7 Best Hello Kitty Party Ideas For 2023 (Updated)

7 Best Hello Kitty Party Ideas For 2023 (Updated)

Hello Kitty took the world by storm and has become one of the most famous cartoon characters loved by many. It’s no wonder many kids (and the young at heart) opt for a Hello Kitty birthday party.

If you are looking for amazing Hello Kitty party ideas for an upcoming birthday, check out what our team has prepared for you!

Top 7 Hello Kitty Party Ideas To Try 

1. Send Out Hello Kitty-Themed Invitations

hello kitty birthday invitation

A Hello Kitty birthday party should begin by giving out themed invitation cards to your guests. Doing so will give them a sign or a guide from the beginning of what they should expect from the party.

You may print pictures online and use a pink background or font colors bearing the event’s details, like the venue or time [1].

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2. Hello Kitty-Inspired Party Cake

A Hello Kitty cake for the celebrant is a must! Multi-layers are more attractive, serve plenty, and will excite the kids.

You can add a Hello Kitty figurine or design the base of the Hello Kitty cake with her face. You may also try to get ideas on the internet to make it more appealing and delicious.

3. Hello Kitty Banner & Backdrop

Next on our list of event ideas, a Hello Kitty birthday party must include a banner and backdrop depicting your Hello Kitty theme. Creating a photo booth will also give your guests an amazing and memorable experience [2].

You can create a giant banner at the venue’s entrance to make it look more welcoming. Simply look up some ideas online and recreate them to fit your theme and budget.

4. Hello Kitty-Inspired Food & Drinks

hello kitty bun

Hello Kitty Cookies & Cupcakes

Another one of the great Hello Kitty event ideas would be to bake Hello Kitty-inspired cookies and cupcakes. It would be best if you did not focus only on the venue but on the food as well.

There are tips and recipes you can read online to make the process easier. One thing you can do is copy Hello Kitty’s face along with her iconic ribbon.

Hello Kitty Utensils

Don’t forget your Hello Kitty party supplies! You can add a couple of pink utensils to your shopping list; if this color is unavailable, you can always go for red.

Hello Kitty Placemats

A Hello Kitty party must also have Hello Kitty-designed placemats on every table. It will make your party more organized and inviting.

You can check for ideas and purchase items from different online stores if you need to add more Hello Kitty party supplies. Just make sure that the colors and designs match the event.

Hello Kitty Table Cloth

One of the easiest ways to decorate your Hello Kitty party is using tablecloths. You can search and add to your cart various table cloth designs that suit your theme. Some want plain pink cloth, but others want something with a Hello Kitty sign or figure.

5. Hello Kitty Balloons & Party Decors

Your Hello Kitty party will not be complete without the appropriate Hello Kitty decorations. You can add balloons on every corner and select the best designs to fit your venue.

If you have time, you can do it alone or let online stores deliver it straight to your home. After the event, you can let the kids bring a balloon home.

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6. Hello Kitty Party Games

A Hello Kitty party is lacking without fun games! Kids would love to enjoy their day, and to let them play and have fun is one way to achieve that.

You may plan a game and get them to dance and sing, with Hello Kitty merch waiting for them if they win! Check out some Hello Kitty gifts for adults here

7. Hello Kitty Items For Party Favors

hello kitty party loot bag

Party favors are a sign of appreciation towards your guests. Kids who attended the Hello Kitty party would love to receive party favors with the adorable and loving character.

To remember your event, you can put candies, chocolates, or keychains on a small pouch or plastic and give it away.

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What colors can you use for Hello Kitty parties?

A Hello Kitty-themed party typically uses pink since this color has been associated with the friendly feline.

You can use it for every decoration or make it the base of your cake! But what does Hello Kitty mean backwards?

Can you have a Hello Kitty online party?

Yes, you can have an online Hello Kitty party as long as you make sure to prepare everything beforehand. If you use a video conferencing application, create a Hello Kitty-themed background for everyone to use.

You can also send out Hello Kitty-themed giveaways to those attending your virtual celebration.

In Summary

A Hello Kitty-themed birthday is something that almost every fan of the friendly feline dreams of. You may start by preparing invitations, baking a Hello Kitty cake, cookies, and cupcakes, and making sure that your placemats, tablecloths, and decorations match your theme.

If you need more help, there are numerous tips you can select and read online that would give you more ideas on how to carry things out.

Are you looking for Hello Kitty merch to give as a gift or add to your growing collection? Make sure to check Toynk out! 

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