Hello Kitty Room Ideas

10 Best Hello Kitty Room Ideas For Avid Fans (2023 Updated)

Children and the young at heart love this Japanese Bobtail cat weighing as light as 3 apples.

After all, how often do we see a cat wearing an adorable red bow while making pastries for her friends?

If you’re a fan of this worldwide craze, check out these Hello Kitty room ideas we’ve prepared for you.

Top 10 Cute Room Ideas For Hello Kitty Fans

1. Hello Kitty Headboard

Hello Kitty Headboard

Nothing screams “absolute fanatic” than having Hello Kitty as your headboard. What else could be better than sleeping and waking up to the sight of your favorite character?

By doing so, this adorable Bobtail becomes the centerpiece of your room (and we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what you want).

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2. Large Hello Kitty Head Fluffy Mat

Hello Kitty mat

Aside from feasting your feet in soft plush, you can also enjoy having your favorite cat placed at the foot of your bed as if welcoming you as you enter the room.

It’s simply adorable; you might even think twice about stepping on it.

3. Paint Your Room With Shades of Pink

woman painting a room with color pink

Almost every girl dreamt of having a pink room at some point, and if you didn’t have a chance to experience that back then, now is the time.

You can paint your entire room in pink or create a white and pink striped design by simply alternating the two colors on the wall.

4. Use Hello Kitty-Inspired Bedsheets

Hello Kitty Bedsheet

Probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to flaunt your love for this Japanese Bobtail is by using Hello Kitty-inspired bedsheets.

You can choose many designs, but it is always best to go with the ones that complement your room’s design. Remember the golden rule in decoration - simplicity is beauty.

If you already have many Hello Kitty-themed items, go for a minimalist bedsheet design. If your entire room is covered in pink, make sure to go for a pink bedsheet as well.

You can also use some blankets to make your Hello Kitty room rock.

We suggest Hello Kitty My Cute World Silk Touch Sherpa Throw Blanket and Sanrio My Melody and Kuromi Pillow Fight Sherpa Throw Blanket, which are both super soft and cute!

5. Display Your Hello Kitty Merch In A Corner

Hello Kitty Collections

Every collector's dream is to flaunt their collection for everyone to see. You can have a dedicated shelf in your room with nothing other than Hello Kitty merch.

You can also arrange your collection by type (e.g., all plushies go together, all figurines are placed at the top, etc.) [1]

If you have Hello Kitty merch like Street Fighter x Hello Kitty Chun-Li PVC Coin Bank and Sanrio Character Plush | Hello Kitty, you can either display them on top of a pink cabinet or hang a Hello Kitty merch cabinet on the wall with fairy lights.

6. Hang Hello Kitty Posters


Hello Kitty poster on the wall

If having a Hello Kitty headboard is quite hard for you to achieve, you can hang a Hello Kitty poster at the top of your bed or on the wall adjacent to your table.

You can order Hello Kitty posters online or design and print your own.

You can also try hanging Hello Kitty Popsicle Beach Throw with Tassels or Hello Kitty and Friends Jigsaw Puzzle. You can either hang them in a glass frame or make a wooden border frame to make them look cuter.

7. Buy/Make A Custom-Made Hello Kitty Bed

customized hello kitty bed

If you have an extra budget, you can buy a Hello Kitty bed or have one custom-made. It would be like sleeping on a giant plush (except it’s more comfortable).

Some opt for a minimalist design with only the ears and bow of Hello Kitty as the bed frame, while some go all the way and include even her hands and feet.

8. Pattern Hello Kitty’s Head In Windows/Door

Another creative idea is having an art decal of Hello Kitty on your windows or door [2]. It can even be accompanied by words like “Hello” or “Welcome.”

9. Hello Kitty Head Hanging Cabinet

If you have the extra funds, you can have a custom-made Hello Kitty head-hanging cabinet to contain your Hello Kitty collection or a couple of your books and indoor plants.

Just make sure not to put anything too heavy on it, and consider the weight of the cabinet before hanging it on your walls.

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10. Fill The Room With Hello Kitty Head Designs & Ribbons

hello kitty ribbon display

Another easy way to show your love for the fandom is by filling your room with Hello Kitty head designs and ribbons.

Be it on your walls, on your curtains, or even on your bedside table; the trick is to plan the design first before actually painting (or sticking) Hello Kitty designs on your walls.

After all, you wouldn’t want to overdo it.


Can adults have a Hello Kitty room?

Yes, adults can have a Hello Kitty room. There is no specific age as to who can enjoy this adorable Bobtail, and everyone - adults and children alike, can do so.

Should a Hello Kitty room be red or pink?

It depends on your preference. Some prefer having a red Hello Kitty room, while some feel better painting their room and decorating it with all things pink.

In A Nutshell

Having the Hello Kitty room of your dreams can be achieved in various simple steps.

While some may require additional budget (e.g., Hello Kitty headboards, bedframes, and hanging shelves), some only require your creativity (e.g., art decals, posters, etc.).

If you’re looking for Hello Kitty products to give to a fan or add to your growing collection, make sure to check Toynk out!

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