Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel (2024) You Won't Believe

Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel (2024) You Won't Believe

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Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are two of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. If you are an MCU fan, a face-off between these two superheroes can be really interesting. 

Our team explored who's better between Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch, and here's our take out of interest and curiosity. 

Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel - Who Wins? 

A match-up between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel can be really interesting. MCU Fans have some theories that Scarlet Witch can be the next big villain in the MCU, so a stand-off between her and Captain Marvel can make sense. 

Captain Marvel is a proud female leader, while Scarlet Witch is unsure of her powers, which is her main weakness. On the other hand, Wanda can use and control magic which is Carol's kryptonite. Both superheroes have a fair share of superpowers and parallel weaknesses that make the face-off a neck-to-neck battle. 

Scarlet Witch 

Scarlet Witch

  • Background

Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff is the character played by Elizabeth Olsen. From the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff with her brother Pietro, Wanda was exposed to the infinity stones when experimented on by the HYDRA. 

There are some theories that the mind stone gave Wanda the powers to control anything, while others believe it just unlocked the mutant form within her. MCU president also suggested that her abilities might be like Doctor Strange, but her powers were untrained. 

  • Fighting Skills

Scarlet Witch can control magic and harnesses magical energy, which happens to be Captain Marvel's weakness. She is fueled with rage, uncontrolled emotions, and dark magical energy can be her main fighting skill. Since her ability knows no bounds, the catch is, it can get out of hand, which is both her weakness and strength when in a fight. 

  • Abilities

Wanda has the ability to heal and control time and reality, and it's her strongest proof. She can show her enemies their worst nightmares, and that will be a huge advantage. Her rage can control and lift heavy metal objects so that they can be dangerous. In addition, She has healing powers greater than Captain Marvel's because magic can turn healing time faster. 

  • Weapons & Tools

Wanda's powers come out at various times during her rage, and hex bolts are one of her special weapons. Her eyes control the hex bolts, and that power can be huge than her ability of sorcery. Sorcery is her powerful weapon against anyone because her backstory is dark and demonic. 

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Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel

  • Background

Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. When she destroyed an engine powered by Space Stone, she was exposed to the blast of energy from the tesseract. She would have died from that explosion, but when she was brought back to Hala, Yon-Rogg's blood was infused into her [1]. Carol Danvers then became a Kree-human hybrid with energy powers from the Tesseract explosion.

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  • Fighting Skills

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, does not have unlimited power from the Space Stone, but it is enough to make her one of the most powerful Avengers. In addition, her biggest advantage in fighting skills is super-strength that came from the Kree DNA. She can fly across the room, bend steel bars, throw punches and use energy powers. 

  • Abilities

Captain Marvel cannot be considered an immortal, but she has the ability to control God-like abilities. She has healing powers, but on the other hand, Carol can control energy and other senses, unlike Wanda. In addition, She can breathe and fly through the universe, and she's the only Avenger that has that ability in the empty matter.  

  • Weapons & Tools

How strong is Captain Marvel? Captain Marvel's fighting skills involve superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and flight. Carol relies on the energy from the space stones and the Kree DNA and does not use specific weapons or tools, unlike other superheroes.

She does not use any weapons and tools during a fight other than her superhuman strength and powers. 

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Hand to Hand Combat: Who Wins?

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Captain Marvel is the winner. Since she has the Kree-DNA, her fighting skills have developed and become stronger. Her musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity to be more physically active than Wandavison without fatigue. 

In addition, Captain Marvel can fly and has a spider-sense that can foresee attacks before Wanda performs it. 

Stealth Fighting 

As one of the most powerful Marvel characters, Scarlet Witch has a huge advantage on stealth fighting compared to other comics superheroes like Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, and Captain America. She's capable of performing attacks through magic without being noticed or detected. 

She can levitate, control time and time travel which will help her win the fight. In addition, her power to twist reality can be her greatest advantage in winning the battle.  

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Is Scarlet Witch more powerful than Captain Marvel?

Yes, Scarlet Witch is more powerful than Captain Marvel. Her natural inclination to magic and the Infinity Stone activated Wanda's powers to make her a powerful avenger. In other words, with the stone's power and chaos magic, she can be more powerful. 

Can Scarlet Witch beat Captain Marvel?

Yes, Scarlet Witch can beat Captain Marvel. Her magic is beyond the Sorcerer Supreme, which means she's capable of doing more, especially if she trained well. In addition, her healing powers are fueled by magic, so it would be easier for her to heal in any battle. 

Let's Sum It Up! 

To watch the battle between Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch can be both worthwhile and interesting. Captain Marvel is considered the strongest Avenger in the MCU; however, Wanda can be powerful, as confirmed by Kevin Feige. 

Remember that when Wanda returned from her being snapped out of existence, the talk of the town was Wanda nearly killing Thanos. While the future of MCU is still being written, Scarlet Witch's capabilities can be an asset and danger to the Avengers. 

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