DIY Stuffed Animal Hammock

DIY Stuffed Animal Hammock: 10 Best Ideas (2023 Updated)

A stuffed animal hammock is the best way to keep the clutter at bay while your favorite toys and stuffed animals are on display.

The good news is you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get yourself a stuffed animal storage hammock.

Stick around, read on, and find out how to create a DIY stuffed animal hammock out of easy-to-find materials for your stuffed animals.

Top 10 DIY Stuffed Animal Hammock Ideas

1. Get A Nicely Printed Cloth & Sew A Hammock

Printed Cloth Hammock

Look for cloth with prints that you prefer. Choose one that matches or at least complements your room’s overall vibe and feel.

It will be even more fun to choose designs that go well with your stuffed animals.

Once ready, put your sewing skills into action and sew the edges of the hammock neatly and tightly and create end-loops.

Then, attach these to anchored eye bolts in your room.

2. Tulle Hammock Net

Keeping your stuffed animals in a tulle hammock net is also a perfect way to empty out the mess in your kids’ room and save time and energy in organizing.

Besides being a stuffed animal storage hammock, a tulle hammock net is a great idea for baby showers. It has an aesthetic appeal that works best as a decoration.

3. Crochet Toy Hammock

All you need to make this hammock are crochet yarns, a blunt needle, and plastic wall hooks [1].

Place the eye-bolts on your walls strategically, then attach the ends of the crocheted hammock well.

4. Turn An Old T-Shirt Into A Hammock

Here is a brilliant idea to benefit from your surplus of old t-shirts in your closet.

If you are hesitant to let go of your favorite comfort shirt, you can repurpose it into a hammock for your stuffed toys.

It would be a terrific sight to have both your favorite toys and your favorite shirt turned into one hammock in one place. Check out other stuffed animal display ideas here

5. Create A DIY Toy Hammock Using Yarn

yarn hammock

Empty your bedroom floor of mess and create your own storage. Besides used clothing, you can use yarn and buy a needle and hook to sew stuffed animal hammock.

Secure its anchor points in wall beams and ceiling joists using a screw and hook. There are free resources online to get your own pattern for creating a hammock.

6. Turn A Storage Net Into A DIY Hammock

If you have extra storage nets at home, you can also repurpose them into an easy; no-sew DIY stuffed animal storage.

Take as many storage nets as you see fit to hold your toy animals. You can level up its design by adding some fabric or ribbon, then hang it on the wall.

7. Use A Fitted Sheet

If you have none of the materials we mentioned above, do not fret. Here is something you can find in your house: fitted sheets folded into a triangle with a 90-degree angle.

Making a DIY stuffed animal storage hammock is easy with fitted sheets. Choose one with the right fabric quality and sturdy enough to hold weight.

You can then attach the edges to a rope, long enough to reach the hardware on the wall.

8. Use A Large Colorful Scarf

Did you know that you can also use your large colorful scarves to make an easy no sew DIY stuffed animal storage?

A hanging hammock is a perfect solution when you are tired of constantly following after the stuffed chaos on the floor.

All you have to do is use one sturdy enough to hold toys and create a hammock by attaching it to the walls.

9. Weave A Macrame Toy Hammock

Weaving a macrame hammock to hang on the corner of your room can be the best use of your free time.

The knots you need to learn for this are reverse double half hitch (or reverse lark's head knot), half hitch, marling knot, and collecting knot [2].

With just one click, you can access a macrame pattern online to guide you in weaving. Once done, you would need to create a casing on the short sides and for the ribbon.

10. Turn A Tassel Hammock Into A Colorful Toy Hammock

Tassel Hammock for stuff toys

Another easy, no-sew DIY stuffed animal storage idea is a tassel hammock. Put your sewing skills to the test and hang your stuffed animals in a hammock on a corner.

One way to prevent it from hanging flat is by putting cushions or your favorite animal plushies on them.


Are DIY stuffed animal hammocks safe?

Yes, DIY stuffed animal storage hammocks are safe. It is also convenient since there are lots of easy, no-sew stuffed animal storage hammock tutorials you can follow online.

How should you install a DIY stuffed animal hammock?

After you decided to sew a stuffed animal storage hammock, you can install it by remembering the key factors: suspension and knot.

Attach hooks onto the wall, then attach the end loops of your hammock. Make sure it is secured.

In Summary

A clean environment helps you think clearly and sleep more soundly. Hammocks are a great organizing tool to help you achieve this. Plus, it also works as an added home decor.

You could also put grommets in the sheet where the screws are and hook them onto some command hooks on the wall.



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