Hello Kitty Cakes Ideas

10 Best Hello Kitty Cakes Ideas Listed (2024 Updated)

To have a Hello Kitty birthday cake is something fans look forward to on their special day. Hello Kitty is known all over the world and is often seen in cups, dresses, bags, and even on a cake.

Our team researched and compiled some Hello Kitty cake ideas for your next party.

Top 10 Hello Kitty Cake Ideas You Need To Try

1. Use Hello Kitty Figurines As Topper

Hello Kitty Figurine Topper

Make your Hello Kitty cake look good by putting an edible figurine of Hello Kitty on top. If you want to have the actual design on the Hello Kitty cake itself, opt for the help of a professional baker or buy the perfect figurine that will stand out (little girls will love this).

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2. Design The Cake As Hello Kitty’s Head

Designing your Hello Kitty cake with the character's head means that you must be mindful of every detail on her face, including her white color, whiskers, ribbon, small black eyes, and round nose.

You may also copy the exact shape of Hello Kitty's head to make your Hello Kitty cake more realistic!

3. Color It Pink & Top It With Hello Kitty Faces

A Hello Kitty birthday cake will also look good in pink, especially if the celebrants are girls. Design your cakes with Hello Kitty's face, and add other cake designs like white flowers and ribbons to your Hello Kitty cake to make it look more appealing.

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4. Print An Edible Hello Kitty Background

Adding an edible Hello Kitty cake background to the birthday cake is also a great move, allowing you to design each character detail better [1].

You can find many Hello Kitty cake designs online if you want to do it yourself or search for people who specialize in making a Hello Kitty birthday cake for birthday parties.

5. Make Hello Kitty Faces Using Fondant

Fondant Hello Kitty Face

Another thing you can try to spice up your Hello Kitty birthday cake is to use cake fondants with Hello Kitty cake faces. Fondants are edible icing that can help you design your birthday cake easier to make it more appealing to children [2].

6. Put A Red Ribbon & Whiskers

Your Hello Kitty cake will not be complete without the iconic ribbon and whiskers.

Complete your birthday cake design by creating tiny Hello Kitty faces around the birthday cake or by putting a big one to help you emphasize every detail of the character's face. You can add her iconic ribbon and whiskers by using fondant or icing.

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7. Top It With Fruits, Hello Kitty, & Dripping Icing

Your loved ones will also appreciate this Hello Kitty birthday cake if you will include fruits and design your Hello Kitty cake with dripping icing on top. However, you need to make sure to find fruit products that will compliment the overall taste of your Hello Kitty birthday cake.

Using pink icing can help make your Hello Kitty birthday cake more appealing too!

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8. Decorate It With Hello Kitty Figurine & Cookies

Kids will definitely enjoy it if you put Hello Kitty toys at the top of your Hello Kitty birthday cake. These toys and accessories can surely help make your Hello Kitty birthday cake stand out.

Moreover, you can also serve plenty of Hello Kitty cupcakes in addition to your Hello Kitty Birthday cake to ensure that the serving will be enough for kids and adults.

9. Color The Cupcakes & Form A Big Hello Kitty Face

A Hello Kitty cake is usually in white, but you can also choose other colors. Girls will love to have it in pink, and boys can have it in blue. Make sure that your Hello Kitty birthday cake bears the iconic features of this character.

10. Bake Cute Hello Kitty Cupcakes & Form A Tower

Hello Kitty cupcakes

Aside from a great Hello Kitty cake, you can also create birthday cupcakes to supplement your Hello Kitty birthday cake. Make a high tower by creating plenty of birthday cupcakes for the party.

Doing so ensures that there will be sufficient food for both kids and adults. You can create a variety of Hello Kitty birthday cupcakes with different colors and designs to make them more aesthetic (and a crowd favorite).


Is it more expensive to order custom-made Hello Kitty cakes?

Yes, it is can be expensive to order a custom-made cake for your Hello Kitty party. A lot of bakers specializes in creating a hello Kitty birthday cake - you just have to find the one who can deliver your requests and fits your budget.

Can you bake Hello Kitty cakes at home?

Yes, you can bake a Hello Kitty cake at home. However, numerous cake ingredients are needed, which would require your time and effort.

You can look for Hello Kitty cake ideas, details, inspirations, and procedures online to help you make the Hello Kitty birthday cake. 

Final Verdict

The Hello Kitty character took the world by storm. From shoes, cups, and even clothing lines, it found its way into everyone’s hearts.

Having a Hello Kitty cake to celebrate your birthday party is a must since a Hello Kitty cake is not a mere “requirement” but a source of happiness for most fans.

Once you’ve found your favorite Hello Kitty birthday cake design, we’re certain you’ll be having it year after year!

If you’re looking for toppers for your Hello Kitty cake or are searching for a Hello Kitty gift, make sure to check Toynk out!

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