6 Best Pokemon Cake Ideas For Any Party (2023 Updated)

6 Best Pokemon Cake Ideas For Any Party (2023 Updated)

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A party won’t be complete without a cake. Hosting the perfect birthday party for a Pokemon fan is possible, thanks to one of the best Pokemon Masters, Ash, and the world’s favorite Pokemon, Pikachu.

If you’re looking for inspiration on Pokemon cake designs for a Pikachu fan, get your Pokeballs out and “catch” all the brilliant ideas we have prepared for you!

Top 6 Amazing Pokemon Cake Ideas

1. Copy Your Favorite Character

Copy Your Favorite Character

Whether you’re a fan of Pikachu, Rayquaza, Garchomp, or Dragonite, a Pokemon cake is best decorated with your favorite characters [1]. If you’re making a Pokemon birthday cake for kids who are fans of Ash Ketchum, it would be perfect to have a miniature figure of the Pokemon Master together with his buddy, Pikachu. 

You can also make an amazing Birthday cake inspired by some of the famous characters on the show like Charizard, Gengar, Arcanine, Bulbasaur, and Blaziken [2]. Don’t forget to add the trainers like Brock, Misty, Dawn, and May!

2. Form It Into A Pokeball

Another great idea for a Pokemon birthday cake is to form it into a huge Pokeball. If you’re searching for an easy Pokemon cake, this design can easily be made with store-bought fondant, and you can fill it with your favorite flavored icing in the middle.

You can also form miniatures of kids’ favorite creatures, like Charmander, Squirtle, and Jigglypuff, and place them around the Pokeball to complete your  Pokemon-inspired cake. If you’re not fond of fondant, you can always decorate birthday cakes using colored icing to highlight the details of the cake. It's also great to give as a Pokemon gift!

3. Form Pokeball Cupcakes Into A Cake

Form Pokeball Cupcakes Into A Cake

If your kid loves to watch the show and considers themselves a Pokemon Master, it will definitely surprise them to have a Pokeball for a birthday cake. In addition, this cake design is easy to make. All you have to do is layer cupcakes which can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge. They're perfect for your Pokemon-inspired party!

The good thing is, you can buy ready-made red and black frosting as the color will take time to develop if you make it on your own. Even if you’re a novice baker, it is best to practice with wax paper first before adding the frosting to your Pokeball cupcake.

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4. Use Pokemon Caketoppers

Making cakes should never be troublesome and can be made easy with Pokemon cake toppers. If you haven’t decided to go for a round cake or layered cupcakes, cake toppers are always more useful and time-saving than making edible miniature creatures. 

Furthermore, this is one of the easiest tips our team recommends as you can easily make any cake more beautiful. Caketoppers come with a stick and can be placed on the center of a cake or top of cupcake icing. You can also fill in a ready-made cake with the cake toppers (like the tail of Pikachu) to assemble an easy Pokemon cake.  

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5. Use Edible Printed Images

Use Edible Printed Images

One of the newest cake ideas you can see on a post on the web is the use of edible printed images. It is used by printing an image in a blank frosting sheet using an edible printer and ink. 

In short, you can eat the characters of your favorite Nintendo games and anime. It is also easy to decorate the cake with this process since you don’t need to craft the characters by using different colored fondants and cutting each to make the perfect form. 

Moreover, you can easily print each character and make cake toppers with a toothpick.

6. Form A Nintendo Switch

The perfect birthday cake for an avid fan of the Pokemon games would be a Nintendo toys cake. The Nintendo Switch for Pokemon fans (especially those who love the games) can be made using fondant or edible printed images to cover the whole cake.

If your child loves icing so much, you can add it on the sides or use it to make the control parts and use the edible printed images for the screen to display Pokemon characters in the center. 

If you are quite a skilled baker, you can craft every detail for a more 3D look!

“A party without cake is really just a meeting.” - Julia Child, American Cook.


How do you make a simple Pokemon cake?

You can also make a simple cake for your kid using layered cupcakes topped with cake toppers, smooth frosting, or using fondant to create a Pokemon sign or characters that you can eat on the go. If you do not have much time to create and frost the cake from scratch, go for the Pokeball or Pikachu cake designs, as these are easier to do. 

How much will a Pokemon cake cost?

If you want your kid to have a blast at their coming birthday party, you can bake your own Pokemon cakes for around $50. Kids’ birthday cakes are always the star at parties, and if you want them to look more extravagant, you can always go over $50.

Wrapping Up!

Pokemon cakes are ideal for your kids’ birthday party and any other occasion, like gathering the games’ avid fans. You can also make a Pikachu cake if you’re about to visit a friend who loves the adorable creature by using cake toppers, fondants, and a lot of creativity to inspire your imagination. 

Also, if you’re looking for Pokemon toys and collectibles, make sure to check our website out!

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