How Strong Is Captain Marvel (2024 UPDATED) Must Read

How Strong Is Captain Marvel (2024 UPDATED) Must Read

We all know Captain Marvel says she’s more than capable of going “higher, further, faster” than the average bad guy and can definitely help in defeating Thanos, but just how strong is Captain Marvel really? 

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Marvel universe character to give you the rundown on the power set of one of the strongest Avengers. 

Who is Captain Marvel? 

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is an impulsive United States Air Force pilot exposed to the energy of the Tesseract (which housed the Space Stone) while unknowingly amid an inter-universe war. The explosion gave her powerful superhuman powers and abilities. She was abducted soon after by the Kree, who intended to use her as a weapon, and was subjected to a Kree blood transfusion that turned her into a Kree-Human hybrid. 

Who is Captain Marvel?

She lost her memories during the process and started working as a soldier for Starforce. During one of the many fights in the Kree-Skrull War, the Marvel universe character was abducted by the Skrull, resulting in her returning to Earth and regaining her memories. Upon discovering that the Kree had been using and manipulating her all along, she quickly defected to the Skrulls, and fought on their side against the Kree invasion on Earth. 

Like Captain America and other heroes, this powerful character now uses her powers to serve the many different universes across the galaxy and refers to herself as Captain Marvel. 

Her Superpowers 


Carol Danvers always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and that dream was realized when she became one of the best pilots the USAF has had in history. 

Good thing that when Carol Danvers absorbed the energy of the Tesseract, it granted her the ability to fly, which would’ve made her childhood self extremely happy. Her background with the Air Force also gives her much-needed flight mechanics and aerial combat to assist with maneuvering and movement while she’s up in the air. 

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Powerful Punch & Super Strength

The Kree blood transfusion and the powers of the Infinity Stone gave Captain Marvel a superhuman skill set. She can take down hordes of her opponents with relative ease and send them flying through the air with simple blows and kicks, thanks to her superhuman strength. In one instance, she destroyed an entire planet with the force of a singular punch. 

She can also pack mean blows using her “photon fists,” which are her regular fists combined with photon energy she accesses from the stars. 

When Dr. Hank Pym measured her super strength in the comics, the Avengers found out that she could punch with a force of 92 tons at just her base strength alone. Most other Marvel characters don’t have that much force to their punches. 

Super Speed

Captain Marvel possesses incredible speed, which she uses to evade her opponents' attacks (which we personally think she doesn’t need). Her super speed also allows her to travel at the speed of light. This comes in handy as she usually needs to be on call to save many other universes other than Earth. Her speed is faster than sound; other than that, she can travel across space without the need for any breathing equipment. 


Carol Danvers is fairly intelligent and can be strategic when it comes to the battlefield. After all, she did work for the USAF, CIA, and even NASA at some point. However, many fans believe her biggest weakness is her vulnerable mind, as she always seems to be subject to some form of mind control or memory manipulation. 

There have been plenty of instances in the Marvel universe wherein she succumbed to brainwashing and psychological attacks from other characters. The plot of the Captain Marvel movie is actually centered around this exact thing. 

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Fighting Skills

Just like Black Widow, Carol Danvers is skilled in combat, so her natural abilities are great to begin with. When she began working for the Kree empire, though, she was trained in the centuries-old Kree art of battle by none other than Yon-Rogg, the Kree Empire commander and leader of Starforce. He taught her how to fight efficiently and effectively, and she even became so adept at her fighting style that she didn’t need to rely on photon blasts to annihilate enemies most of the time. 

Capacity To Produce Photon Energy Blasts

Capacity To Produce Photon Energy Blasts

Captain Marvel can produce powerful photon energy blasts from her hands, which can melt anything at will. The Binary, which manifests itself as a glowing aura of cosmic energy all around her, is her most powerful form. When she takes on the Binary form, she can tap into the energy of a white hole, which greatly increases her physical strength, durability, and even her energy blasts, thereby making her practically invincible. 

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Energy Absorption

Perhaps the most impressive power Captain Marvel has is her ability to absorb energy. Unlike Black Panther, she doesn’t only absorb kinetic energy -- she absorbs all kinds of energy. She also doesn’t need to be wearing a suit to absorb kinetic energy (which Black Panther needs). 

Most energy attacks don’t do her any damage. She will either absorb them to increase her own strength and power or process them to channel forth an even stronger attack directed towards her target, depending on how much energy she absorbs.  

She’s not immune to magic energy, though, so magic powers from other Marvel characters like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch would affect her greatly. 

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Stamina & Ability To Take A Hit

Captain Marvel has jaw-dropping stamina. She can spend a whole day fighting an entire army and still perform at peak performance (without needing to catch her breath!). At one point in the comics, Captain Marvel took a hit from the Hulk Buster -- an armor Iron Man specifically created to defeat the green rage monster Hulk -- without suffering any consequences. This leads us to believe that she may be physically stronger than Hulk himself. 

Very minimal damage can be done to her in the first place. Even if you manage to injure her, one of her abilities is to manipulate the energy in her body to concentrate specifically on her pain point and make it recover faster. 

Heat Energy Manipulation

Remember when we said that Captain Marvel could absorb energy? Well, it turns out that the energy she absorbs can be channeled into yet another form, which is heat. This power comes in handy when she needs to alter the temperature of a location to her liking and comfortability or when she needs to melt whatever is in her way. 

We think this ability may have been useful when they had to thaw out Captain America in the first place. 

Poisons & Diseases Immunity

Due to the Kree blood transfusion, Captain Marvel’s immunity is greatly strengthened, and she no longer needs to be concerned about deadly diseases like cancer taking her life. The same is true for toxins and poison; her body will naturally process poison like it was no big deal. So if you’re thinking of poisoning Captain Marvel, you better think twice. 

Precognitive “Seventh Sense”

Captain Marvel has what she calls a precognitive “seventh sense,” which helps her sense danger and crisis even before it actually manifests. This cosmic awareness is similar to the “spidey sense” of Spider-Man. This ability allows her to sense threats or danger anywhere in the universe so she can keep her guard up. 

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How did Captain Marvel get her powers?

The origin of Captain Marvel’s powers differs depending on whether you watched the films or read the comics. In the Marvel comics, she was exposed to radiation from a Kree weapon explosion called the Psyche-Magnetron, which made her half-Kree and granted her powers and abilities similar to Mar-Vell, a Kree soldier. 

In the Marvel movies, she is exposed to the energy of the Tesseract, one of the Infinity Stones, and abducted by the Kree. She’s then subjected to a Kree blood transfusion instead, which basically turns her into a Kree-Human, just like comic book canon. 

Is Captain Marvel the strongest Marvel Superhero?

It depends. Captain Marvel is incredibly strong, and she is, no doubt, the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even Marvel Studios producers have said that she’s the strongest Avenger. [1] However, it’s a different story in the comics. Other Avengers like Thor, the God of Thunder, and even Gladiator, leader of the Imperial Guard, have the upper hand over her power set. 

So, How Strong is Captain Marvel? 

If Nick Fury thinks that Captain Marvel is the planet’s last hope for helping our favorite Avengers superheroes beat Thanos at the post-credits scene of Infinity War, that alone should be enough testament to the magnitude of Captain Marvel’s powers. As the most powerful character, many fans agree she is not one to be messed with. 

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