What Are The Angry Bird Names

What Are The Angry Bird Names? Popular List (2023 Updated)

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Developed by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds game titles obtained over 3.7 billion downloads, becoming one of the most popular and addictive mobile games.

With the franchise's massive success, the brand released its merchandise and Angry Birds movie. But what are the Angry Bird names?

We researched all the Angry Birds characters and created an in-depth guide to help you answer the query. 

17 Popular Angry Bird Names

1. Red

angry bird red

The real Angry Birds game icon, Red is a Northern Cardinal known for his short temper, leadership, and extreme hate of the green pigs.

In addition, the Red Angry Bird developed his anger issues from being deserted by his parents before hatching and being bullied by other birds [1].

He is one of the most famous Angry Birds characters and even became the face of the game.

2. Stella

Stella is an adventurous and friendly young bird from the Angry Birds Stella video game. One of the real Angry Birds characters based on a Galah, Stella is like a cheerleader bird and is considered the least furious of all the other birds in the franchise.

3. Chuck

angry bird chuck

Charles, or Chuck, is the Yellow Angry Bird and best friend of Red. He’s one of the real Angry Birds in the franchise based on an Atlantic Canary. This Yellow Bird is also the fastest bird of all the birds on Bird Island, running up to 100 mph.

4. Bubbles

Another member of Red’s flock, Bubbles, is one of the real Angry Birds based on an orange Jamaican Oriole with inflating ability similar to a balloon.

Bubbles is known for his fearlessness and cheerful smiley expression. Furthermore, he is the only bird that loves to eat candy and anything sweet.

5. Bomb

angry bird bomb

Also known as the Black Bird, Bomb is another member of Red’s flock, resembling a Myna Bird or Greater Antillean Bullfinch.

He is also the only Angry Birds character that works as an improvised explosive device (IED), causing many problems on Bird Island [2].

6. Silver

A character featured in Angry Birds 2, Silver, resembles a gray falcon and sports varying designs. She is the younger sister of Chuck, who the pigs stole before hatching.

Silver has a goofy character and Red’s love interest.

7. Hal

angry bird hal

Based on an Emerald Toucanet, Hal is another member of the main Angry Birds flock and the Boomerang Bird. Hal is also the only one rescued twice in the series.

Despite that, Hal has a sociable, understanding, and adventurous personality and loves camping and banjo.

8. Matilda

Matilda, also called the White Bird, is the head of the Anger Management Class for other bird characters in the franchise.

In Angry Birds, Matilda is based on a chicken that has maternal instinct, is kind, and promotes peace. She also married Terence and gave birth to four hatchlings.

9. Blues

angry bird blues

The Angry Birds Blues features the adventures of three identical characters in the franchise composed of Jay, Jake, and Jim. These birds first appeared in Poached Eggs and are based on an Eastern Bluebird.

They’re also known for being mischievous and launching themselves on the slingshot.

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10. Terence

In the Angry Birds series, Terence is called the Big Bird and the most powerful in the main flock. Terence is a huge red bird that resembles his younger brother Red.

He has a silent yet logical personality as he prefers a peaceful life.

11. King Pig

angry bird king pig

The leader of the green bad piggies, King Pig Smooth Cheeks, is too fat to be a king. His character isn’t bright and first appears just like the other pigs with smaller bodies.

King Pig is also torturous with his greedy, mean, and childish personality and has a royal painter minion pig named Artist Pig.

12. The Hatchlings

Adored by fans for their charming features, the Hatchlings are newborn baby birds with varying gender, colors, and appearance based on their parents.

They’re known for their tiny hands, feet, and beak, while their eyes are big. The Hatchlings are also mischievous yet adorable.

13. Courtney

angry bird courtney

First appeared in the Angry Birds movie 2, Courtney is a pig based on an entitled millennial who loves listening to music and spending most of her time on her phone.

Despite that, Courtney is the most proficient and capable assistant of Leonard. She also has braces on, hot pink headphones, and a smartphone.

14. Garry

Resembling the geeky character of Q in the James Bond movies, Garry is an arrogant pig supervising the invention of the latest and coolest devices at the Pig Lab for the mission of team piggy.

His character perfectly depicts the character of an inventor, from his mustache to big glasses.

15. Bad Piggies

angry bird bad piggies

The puzzle video game Bad Piggies features a young freckled pig named Ross, known for his hobby of making transport vehicles.

Aside from him, there are other bad piggies, such as Corporal pig, who’s managing the training of other pigs, and the Handsome pig, who the Bad Princess Gale smites.

16. Zeta

Initially named Zelda, Zeta is the ruler of Eagle Island who wants to turn Bird Island and Piggy Island into her summer paradise.

She is based on the Philippine Eagle and Mighty Eagle’s ex-wife and the mother of Debbie.

17. Mighty Eagle

angry bird mighty eagle

Ethan Mighty Eagle is based on a giant bald eagle who likes sardines and can instantly wipe out pigs. In the game Angry Birds, he is the only character that needs unlocking.

However, in the movie, he is portrayed as a legend who is weaker and a coward for being out of shape.


Who is the strongest Angry Bird?

Although portrayed in the movie as a legend that is way past his glory days, Mighty Eagle is considered the strongest Angry Bird in the franchise.

He is also taller than other birds and has a guaranteed one-hit kill in any game level. Moreover, Ethan was featured with a magic feather in the episode Red’s Mighty Feathers.

Who is the biggest Angry Bird?

In the main flock, Terence is considered the biggest in the franchise that appeared in the Angry Birds Space with the protective bird known as Ice Bird.

He is also the strongest in Red’s flock and the second most powerful in the series after Ethan.

Furthermore, Terence was developed with an anthropomorphic body, giving him a bulkier build.

In Summary

Whether you’re a franchise fan or a bird-lover, we hope our guide helped you figure out the names of each feathered friend and piggy, and who the most popular Angry Birds character is.

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