19 Best Stuffed Animal Brands (2023 Updated)

19 Best Stuffed Animal Brands (2023 Updated)

Stuffed toys are one of the best sources of love and comfort for children and adults alike. However, you should know that not every stuffed animal is built the same! 

Here are the best stuffed animal brands with quality that will stand the test of time. 

Top 19 Stuffed Animal Brands 

1. Aurora


Aurora is one of the few soft toy brands committed to using 100 percent sustainable materials, which automatically lands them a spot as our number one. 

Aurora World was first established in 1981 in South Korea but eventually moved to the UK in 1996. They are known as global leaders in high-quality plush toys, yet their prices stay competitive. The brand is most beloved for its non-jointed and squishy stuffed toys. 

Aurora’s plush toys can also be machine-washed without problems, so parents can breathe a sigh of relief. 

2. Gund


You’re probably familiar with Gund as the first company to manufacture soft toys for Mickey Mouse and company. Many other toy brands followed suit, and today, licensed soft toys have become popular. 

Gund was founded by a German immigrant in the United States and was one of the first to sell teddy bears commercially. The company also set the trend in under-stuffing their plush toys, making them squishier, softer, and more huggable. 

Today, the award-winning toy company is known worldwide for its impeccable quality. It will serve as the perfect present for kids for all occasions. 

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3. Douglas


Douglas Co. is one of the oldest and most respected plush toy companies in the United States. The company was established in 1956. 

They attribute their success not only to their use of high-quality materials, but also to intricate craftsmanship. There’s just something about looking at a Douglas Cuddly Toy that screams the brand made it! Their soft toys are trendy, unique, and irresistibly soft and squishy. So what's the best name for your stuffed animals?

4. Hasbro


When you’re talking about toys, Hasbro always comes to mind. While the brand is more known for its collectibles and board games, there is no denying that their soft toys exude the same top-notch quality. They are also known to carry licensed plush toys, such as Paw Patrol, Disney, and Sesame Street. 

Hasbro started as a company that sold textile remnants in 1923 but evolved into a toy company by 1942. It was founded by the three Hassenfeld brothers, Herman, Hillel, and Henry (Has-Bros). 

5. Squishmallows


Squishmallows are some of the most visually-appealing plush toys in the game — when it’s round and squishy, you know they’re the one! Squishmallows come in all colors, patterns, textures, and animals, and their simple shape makes them suitable for even newborns to snuggle with. 

Squishmallows are fairly new in the soft toys arena, but we’re already big fans! The company boasts about their plush toys being super huggable, like hugging a giant marshmallow! 

6. FAO Schwarz 

FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz Plush Toys look like they belong on the more sophisticated end of the spectrum. Their teddies, complete with dainty accessories, sit regally on their behind, waiting for you to wrap them up and give them as a present to your lover! 

Established in 1862, FAO Schwarz is the oldest toy store in the United States. It became so popular during Christmastime that the founder, Frederick August Otto (FAO) Schwarz, proclaimed the store as the “Original Santa Claus Headquarters.” 

7. Jellycat


Jellycat makes some of the best plush toys suitable for kids of all ages: from Bashfuls with animals that have the most adorable shy smiles, Amuseables that depict stuffies from the most unusual places, and Pocket Pals that you can pop in your pocket! 

Jellycat is a UK-based toy company creating original and innovative soft toys from luxurious fabrics since the late 90s. Today, it is being sold on most continents, including America, Europe, Asia, and even as far as Australia. 

8. Webkinz


Webkinz, small plush toys made from quality material, was released in 2005. However, that’s not all — each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique “Secret Code,” which you can input in their interactive online game Webkinz Classic!

The Secret Code allows you to own a virtual version of the small plush toy you’d just purchased and use it for online play. And while the toys are only for sale in the United States and Canada, those outside the country can still purchase virtual pets from the online store. 

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9. Lambs & Ivy

Lambs & Ivy

While Lambs and Ivy might be more famous for their baby products like beddings, you can’t deny that they make some of the best stuffed animals, too! 

Lambs and Ivy make soft toys from 100 percent hypoallergenic fabric, with no hard pieces such as safety eyes and noses, making them completely safe for babies. It’s a great first birthday gift to babies of all genders, with the quality staying the same even well into adulthood. Little ones will surely find love and comfort from a Lambs and Ivy plush toy. 

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10. Bedtime Originals

Bedtime Originals

Like Lambs and Ivy, Bedtime Originals are famous for their baby-friendly beddings, but their plush toys are equally impressive! 

The company makes the most adorable plush animals, from wise brown foxes and delightful pink elephants to majestic blue dinosaurs. Playing with a Bedtime Originals plush toy will ensure that older babies keep developing their fine motor skills. 

11. Melissa & Doug 

Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug make some of the best life-sized plush toys! You can purchase plush toy dogs of over two feet tall, wild tigers with a length of 46 inches, and gorgeous giraffes of over 54 inches (taller than most children!). 

