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10 Best Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas For Fans (2023 Updated)

Kitty White (a.k.a. Kiti Chan), the cartoon character popularly known as Hello Kitty, took the world by storm.

Hello Kitty’s influence in pop culture couldn’t be denied, and we wouldn’t blame you if you’re out looking right now for a Hello Kitty tattoo design to immortalize this adorable character.

Our team compiled these Hello Kitty tattoo ideas for you to try out.

Top 10 Kawaii Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas For You To Try

1. Minimalist Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Tattoo

First on our list of Hello Kitty tattoos is one a minimalist would love. If you’re looking for a simple Hello Kitty tattoo, opting for the basics is a great idea.

Have Hello Kitty inked on your skin, with her basic black eyes and other notable features in black ink. But how old is Hello Kitty?

2. Hello Kitty In Candy Land

This Hello Kitty tattoo design works best for those who love art and colorful designs.

This tattoo features Hello Kitty with a pink rainbow on the background and is surrounded by candies, flowers, and a huge cupcake.

Did someone say sweetness overload?

3. Hello Kitty Princess

Another addition to the best Hello Kitty tattoo designs is this cute cat dressed as a princess.

Have the artist use ink in bright colours (especially for her gown), and don’t forget to add her pink bow next to her crown.

4. Hello Kitty Band-Aid Art

Hello Kitty is a fictional character created by Yuko Shimizu and introduced to the world by the Japanese company Sanrio [1].

This Hello Kitty tattoo design featuring our favorite feline on a bandaid is probably one of (if not the best) tattoos for fans who want to express their love creatively.

Have the tattoo artist draw a bandaid with Hello Kitty in the middle and two hearts on the side.

5. Small Hello Kitty Head

Minimalist Hello Kitty Tattoo

This tattoo features Hello Kitty with a red bow on her left ear and a few whiskers, without her feline body.

Basically, it’s just a cute cat head with her iconic ribbon in red, pink, or blue.

6. No Face Hello Kitty

Another simple Hello Kitty tattoo you can try is this design with just her head and ribbon, without any eyes, nose, or mouth.

We’re sure fans would still recognize this kitty, even if she doesn’t have a face.

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7. Small Tri Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty is a cute character from Japan (Sanrio) oozing with innocence and kindness [2]. What better way to show your love for her than having her inked on you thrice?

This Hello Kitty small tri tattoo may be small, but it’s definitely one to try out.

8. Hello Kitty Outline Tattoo

HK minimalist outline tattoo

Whether you want a mermaid kitty or just her head inked on your skin, you can never go wrong with an outline tattoo.

Immortalize a lovely image of this beloved cartoon and show your fandom anywhere you go while staying minimalist and remaining on your personal “theme.”

9. Hello Kitty Tattoo Naughty & Nice

This cute feline can be naughty or nice - a few details are all that’s needed. You can have an angel-themed Hello Kitty or go for a devil or sugar skull.

Ask your artist to work with different colors of ink, like red and yellow, to specify exactly what kind of feline is portrayed in your tattoos.

10. Sanrio Jewel Hand & Finger Hello Kitty Tattoo

minimalist outline tattoo

A tattoo featuring Hello Kitty makes any body part stand out, and your hands and fingers are no exception.

You can get the design tattooed on your middle finger (like Katy Perry’s) and have them look like mini permanent rings.


What does a Hello Kitty tattoo symbolize?

Hello Kitty tattoos symbolize happiness and friendship, which anyone can project their own feelings into.

Hello Kitty tattoo designs surely bring cuteness overload, and the best thing is it also carry a symbol that all fans worldwide will always carry with them.

Can men have a Hello Kitty tattoo?

Yes, even men can have Hello Kitty tattoos.

Hello Kitty’s influence on pop culture has spilled into tattoo, meaning anyone who values love and friendship can get this design regardless of age and gender.

How much do Hello Kitty tattoos usually cost?

Hello Kitty tattoos cost around $50 - 250, depending on the Hello Kitty designs you’ll be present to your tattoo artist.

Note that the size, colors used, and difficulty of the tattoo design can affect its price.


Hello Kitty is a Sanrio cartoon character loved not only by young girls but by everyone worldwide - young and old, male and female.

This feline made its mark not only on Japanese culture but in the heart of all its fans. What better way to express your unconditional love for this delightful cat than by getting tattoos?

Now, you can immortalize her sweet and fun personality in trendy tattoo designs that will always be in style.

If you’re looking for Hello Kitty merchandise to give to a fan or add to your collection, make sure to check Toynk out.


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