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Captain Marvel vs Superman - Who's the Ultimate Superhero?

If a superhero crossover happens in the DC Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe, Superman vs Captain Marvel can be the next big thing. The face-off between the two superheroes in different universes will surely be a neck-to-neck battle. 

Our team prepared a comprehensive differentiation between these superheroes, so read on. 

Superman or Captain Marvel - Who Wins?

Superman or Captain Marvel 

Character crossovers frequently make a comic plot more interesting, and the battle between superheroes from different universes couldn’t be more exciting. Superman and Captain Marvel both have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses that we will elaborate on later. 

Captain Marvel and Superman's DNA gives access to their superhuman abilities. Superman's insane strength can be his greatest weapon to win the fight between Captain Marvel. However, Captain Marvel's ability to absorb energy can be her huge advantage in the battle. 



  • Background

Superman or Clark Kent is the most popular superhero in DC comics, and everyone knows this hero in a blue suit with an iconic red cape. Superman came from planet Krypton, and the destruction of their planet was the reason why his father sent him to Earth.

Superman is known to be a man of steel, and he possesses a lot of powers such as the strength of a million men, speed like a bullet, and eyesight greater than an eagle.  

  • Fighting Skills

Superman is called a man of steel for nothing. His insane superpowers are infinite and know no bounds because he can absorb limitless power from the sun. He can lift more than 200 quintillion tons, and his punch is so powerful that he can shatter space-time. 

In addition, his X-ray vision, laser vision, and heat vision helped him scan buildings and other objects to assess the situation. 

  • Abilities

Superman has incredible abilities that can be his advantage when in a face-off between Captain Marvel. He is so strong that he can carry anything with his bare hands. He can also levitate, and his speed and vision are extreme. 

His power comes from the sun, his ability to absorb limitless energy. In addition, Superman held a black hole that was powerful enough to destroy the entire galaxy. 

  • Weapons & Tools

Superman's power comes from the Kryptonian DNA that enables him to absorb solar radiation from the sun. His ultimate strength and speed is his weapon against any enemies in Justice League.

In addition, it can be his great advantage in his battle with Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe. He never uses his full power in his previous fights with Doomsday, Darkseid, and Mongul because his superpowers are limitless. However, kryptonite is his weakness, and that can wipe him out. 

Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel

  • Background

Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, and she was a pilot in the US Air Force before she became a superhero. Her superpowers came from Tesseract's explosion and a blood transfusion from a Kree. 

Brie Larson was previously named Binary, Warbird before becoming Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics, which came from her fallen friend, the original Captain Mar-vell. She is considered a strong female lead in Avengers, and her superpowers know no limit.

  • Fighting Skills

Carol Danvers became a half-breed Kree which made her superpowers strong, fast, and durable. Her main fighting skill is to discharge explosive blasts called "Photon Blasts" to devastate the opposition. She can be unstoppable because she has advanced healing capabilities, aside from flying from different universes and being in a binary state. 

  • Abilities

As one of the strongest Marvel characters, Captain Marvel can lift to 50 tons, fly at supersonic speeds and emit devastating photon blasts. She has a unique seventh sense that can detect danger before it happens and foresee the opponent's attack. 

In addition, Captain Marvel has the ability to control herself even in space, and no Avengers has that ability aside from her.

  • Weapons & Tools

Captain Marvel's weapon comes from the energy of the Kree Device that she was exposed to when it exploded and her Kree DNA from a blood transfusion. Being a part-Kree warrior, Captain Marvel possesses an arsenal of superpowers without any limit, making her a powerful Avenger. The energy that Carol Danvers absorbs can power herself and release photon blasts. 

In addition, since Captain Marvel is Binary, she can control and bend stellar energies that can be her weapon against Superman.

Hand to Hand Combat 

Hand to Hand Combat

In the fight between Captain Marvel vs Superman, hand-to-hand combat is Superman's ultimate advantage, making him the winner. His punch is so powerful, and like Captain Marvel, he has the ability to levitate. 

Superman's incredible superpowers are limitless, thanks to the Earth's yellow sun and his DNA. As shown in his solo movie, he has the super strength and speed that can eliminate the threat in seconds. 

Stealth Fighting

Captain Marvel was considered the Earth's last greatest hope against Thanos[1]. In the fight between Captain Marvel vs Superman, Captain Marvel has a high chance to win against Superman in Stealth fighting. While Superman has incredible superpowers, the Kree DNA on Carol Danvers can turn his power to her advantage. 

In addition, she can control electromagnetic waves, gravity and hit her opponent with light speed. She can also tap the energy of the white hole, which enables her to win in a stealth fight. 


Can Captain Marvel defeat Superman?

Yes, Captain Marvel can defeat Superman. While others think that kryptonite is the only thing to make him weak, Captain Marvel can access the solar radiation, which can be deadly for Superman; red solar radiation can lower down his superpowers. 

Is Captain Marvel a copy of Superman?

No, Captain Marvel is not a copy of Superman. While both of them got their powers from DNA, Captain Marvel's Kree DNA is different from Superman's. They may share the same powers, but other abilities of Captain Marvel can be deadly for Superman. 

Let's Sum It Up!  

Superman is literally one of the most powerful and notable superheroes in DC comics. On the other hand, Captain Marvel took the storm when she was introduced to the Marvel Universe. Both heroes contribute and have a strong edge in winning a battle in the ongoing series of Detective comics and Marvel comics. 

After comparing their strengths and abilities, we can say that in Captain Marvel vs Superman, Captain Marvel gets the upper hand. Superman can be ultimately powerful in Justice Society, but Captain Marvel can manipulate the energy he releases and hit right back with even more force. 

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