20 Best Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas (2023 Updated)

20 Best Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas (2023 Updated)

Kids’ bedrooms are one of the messiest places in the entire house. Despite everyday cleaning, all the clutter of stuffed animals and toys they play with always ends up on the floor. 

If your kid’s growing collection of plushies and toys starts to take too much space, check out the stuffed animal storage ideas we prepared for you!

Top 20 Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas You Need To Try

1. Cribs


Cribs are invented to ensure babies’ safety while asleep and until they can walk [1]. Aside from keeping your baby safe, a crib can also be a practical solution for storing small stuffed animals.

If your child’s bedroom needs sorting, cribs are definitely one of the perfect places to keep excess stuffed animals!

2. Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock (No-Sew)

Organizing is all about making use of the space you have. That’s why DIY stuffed animal storage ideas are a must-try trick, and one of these includes a toy storage hammock.

You can make a stuffed animal hammock using any fabric and hooks to attach it to the corner walls. Afterward, place the plushies on top as if relaxing on a beach. This is certainly one of the most creative storage ideas for you to try!

3. Wall-Mounted Buckets

Wall-Mounted Buckets

Another great storage solution for your kid’s stuffed animals is wall-mounted buckets for easy access. You can play with colors and unleash your inner creativity while mounting those buckets in your children’s room.

You can also use metal bins and mount them on the end of the hallways or near doorways to make use of dead spaces.

4. Woven Baskets

A simple and neat way to organize stuffed animals, woven baskets are the perfect toy storage for younger kids, which is easily accessible during playtime. It is one of the most common storage boxes, ideal for smaller stuffed animals.

For added style, go for colorful to neutral-colored baskets complementing your child’s play space.

5. Hanging Basket 

 Hanging Basket

If you can’t let go of your kid’s teddy bear collection due to its unique attachment to you, a hanging basket is an ideal way to store stuffed toys [2]. You can use storage baskets that perfectly fit small stuffed animals - a simple solution to tidy up kids’ rooms.

6. Wire Laundry Hamper

Organizing stuffed animals is made easier with a wire laundry hamper. This toy storage idea is perfect if your child only has a few stuffed animals and is more convenient to use in a kid’s room.

Simply place it in a corner and teach your kids how to store stuffed animals on their own for a creative learning experience!

7. DIY Dresser Drawer

DIY Dresser Drawer

If you’re not a fan of scattered stuff and messy rooms, then the DIY dresser drawer is the perfect storage solution for you. Similar to shoe organizers, this toy storage idea requires shelves or an empty dresser.

Each drawer is replaced with a storage box or basket to store stuffed animals.

8. Long Display Shelf

Most of the time, kids will play with their toys. Plenty of stuffed animal storage ideas can help you organize easily, such as the long display shelf.

This wooden stuffed animal storage idea is perfect for a few plushies and lets your kids see their adorable toys in plain sight. Here are other ways to display your stuffed animals

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9. Stuffed Animal Zoo

 Stuffed Animal Zoo

Aside from cribs, you can build personalized toy storage like an Animal Zoo caged storage for your children’s stuffed toys. This stuffed animal storage is ideal for a large collection of toys.

It’s like a mini zoo filled with more animals; your kid gets to play the zookeeper!

10. Cubby Holes

Cubby Holes are great storage shelves to keep stuffed animals organized if you’re redecorating your child’s room into a playroom.

Furthermore, it’s not limited to stuffed animals alone as you can place books and other personal stuff of your kids in one place, allowing you to maximize each hole.

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11. DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Net

DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Net

Like the stuffed animal storage hammock, the knitted net is a great material for a DIY hanging toy organizer in your child’s room. This storage idea is the perfect way to keep stuffed toys in one place simply by hooking or pinning a net on the walls.

12. Toy Corrals

If you’re in for convenience, Toy Corrals is the perfect organizer for your kids’ stuffed animals. It is similar to storage bins but is usually made of wood and looks like a corral for farm animals.

Furthermore, toy corrals come in varying shapes and sizes, so you can perfectly fit them in designated storage areas.

13. Wall Hanging Stuffed AniPlanters

Wall Hanging Stuffed AniPlanters

Storing your kids’ stuffed animals can help add style to their room, and there’s no better way to do it than using planters. You can use spray paint to create colorful storage for stuffed animals if you have old planters.

14. Hanging Closet Organizer

For families with younger kids, it’s a pleasure for parents to buy them all the toys they can have. However, if you lack a storage room for toys, consider getting a hanging closet organizer for stuffed animals.

This allows you to maximize the room simply by hanging it at the back of the doors. 

15. Stuffed Animal Storage Chairs

Stuffed Animal Storage Chairs

Storage Chairs is a multi-functional toy box solution to make your child’s room free from clutter. These chairs with a built-in storage box work great for storing stuffed animals while serving another purpose. 

A bean bag can also be a great storage chair with added comfort and style. Did anyone say creative and practical?

16. Pillows with a Zipper

If you’re in search of another functional storage, go for pillows with a zipper, which is ideal for tiny stuffed animals. This is the perfect storage that you can place on your child’s bed, allowing them to safely tuck away their stuffed toys.

17. Stuffed Animal Storage Swing

Stuffed Animal Storage Swing

Using only two materials, plank woods and bungee cords, you can make simple yet creative storage stuffed animal swing. This is the ideal storage for medium to large size stuffed animals since it is more spacious than baskets or bins.

Additionally, you can make more layers of it for extra toy storage. You can also opt for mailing tubes to place a few toys inside and on top!

18. Shoe Organizer

If you’re not into DIY projects, a shoe organizer is a great solution to store stuffed animals. This is one of the most convenient stuffed animal storage ideas since it is available almost anywhere.

Also, you can add more of it as your kids’ stuffed animals collection grows and simply stack them up.

19. Stuffed Animal Farm

Stuffed Animal Farm

Build an Animal Farm in your kids’ bedroom or play area with this storage solution. The barn-themed stuffed animal storage is another DIY idea you can customize to your kid’s liking and name after them.

It is also the perfect storage for large toy collections and is accessible for kids.

20. Stuffed Animal Canopy Storage

Maximize more of your kid’s room by adding a bed canopy - one of the most clever stuffed animal storage ideas you can try. Revamp their bed and add a canopy for extra storage for stuffed animals.

You can create this using a support frame and stylish fabric to hide stuffed animals.


Do space bags work for storing stuffed animals?

Yes, space bags work for storing stuffed animals, especially if you’re moving to a new house and want to keep them safe from dirt. However, the toys can easily be squished inside during the process, so opting for other storage ideas is recommended.

Will storing stuffed animals in vacuum bags ruin them?

It depends on how long you plan to store the stuffed animals there. While Hallock invented vacuum storage bags to keep things free from dust and moisture, it is not ideal for keeping stuffed animals in them for a long period since it can distort their shape [3].

Final Thoughts

With our stuffed animal storage ideas, we hope that organizing is made easier for your kid’s toy collection. Our team recommends cribs as one of the best-stuffed animal storage solutions as they are spacious and cost-effective since you can reuse them after they have served their main purpose.

If you’re looking for more stuffed animals, make sure to check out Toynk’s plush toy collections!

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