Xbox Mini Fridge Review: Is It Worth It? (2023 Updated)

Xbox Mini Fridge Review: Is It Worth It? (2023 Updated)

The gaming industry releases new hardware every year, and hardcore fans around the world rush to get their hands on them - even the ones not intended for gaming. 

Recently, the leading digital publisher Microsoft announced the news that they would release a small but functional fridge.

Our team researched, tested, and created an in-depth Xbox Mini-Fridge review!

What is an Xbox Mini-Fridge?

Xbox Mini-Fridge

If you’re thinking of buying one, you may wonder why they call it an Xbox Mini-Fridge instead of just a regular refrigerator.

The answer is simple: it is designed to look like the latest Xbox Series X console. It has the same iconic design as the recent Xbox consoles, with the Xbox logo printed on its matte black door [1].

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has made something resembling an Xbox console, as the Xbox Mini-Fridge is simply a smaller version of the larger fridge they released beforehand. 

Key Features

Size & Dimensions

The Xbox mini-fridge has an external dimension of 18” x 9” x 9” and an internal dimension of 13.2” x 6.8” x 6.8”. This mini fridge doesn’t take up too much space, so you can place it anywhere you want - be it in your room or car if you’re going on a road trip!

USB Port

USB Port

One of the amazing features of the Xbox mini-fridge is that it has USB ports where you can charge your tablet, cellphone, or any other small gadget you carry. 

Plus, it can also power external speakers so you can listen to music while chilling out in your room. It’s a mini-fridge and a power source in one! 



The max mode allows you to adjust the temperature between 0°F - 40°F. You can also choose between running the cooler at full speed (which can be pretty loud at times) or turning it down a notch to conserve energy.


You can turn on eco mode if you want to conserve energy and reduce the fan’s speed. Note that Xbox mini-fridges use thermoelectric cooling (they do not use refrigerants), and the fan simply sucks warm air in and converts it to cold air.

Turning it to eco mode may result in a long cooling process, but it can definitely help you conserve electricity. 

Fridge Sections

Fridge Sections


You definitely get what you pay for, as each section of this device has removable dividers which you can adjust, depending on the size of your drinks.

You can store at least 12 cans of soda in this fridge, and if you need to store something bigger (like a wine bottle), then all you have to do is remove the dividers [2].


There are also shelves by the door where you can stock mini snacks. You should have no problem fitting in snacks like candies and chocolates here, but if you need bigger storage, you can simply place them beside your soda cans.


If you are worried about having enough airflow, then you’ll be happy to know that this Xbox Series product comes with a built-in Xbox fan. The best thing is, you can buy a replacement for this if in case it starts to malfunction over time.



This appliance is so small and compact that you can easily move it from room to room, even on your own. It also doesn’t take up too much space, so you can carry it with you even on road trips.

Other future brands like Nintendo definitely have some huge expectations to meet! But is the Xbox mini-fridge a console, too?


The Xbox Series X mini-fridge is definitely reasonably priced at a retail price of $99 - $120. However, this is often sold out on Target, so you can go directly to the manufacturer or look for trusted retailers online.


How long does it take for Xbox Mini Fridge to get cold?

After plugging it on, the Xbox Series X mini-fridge takes approximately 2 hours to chill down to 32°F. Afterward, you can keep your drinks and food cold with continuous use. 

Can you leave the Xbox Mini Fridge on overnight?

Yes, you can leave the Xbox Series X mini-fridge on overnight. However, we recommend switching it to eco mode when you go to bed to save energy, and if in case its loud sound bothers you, then you can opt to turn it off. 

Final Verdict: Is It Cool or Nah? 

This is definitely a cool product from Microsoft, and Xbox fans are going gaga over it! It is a sleek, modern, and practical device where you can store all your drinks and snacks. 

Did we also mention how “Instagrammable” this mini-fridge is? 

If you’re searching for an Xbox mini-fridge, make sure to purchase from trusted partners and sellers like Toynk to ensure you get your money’s worth!

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