How To Display Stuffed Animals For Adults (2023 Updated)

How To Display Stuffed Animals For Adults (2023 Updated)

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Showcasing your favorite stuffed animal from childhood may seem easy until you have to decide which among your plush toys goes in the middle - your fluffy unicorn or the cute dolphin.

We created an in-depth guide to help you figure out how to display stuffed animals for adults!

Top 10 Unique Ideas To Display Stuffed Animals (Adults Edition)

1. School Bus In A Dresser

School Bus In A Dresser

Crafting a “school bus” is a fun storage idea to display most stuffed animals and save money simultaneously. Simply grab a shoe organizer and let your creativity transform it into a minibus that can fit at least two stuffed animals that you can keep inside your closet! 

This way, you get to store the toys in your own room and see them on a daily basis.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are creative storage solutions if you have smaller stuffed animals. Hang the shelves up along your kid’s room around 12-18 inches from your ceiling, then display plush toys by lining them up along the wall. 

Alternatively, the shelf space is also a clever way to store their favorite books if their favorite plushies occupy less space than intended.

3. Framed Shadow Box

 Framed Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are great stuffed animal display ideas to protect and display stuffed animals you’ve had since childhood. Once you have the box filled with toys, one awesome way to display them is by inserting them into bookcases or shelves. 

However, they are not cheap, so you may have to spend a decent amount to keep your toy collection organized.

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4. Colorful Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket may be a good way to organize your stuffed animals if you have unused space inside the house. Find a corner (preferably not behind a door), then hang as many mesh storage baskets as needed before storing your stuff inside. 

This storage is inexpensive, so it’s perfect if you need cheap storage solutions!

5. Stuffed Animal Cage

Stuffed Animal Cage

One of the most creative ways to store stuffed animals is through a zoo-like cage. You can get this from online stores or DIY at home. Kids will especially appreciate the solution since it allows quick access to their plushies and other toys. 

You can even keep the cage in the corner of your bedroom as an added aesthetic!

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6. Glass-Front Bookcase

If you own a glass-front bookcase, it can be a great way to display your stuffed animal collection. You can be creative with the presentation, plus the glass door will prevent the toys from falling. 

One unique way of displaying is arranging the plushies by color or in ascending order. This will increase their aesthetic aside from keeping them organized. 

7. Plexiglass Boxes

Plexiglass Boxes

If you want to preserve your toy collection, plexiglass is a good way to keep them from kids’ reach and maintain their pristine condition. Then you may proceed with displaying the plexiglass boxes on a shelf or hanging them on your wall. 

We recommend storing the stuffed animals in your bedroom to prevent a child from tampering with the plushies.

8. Hanging Baskets

Baskets are not particularly popular display solutions for stuffed animals. However, if you don’t have the time to create a stuffed animal hammock, hanging the punnet from your ceiling will give them a whole new display value. 

Find an open space in the corner of a room, then hang the toy-filled basket. This easy and cute display method will keep your kid from reaching the stuffed animals.

9. Display Glass Cabinet 

Display Glass Cabinet

Storing stuffed animals in a glass cabinet is a fine option if you’re not using the receptacle for other things. Simply organize as many stuffed animals as you can fit inside for display. 

For the rest, you may display them on shelves or in other storage containers. 

10. Quirky Pillows On A Bed Or Accent Chair

Some children or adults might not want to display stuffed animals but keep them at arm’s length. In this case, let them remain inside the room as quirky pillows or chair displays instead of storing them inside a repository or hanging them from a wall. 


What Can You Do With Stuffed Animals When You Reach Adulthood?

An adult may choose to display stuffed animals or keep them in their room, especially if they boast a certain sentimental value [1]. Conversely, they may also give them away to other people who would benefit from the plushies as they once did.

Is It Normal For Adults To Keep Their Stuffed Animals?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal for adults to keep stuffed animals, especially if they’ve grown emotionally and psychologically attached to them [2].

They may display the stuffed animals if they wish to flaunt their collection, but they’re also free to give them away to others if needed.

So, How Do Adults Display Stuffed Animals?

There are countless possible ways to display stuffed animals, and we demonstrated 10 of the best solutions out there. If you’re not keen to buy storage options, look at what resources you have at your disposal and devise creative ways to display your stuffed animals.

We hope the list above helps! If you’re looking to add more to your collection, feel free to visit Toynk and check out our stuffed animals for sale!

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