The same goes for your party dress, suit up like Betelguese and put on wacky green hair!

You can check out a blog post to get inspiration. You can buy these decorations on Amazon and licensed online retailers like Toynk.

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4. Display Spooky Striped Beetlejuice Cake

black and white striped cake

Your party won’t be complete without a spooky striped Beetlejuice cake! Put your baking skills to the test and use striped pumpkins on your Beetlejuice party cake.

To make it look strange, use green ganache for drip cake and top it with shrimp cake toppers (you can buy this on Amazon).

You can also use a sandworms-theme or create one for decoration using fondant.

5. Serve Beetlejuice-Inspired Party Food

Delight your guests by making Beetlejuice party food inspired by the movie, like the attacking shrimp meals from the Day-O scene [1]!

Apart from shrimp, you can also provide the following Beetlejuice party food to step up the dining experience:

  • Dirt Floats & Worm Cupcakes

Make dirty floats using Coke, ice cream, chocolate syrups, and crushed cookies. For the worm cupcakes, you can use fondant or an edible topper.

  • Black & White Beetlejuice Truffles

Aside from the iconic shrimp meals from the movie, you can also use store-bought truffles to include a Beetlejuice dessert on your menu.

  • Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

Don't forget to provide a Halloween candy charcuterie board that kids will certainly love. This party food is the perfect treat for those with sweet tooths. Also, ensure to include worm and shrimp candies for your charcuterie board.

  • Beetlejuice Cookies & Pastries

Add Beetlejuice party food like cookies and pastries to complete your sweet table corner. For a spooky sweet snack, Betelguese severed finger cookie is a great choice.

6. Serve Beetlejuice Cocktails

Beetlejuice cocktail drink

Serve Beetlejuice cocktails on the table for a fun-filled gathering or Halloween night.

Beetlejuice cocktails are the perfect drink for a uniquely strange yet delightful event. This will give everyone the fun night they’ve always wanted!

To make these cocktails, mix cranberry juice and the liquors you love. Once you have a green, bluish, and red cocktail mixture, put a lime or cucumber ribbon for garnish.

So start mixing and sipping weird cocktails while you watch this classic movie. But what will happen if you say Beetlejuice three times?

7. Wear Beetlejuice Character Costumes

Beetlejuice  Adam and Barbara Costume

Themed parties won’t be fun without dressing up as your favorite Beetlejuice characters!

Show your inner Betelguese by wearing a black and white striped suit and moldy hair.

Dress up like Adam by wearing a check shirt or floral dress like Barbara. If you’re in for a spooky night, put on the headless-like head of Adam or a gothic outfit to display your love for Lydia!

8. Prepare Beetlejuice-Inspired Party Games

Party games inspired by the iconic scenes from the movie will surely give your guests a good time. You can prepare a sandworm race game that is ideal for all ages.

Have charades or guessing games, and list some Beetlejuice quotes from the movie. Check out our favorite Beetlejuice quotes here

9. Give Beetlejuice-Inspired Party Favors

To cap off the night, give away Beetlejuice party favors! Use a white paper bag and turn it into Betelguese's iconic striped suit. Then, add anything green to mimic his moldy hair.

Send off your guests to the land of the living with some quirky and wickedly interesting treats.

You can give them merch, like a pair of black and white striped socks and a Zagnut bar to snack on.


Is Beetlejuice party only for adults?

It depends. Although the film’s fans or most likely adults by now, a Beetlejuice party may also work great for younger fans, especially those who are into Halloween and wanted anything spooky.

For instance, you can use less spooky costumes and decorations if you’re expecting kids, especially for a Beetlejuice Halloween party. Instead, make everything more playful, so everyone can enjoy your Beetlejuice party.

Won’t kids be scared of Beetlejuice parties?

No, not all kids would be scared of a Beetlejuice party. Originally a horror film, it evolved into a classic comedy movie that families watch on Halloween [2].

Furthermore, with Tim Burton's playful directorial style, Beetlejuice became the most timeless satirical comedy movie.

However, kids view things differently, and what might be funny to some may be scary to others. So when hosting a Beetlejuice party with kids, only use the simple elements to be safe.

It’s Party Time!

Party like in the Neitherworld with these Beetlejuice party ideas and flaunt your supernatural life! Be it a darkroom in the basement or the night of the living; you can try these Beetlejuice party ideas to spook your special guests.

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