5 Best Marvel Painting Ideas (2023 UPDATED) Practical Guide

5 Best Marvel Painting Ideas (2023 UPDATED) Practical Guide

Painting is relaxing yet fun and is a great way to unleash your creativity. And if you’re painting something you’re passionate about -- Marvel, in this case -- we’re sure your brainchild will turn out awesome. 

Here are 5 Marvel painting ideas for all you Marvel fans out there. 

Top 5 Painting Ideas for Marvel Fans 

1. Paint Your Superhero on Canvas

Canvas is an excellent surface for painting your favorite Marvel superheroes, especially since the material is extremely durable and can stand the test of time. Acrylic and oil paint is your best friend for painting on canvas as they are fairly easy to maneuver, and acrylic paint especially dries pretty quickly. 

1. Paint Your Superhero on Canvas

So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite picture of Iron Man from the internet, roughly sketch his outline on the canvas, and start painting! 

2. Paint Stones & Turn Them Into Little Superhero Badges

If you don’t want to use canvas, why not get unconventional and use stones instead? This way, you’ll have a badge of your favorite superhero immortalized! It’s also a great way for kids to get in touch with their creative side. It’s important to remember, though, that some paint won’t adhere to rocks (and vice versa). 

The first thing to keep in mind is choosing the rocks for the activity. Smooth rocks are perfect as they provide a flat base for easy painting. You can prep the rocks with a base coat, but usually, scrubbing them under running water and drying them beforehand is good enough. 

2. Paint Stones & Turn Them Into Little Superhero Badges

Now for the fun part: colors! You can use anything, from acrylic pens to paint pens, to craft your favorite superhero’s signature logo. 

Once you’re happy with how the stones look, run them through with sealants. Spray sealers are super easy to work with, so we highly recommend them to beginners. Choose sealants that are weather-resistant and non-yellowing. You can spray the stones up to three even coats for maximum protection. 

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3. Use Various Painting Materials

You don’t have to be limited to just canvas and stones -- think flower pots, jars, and even plates! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look for unconventional surfaces you can paint on. If your girlfriend is a huge Marvel buff, why not give her makeup box a makeover?

3. Use Various Painting Materials

It’ll give her something to remember you by. Bedazzling your cell phone case with Marvel movie images is also another cool idea! Who knows, you might even become so good at it that you can charge people to pay you for your merch? *wink, wink* 

4. Turn Old Things Into Something Marvel-lous 

4. Turn Old Things Into Something Marvel-lous

Old T-Shirts 

From joining a frat, swing band, and even various sports teams -- we’re sure you’d acquired plenty of T-shirts from the past that are just accumulating dust in your closet. Why not revamp them, Marvel-style? You can get Marvel fabric online and stitch it onto your old shirts to show your love for the franchise or paint colorful Marvel imagery by hand. Just make sure to use fabric paint so it won’t bleed in the laundry. 

Coffee Mugs

If you want an instant mood lifter as you drink your morning coffee, maybe a drink from Thor’s mug will help! Buy different colors of oil-based Sharpies and get inspiration from cartoon Thor images online. Once you’re happy with the drawing, leave it to dry completely before heating it in the oven at 350°F for 30 minutes to lock in the artwork. You could even give them as gifts to fellow Marvel fans!

A Pair of Shoes

You’ll need a few specialty items to Marvel-lish your old pair of shoes. An old Marvel comic book you’re willing to part with forever is great material. Start off with scanning the pages and picking the most impactful visual that would look perfect as your shoe design.  

Next, prep your shoes. Make sure they’re clean and dry before you start doing any arts and crafts. Shoes made from canvas material are the best to work with. Carefully tape down the parts of the shoe that you don’t want to get any artwork on with painters tape. Measure the visual against the surface of the shoes and carefully cut. 

Secure the comic book images against your shoe with modge podge. Work slowly and carefully, making sure that the images are curved around the nooks and crannies. Once you’re done, let the shoes dry for at least three hours, and paint on another thin layer of modge podge and leave it to dry overnight. 

Once that’s done, apply a thin layer of gloss varnish over the shoe to secure the comic book pages from the elements. Leave them to dry overnight again. 

Carefully remove the painters tape, and voila! Your very own Marvel shoes! (We sure hope you’re prepared to be the envy of everyone!) 


Plenty of Marvel fabric patches are available online. Pick your favorite designs and patch them up to an old knapsack! You can even layer them one on top of the other for a fun, colorful approach. If you’re feeling more creative, paint the Marvel characters by hand! 

A Hat or Cap

Just like with bags, you can embellish old caps and put a Marvel touch to them by stitching on custom Marvel fabric or painting them by hand. If you’re feeling truly creative, why not try making this DIY Captain Marvel cap, complete with her signature mohawk? [1]

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5. Paint Your Bedroom Wall

We don’t think showing your love for the Marvel Universe could get any grander than painting your entire bedroom wall with Marvel imagery.

5. Paint Your Bedroom Wall 

This can even be a fun group activity if you choose to get help from friends and family. Choose an awesome central image for your bedroom and paint away! You’ll feel inspired just like a superhero as soon as you wake up. 


Which Marvel character is the easiest to paint?

All Marvel characters are extremely intricate (salute to all the hardworking artists!), and we don’t believe any one of them is the “easiest” to paint. However, you can try painting their personalized symbols first for practice and then move on to painting the actual characters themselves once you think you’re ready for it! 

Can kids try Marvel painting ideas?

Yes, of course! Painting Marvel characters is a great way to exercise children’s creativity, especially if you find them using gadgets most of the time. Make the arts and crafts activity a “no phone zone” -- unless, of course, they’re using it to find artistic inspiration on the internet, which we totally support! 

Are Marvel painting ideas cheap?

Yes. The Marvel painting ideas that we have provided are inexpensive as we make use of items you’re probably not using anymore lying around your house. You can get great quality acrylic paint for about $5 a tube, and you don’t even have to buy all the colors because you can mix the primary colors to create secondary colors (think blue and yellow make green). 

Paint Away! 

Painting Marvel characters doesn’t have to be intimidating! All you need are great ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We’re sure you’re well on your way to creating Marvel masterpieces. 

So how did your magnum opus turn out? Let us know! 

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  1.  https://www.deviantart.com/grdobina/art/DIY-Captain-Marvel-s-cap-796797451 

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