12 Best Stuffed Animal Display Ideas (2024 Updated)

12 Best Stuffed Animal Display Ideas (2024 Updated)

The joy of owning cute, huggable, and soft stuffed animals converts more people from being just an owner into collectors. Most people collect stuffed animals for many reasons, but seeing them arranged on display shelves should be on top of their list! 

Here are awesome stuffed animal display ideas you should be trying, as in, right now!

Top 12 Unique Ways To Display Stuffed Animal 

1. Shelves with Lights

Shelves with Lights

One unique way of displaying and storing stuffed animals is to organize them on a shelf in the living room or child’s room. Decorate it with fairy lights, so your stuffed animals would look better on display. 

Let the magic of lights glitter around your lovely, stuffed toy friends day and night. Always be creative, so your children will love it!

2. Glass Display Cabinet

Another way to display your stuffed toy animals is by using glass display cabinets. Many parents choose this stuffed animal storage idea because it offers an easy solution to avoiding dust. If you want to flaunt your collection but are afraid they will accumulate dust, this fun idea is perfect for you.

Using sealed glass display cabinets would protect your stuffed animals from dust or insects that might ruin them. This is an excellent way to store children’s stuffed animals, too. 

3. DIY Hammock

DIY Hammock

One of the most creative ways of saving space is by using a DIY kids’ stuffed animal hammock for your stuffed animal collection. This storage makes your personal space look aesthetically chic and awesome. 

You can hang the DIY hammock storage on the wall or ceiling. Then organize the kids’ stuffed animals on the net (be creative). Learn how to hang a stuffed animal hammock here

4. Hanging Buckets

You can also use wall-mounted buckets to display stuffed animals. You may use a tin bucket as it is, or you can spray paint it according to your preferred design. 

If you’re afraid your stuffed animals will be stained by rust from the tin buckets, you may opt for a wooden bucket storage system. Wooden buckets may look great and fit a Scandinavian house design. [1]

5. Hanging Shelves Over The Bed Headboard

Hanging Shelves Over The Bed Headboard

Did you know that you can keep your stuffed animal toys close to you even when you’re sleeping? Just hang a shelf over the bed headboard and organize your stuffed animals’ collection. Creative, huh? 

This idea isn’t only homey and cute, but it also gives you easy access to your stuffed toys. If you suddenly missed one of your favorite stuffed animals, you can grab it over your head and hug it tightly as you doze off. You may install a curtain rod on the wall to hold the shelf. Here are the best ways to display stuffed animals for adults

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6. Wall-Mounted DIY Cage

Another creative way to store your plush toys is using a wall-mounted DIY cage for your collection of stuffed animal toys. First, assemble the cage. Then, screw the cage into the wall. Hang it and place all your stuffed animal toys. 

This is a cute way of displaying your collection of stuffed toys. The height of the wall-mounted DIY cage depends on your preference. But we recommend hanging it not too low or too high, so it would look better when hung.

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7. Hanging Thread-Style

Hanging Thread-Style

If you have a lot of stuffed animals and you don’t know where to put them, why not scatter their cuteness all over the children’s room? Get a thick rope or bungee cords and hang the stuffed animals. 

You can place two to three stuffed kid’s toys per rope so they would look like they are hanging on your ceiling as if they mean it! 

8. Hanging Organizer By The Door

If you want to “low-key” display stuffed animals, you can try this “stuffed animals toy storage.” Get a shoe organizer and hang it by the door to save space in your kid’s room. Place each stuffed animal in each pocket, and there you have it!  

Now you can flaunt children’s stuffed animals in a snap using this simple stuffed animal storage! 

Pro Tip: You can also use a shoe organizer made in plastic, a shoe tree, or closet organizers as toy storage. You can get these things a the dollar store. 

9. Stuffed Animals’ Corner

Stuffed Animals’ Corner

If you want to keep it simple yet with so much fun, you can try to make a corner to display (and store) stuffed animals. You can put a little round table or mini chair where you could put them and scatter the other stuffed toys on the carpeted floor.  

We recommend putting a few decorations like lights or fake flowers to make the stuffed animals’ corner more appealing. You can also fill some bean bag covers with stuffed animals and put them in this corner. Here's how you can make your stuffed animals soft again

10. Frame-Style Hanging

Frame-Style Hanging is a new way to flaunt and store stuffed animals stylishly. You can make wooden frames where you could flaunt them in one corner. This storage can be hung on your living room or kids’ rooms’ wall or along the corridor. 

You can also make a DIY door for the frame storage to seal it with glass to protect your collection and other toys. 

11. Swing-Style Hanger

Swing-Style Hanger

The stuffed animal Swing-Style Hanger is like the Hanging-Thread style. However, the storage idea uses swings to store your stuffed animals. Make your kids’ play or bedroom look more serene and homey with this cute style.

Pro Tip: Wrap a ribbon on the swing rope or just add string lights so you can light it up and watch it glitter as you sleep.

12. Nordic Style Baskets

If you are into minimalist storage designs, using a Nordic style basket would definitely make your heart race. You can revamp the basket using ribbons, wooden materials, or bamboo baskets. 

Fill the basket with stuffed animals and use colorful wrapping papers to make the baskets look more stylish.


Can adults have a collection of stuffed animals on display?

Yes, adults can have a collection of stuffed animals on display. While a kid having a stuffed animal collection seems normal, it isn’t weird for an adult to display his childhood memories. 

What stuffed animal display idea won’t collect dust?

The glass display cabinet won’t probably collect dust. At least, not as much as the other great storage ideas. The frame-style storage idea could also be a great option for stuffed animal storage when used with a DIY glass door. 

In Conclusion  

You can try various display ideas for stuffed animals, like using baskets, hanging toy storage shelves, and hanging organizers. These great ideas may look simple to some, but they could emphasize your collection when used in creative ways. They could become effective stuffed animal storage, too!  

Certain factors like avoiding dust collection, size of the area, and house design could help you decide which display idea suits your home well. 

So, which display idea did you like best? Tell us in the comment section below!

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