15 Easy Crochet Animals For Beginners: Pattern Ideas (2023)

15 Easy Crochet Animals For Beginners: Pattern Ideas (2023)

Crochet is a fun and creative activity involving yarns and stitches to create little projects like clothing and adorable stuffed animals. It may look complicated at first, but we can assure you it would be so much fun!

If you’re in search of great gift ideas, here are some easy crochet animals for beginners that you can start with.

15 Easy Crochet Animal Patterns for Beginners

1. Jazzy the Unicorn

Jazzy the Unicorn

Starting with easy Amigurumi patterns (a.k.a. the Japanese art of crochet) like Jazzy the Unicorn can help relieve your stress. This beginner-friendly Amigurumi with a colorful mane is the perfect project for unicorn lovers!

You can also use safety eyes with this pattern to make it look like a plush.

2. Little Winter Penguin

If you’re looking for more free crochet patterns, the Little Winter Penguin is one of the easy yet adorable Amigurumi projects you should add to your collection.

This is one of the best patterns for beginners as it only requires 2 to 3 yarn colors. You can also dress up your penguin to make it super cute!

3. Hamster Amigurumi

Hamster Amigurumi

While crochet seems like a pastime hobby to some, studies say it can help manage mental health and improve one’s wellbeing [1]. So, if you want to reap these fun activities’ positive health benefits, get started with the Hamster Crochet Amigurumi.

This adorable little project is cost-effective since you can use leftover yarn and would make perfect gifts for younger kids.

4. Crochet Teddy Bear

The basic Teddy Bear is a great project for novices in search of an easy free crochet pattern. The Teddy Bear Crochet Amigurumi pattern can be made by working in spiral rounds and using only 1 yarn color.

Then, you can sew a safe nose and eyes for its face. You can also make crocheted eyes using leftover yarn.

5. Crochet Dinosaur

Crochet Dinosaur

Another easy crochet Amigurumi animal, the Dinosaur is the perfect gift for your little guy. It is available in different patterns and can be made using 1 to 2 yarn colors.

So, if you’re making a gift for reptile lovers, look for new patterns and build a dinosaur world - from the chunky Apatosaurus to a cute Triceratops.

6. Small Hippo Pattern

The Animal Kingdom won’t be complete without the river horses or Hippotamuses known for their ivory tusks. Add the Small Hippo Amigurumi pattern to your artwork - the perfect project for novice crocheters.

You can make this cute animal using only one color and add crocheted eyes with leftover yarn.

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7. Cocca the Hen Pattern

Cocca the Hen Pattern

Build a crocheted farm or pair it with an easter bunny crochet; the Cocca the Hen is another simple project for novices. This crochet is made in rounded form and has spiral wings on both sides.

You can also search for more crochet patterns if you can’t resist making a whole family of chickens! 

8. Long-Legged Cat

If you’re making a surprise for cat lovers, the Long-Legged Cat is an adorable Amigurumi you can make with varying patterns to choose from. This crochet is very easy to make with rounded bodies and four long legs, the perfect size for kids to carry around. 

Furthermore, you can make different facial expressions and dress them in cute seasonal outfits.

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9. Mini Pig Crochet Pattern

Mini Pig Crochet Pattern

Apart from little crochet lamb, the Mini Pig pattern is another cute but easy-to-make Amigurumi. You can make this using Cube Crochet Pig pattern or other designs to give more details to your creation.

For added fun, you can stitch a pig family and dress them in farm or winter clothes!

10. Blue Whale Crochet Pattern

As a novice, choosing easy free crochet animal patterns is ideal if you’re trying to learn Amigurumi. You can never go wrong with the Blue Whale crochet patterns if you want to practice basic techniques.

This project requires minimal stitching using a blue yarn since its body and tail are made in one piece. Then, small fins are attached to the sides and the tail to complete its look.

11. Sir Batwington the Bat

Sir Batwington the Bat

If you’re preparing for the Halloween season, there are plenty of spooky Amigurumi patterns you can make, such as the Sir Batwington the Bat - a little creature overflowing with character.

This bat crochet may look scary, but its cute face will definitely capture anyone’s heart. It would also make the perfect display or giveaway for Halloween!

12. Crochet Jellyfish

A truly mesmerizing creation, the crochet Jellyfish will surely step up your collection of accomplished Amigurumi patterns. This simple but cute work of art is the ideal decor for a sea-themed room or can be given as plush for your kids.

To make it more adorable, you can make its tentacles using single crochet and colorful yarn. However, you should supervise small children when playing with this crochet since it can be a choking hazard.

13. Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty

Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty

Sewing cute crochet is made easy with the Itty Bitty Kitty. This adorable pattern is a great project for beginners and can be made easily using leftover yarn.

Also, this crochet is ideal for decorations or keychains as you can give it different expressions. You can also dress it up with a Christmas hat or add some whiskers to give it more character.

14. Cube Fox Amigurumi Pattern

Level up your animal crochet collection with the Cube Fox Amigurumi pattern - the perfect cuddle buddy for kids. This crochet is made using black, white, and orange yarns, safety eyes, and a triangular nose is added to its face to give it an adorable expression.

You can also make a pocket fox ideal for playtime!

15. Jumbo the Bee Crochet Pattern

Jumbo the Bee Crochet Pattern

If you’re in for some cuteness overload, the Jumbo the Bee crochet pattern is the best way to go. This cute cuddle toy is done using continuous rounds, a similar technique to creating a crochet frog and bunny.

With this pattern, you’ll need yellow, black, white, and pink yarn for its face blush and fiberfill stuffing for the body.

Can Beginners Crochet Animals?

Yes, they can, as long as they search for a free pattern and follow the step-by-step instructions or watch a video tutorial on crocheting animals.

In addition, a photo tutorial makes it easier for beginners to create crochet animals, such as a bunny and a pig.

What’s The Best Yarn For Crocheting Animals?

What’s The Best Yarn For Crocheting Animals?

Generally, the best material to use to crochet animals is cotton yarn or worsted weight. Cotton is ideal for beginners as it has clearer stitches, while worsted weight yarn is cost-efficient and softer.


Is crocheting the same as knitting animals?

Technically, crocheting is the same as knitting animals. However, crocheting and knitting use different yarn needle crochet supplies.

Knitting involves two pointy needles with stretchier and drape end fabric, while crochet uses a single crochet hook ideal for larger projects [2].

How long does it take for beginners to learn crocheting animals?

It will take a few months to crochet animals for novices. Nonetheless, the basic stitches can be learned in a day or week, including the magic ring, single crochet, increase, and invisible decrease. 

Then, start with easy free patterns such as a bunny and cat. Also, watching a tutorial makes learning how to crochet animals easier.

In A Nutshell

With our adorable animal crochet patterns for beginners, we hope you’ll start getting into the hobby and learn the basic skills to unleash your creativity.

Amigurumi is a fun, easy, and soothing activity that will boost your creativity and promote good wellbeing. Additionally, you’ll be able to make adorable gifts and decorations, so get your crochet tools out and get those hands moving!

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