And if you’re wondering about the brand's history, Melissa and Doug are, in fact, real people and a real-life couple with six children. They both knew at a young age that they wanted to create meaningful products for children that would contribute to developing their skills early on. 

12. Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Vermont Teddy Bear Company

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company boasts about being one of the largest producers of plush bears worldwide (almost 500,000 each year!). Each is handcrafted and durable, made with high-quality material. 

The company carries gifts for all occasions, whether it’s a baby’s first birthday, a graduation present, or an anniversary gift for your lover.

John Sortino founded the company in 1983 and had the idea of a “mail-order bear” that popularized the company. He called the concept “Bear-Gram,” which features the plush toy inside a box amongst other goodies. 

13. MorisMos


MorisMos makes some of the most vibrant and squishy plush animals out in the market. Most of their toys stand at 39 inches tall, perfect for older children who need to cuddle with a bedtime companion. But what's the biggest stuffed animal ever?

We were super impressed by the toys’ quality, and they will make for great additions to anyone’s bedroom or living space! 

14. Chicco


When it comes to baby stuff, Chicco is definitely one of the most notable brands. Chicco makes some of the best soft toys out there, with some being sold as a fun bundle (pacifier and plush bunny, anyone?). 

Chicco’s plush toys are all made from 100 percent baby-safe materials. They also want to make the world a better place even for future generations, so they have a Social Commitment to Sustainable Products and a Responsible Value Chain. [1

15. Happy Tymes

Happy Tymes

Happy Tymes is a small business making one-of-a-kind collector’s items. Some handmade bears for sale are one-offs, meaning there will only be one, and some are small, handmade batches of only 25 pieces. 

The business founder Beverly White is a nurse by profession but chose to lay it aside in 1984 to start her own business. Today, it is still a humble family business, with her husband Mike and five children, Amy, Beth, John, Matthew, and Nathanael, frequently lending a helping hand. 

16. Hansa Toys

Hansa Toys

Hansa makes some of the most realistic soft toys out on the market today. They are not only lifelike but also life-sized, made by artists observing the actual animal in its natural habitat. 

Some of their plush toys are also battery-operated — their world-famous polar bear can move its head, talk, and even sing to the tune of Christmas ballads like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” 

17. Orange Toys

Orange Toys

Plush toys made by Orange Toys are colorful and stylish, made from hypoallergenic polyester fiber. 

Orange Toys has been creating children’s soft toys for over a decade, with their brand mission strongly advocating for kindness. They also adhere to the highest quality and safety standards, while still offering competitive prices. Here are some stuffed animal storage ideas to try

18. Wild Republic Toys

Wild Republic Toys

Wild Republic Toys has just one mantra: to create naturally fun toys! Their high-quality stuffed toys are made with an element of realism, so children are inspired to see the beauty of wildlife. Young explorers will definitely have fun collecting their plush toys (parents, you should take note!). 

However, if things that go bump in the night are more your speed, you can check out their Monsterkins collection! This collection showcases vibrantly-colored monsters. However, legend says that not all monsters are bad, Monsterkins included… they just really want to help eat the plastic water bottles from both the land and sea. 

19. Ebba


Ebba makes some of the best soft plush toys. They are perfect for giving away to newborn babies to provide comfort and care, but you can also give them to adults who have an affinity for soft plush toys! 

Ebba is a child company of the aforementioned Aurora World, but they’re more laser-focused on creating baby plush toys this time. They highly boast about their use of buttery-soft fabrics and exquisite trims, coupled with great attention to detail. 


What is the oldest stuffed animal brand?

The oldest stuffed animal brand was the Steiff Company in 1880. The German company used state-of-the-art developed technology, which they used in manufacturing plush toys. 

However, if you’re talking about the oldest plush toy mass-produced for sale in the United States, that title would go to Ithaca Kitty, made by Celia Mattison and Charity Smith. 

Which stuffed animal brand is best for teddy bears?

This is totally subjective, but we have to say that the best stuffed animal brand for teddy bears is Aurora World. Their offerings are all made with the thought of durability in mind, so you’ll definitely get good value for your money. 

It won’t be difficult to find gifts for your loved ones from Aurora, no matter what age group they might belong to. 

In Summary 

And there’s our final round-up of the best brands for stuffed animals! 

Aurora will always be on top of our list due to their 100 percent commitment to using sustainable materials for their plush toys while still keeping their prices market-friendly and their products squishy and soft. 

Of course, who can’t forget Squishmallows, which are so smooth and cuddly, it’s like snuggling with a life-sized marshmallow! 

Our criteria for choosing quality stuffed animals are their squishiness, uniqueness, and brand advocacy. And we believe that all 19 on this list meet that! 

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  1. https://www.unep.org/explore-topics/resource-efficiency/what-we-do/sustainable-lifestyles

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