How To Wash A Squishmallow Properly (2023 Updated)

How To Wash A Squishmallow Properly (2023 Updated)

It’s a crime to let your Squishmallow squad collection sit in a toy box or shelf all day. Squishmallows are meant to be played with, squeezed, and slept with right after getting them from the box. However, because these huggable, cuddly stuffed toys are too cute to handle, they easily get dirty.

Do you want to know the basics on how to wash a Squishmallow without ruining it? Keep reading. 

3 Ways to Handwash a Squishmallow 

1. Read The Washing Instructions First

Read The Washing Instructions First

It’s very important to read the Squishmallow’s care instructions tag before washing them to avoid any damage. 

Before we proceed, our team would like to disclose that according to its manufacturer, you should not wash Squishmallows in machine washers or submerge them in any way. It’s to avoid distorting the stuffing inside the Squishmallows or to change their texture.

However, according to most Squishmallow fans, it’s perfectly safe to spot clean tough stains, handwash, or wash Squishmallows using a machine. How you wash them depends on how dirty the stuffed toy has gotten. 

2. Do Spot-Cleaning

If your dirty Squishmallows are too big to fit into the machine washer, you need to hand wash and spot clean them. Please do a fabric spot test first. Get a cotton swab dipped in a stain remover, then try it on the Squishmallow’s less visible fabric. 

If any color comes off the dirty area, please discontinue using the stain remover or detergent. Just clean the Squishmallow using cold water. 

However, if no color washes off, gently wipe the affected area with damp clothes, then spot clean the affected fabric using a mild detergent. Remember, there are no toxic chemicals used in Fabric Squishmallows, so they can be too delicate to deal with.

3. Pat It Dry

Pat It Dry

After cleaning your bedtime buddies, dry them using a clean towel, then air-dry them. It’s the best method to dry Squishmallows. You may use a dryer, but not iron, any electronic with high heat, or other handheld heated appliance to dry Squishmallows made of polyester fibers faster. 

Too much heat might adversely affect the Squishmallows plush toys, so only use low heat or air dry because they aren’t flame retardant.

Can You Put a Squishmallow Inside the Washing Machine? 

Although a disclaimer from the manufacturer says you can’t put it in a washer, most Squishmallow fans have been further unraveling that it’s okay to put it inside a washing machine. 

However, if you have to wash Squishmallows using a machine, you should only use the delicate washing cycle setting. It’s also important to use cool water to avoid deformation and damage. 

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5 Steps in Washing Squishmallows Using a Machine 

1. Place The Squishmallow In A Safety Net/Cloth

Place The Squishmallow In A Safety Net/Cloth

As mentioned earlier, Squishmallows only need a machine wash if the plush toy became too dirty from frozen yogurt or a kiddo’s cleats that a spot treating couldn’t wash away the dirt.

You’ll have to cover it in a safety net or cloth-like bedding and similar materials or pillow covers to wash it. You should never put the Squishmallows in the washing machine alone.

2. Put It In The Washer (Cold & Gentle) 

Fill the machine with cool water. Hot water can damage the plush toy. Squishmallows are plush toys stuffed with super soft, marshmallowy polyester fiber [1].

Place the Squishmallow in the washer with your normal laundry detergent in cold water and a gentle setting. Never wash the plushie hot as it can melt the material. Adding bedding to the load with your stuffed animals can help keep these cuddle babies from getting too squished or flattened!

3. Tumble Dry (Low & Gentle)

Tumble Dry (Low & Gentle)

Let the machine go through its Delicate cycle setting, then remove your Squishmallow. Leave the plush toy in the safety net and put it in the dryer in low heat or air fluff. Do not ever use “hot.” 

We recommend letting the plush air dry it if you aren’t in a hurry. 

4. Make It Fluffy Again

After laundering the Squishmallow, it might get deformed and lose shape. We recommend giving it some squishes and hugs to get its shape back. It will break up the plush toy’s stuffing and give you that fluff again.

How to Get A Stain Out of Squishmallows

How to Get A Stain Out of Squishmallows

To get a stain out of Squishmallows, you’ll need to spot-treat them. Use a wet wipe or a damp cloth. You’ll also need a stain remover or a mild detergent to get the small stains out. However, it’s always best to do a spot test before doing a spot treatment. 

Gently rub the affected area using a damp cloth or a wet wipe. If the stain didn’t come off, throw away your wet wipes and use a simple stain remover pen or mild detergent and try to wipe the stain again.

If the stain still wouldn’t come off, then it’s time to use the washing machine.

What You Should NEVER Do When Cleaning It 

  • Never use a hairdryer, iron, or any heated appliance in drying stuffed animals. Just use the low heat in the dryer if you really have to. 
  • Never put the Squishmallow in a microwave.
  • Never wash the Squishmallow without a safety net, pillow case, or cloth.
  • Never wash it with soap.
  • Never use hot water in washing it. Just use cold or lukewarm water.
  • Never pull the extra thread sticking from the new Squishmallow.


Does washing ruin Squishmallows?

According to the official website of Squishmallows, washing might ruin Squishmallows, so they discourage putting their plushies in the washer. However, some fans claim that they have washed their couch companions using a washing machine and dryer, and they still looked fine afterward.

Can you wash Squishmallows with detergent?

Yes, you can wash Squishmallows with detergent. Just make sure to always use mild laundry detergents so the Squishmallows won’t be damaged in any way. Some detergents are too strong that they could ruin the fabric of Squishmallows. You may also use fabric softener when washing your Squishmallows.

Final Thoughts on Washing a Squishmallow

Washing a Squishmallow requires careful steps to avoid damaging the new squad member/plush toy’s fabric and stuffing. Although the manufacturer discourages people from washing their Squishmallows, doing so solely depends on you. 

If you think your favorite Squishmallows (like Baby Yoda The Child Squishmallow) need washing, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re okay to risk their quality. Anyway, when you play, hug, and sleep with your Squishmallows every day, getting dirty and dusty would be normal.

Are you okay with keeping your Squishmallows dirty, or will you risk washing them squeaky clean? If you can’t choose an answer yet, maybe you’ll need a few more new Squishmallows to hug.

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