What Does Hello Kitty Mean Backwards

What Does Hello Kitty Mean Backwards? The Real Story (2024)

Hello Kitty has taken the world by storm and captured the hearts of many - kids and adults alike.

However, despite her charming appearance and worldwide popularity, there are various dark theories surrounding her true origins.

If you’re wondering, “what does Hello Kitty mean backwards” and have other questions related to her roots, read on and discover the secrets hidden in the internet’s dark corners.

What Hello Kitty Really Means Backwards

image of Hello Kitty

According to dark fan theories, the name Hello Kitty means “Hello Demon” after one mother made a pact with the devil to save her daughter.

Of course, as we said, this is just one among many dark theories concerning this adorable feline. In reality, Hello Kitty can be likened to “Maneki Neko” or the “Beckoning Cat.”

This is used mainly in Japanese or Chinese store entrances where the left paw is held up, signifying the business owner is inviting his or her customers in [1].

The Dark Story Of Hello Kitty According To The Myth

According to the myth, Hello Kitty came to be due to a pact with the devil. A Chinese mother made a deal with Satan to save her daughter, who was dying of cancer.

Legend says after the woman summoned the devil, he instructed the woman to create a character in the form of Hello Kitty as payment for saving her daughter’s life. But how old is Hello Kitty?

The Real Story Of Its Creation

woman draw on her table

In reality, Hello Kitty was created by the artist Yuko Shimizu for Sanrio.

She was created in 1974, and the first Hello Kitty item was a vinyl coin purse, which was introduced to the public in 1975 [2].

Hello Kitty instantly became a hit all over the world and became Sanrio’s biggest asset. It also became the second-highest-grossing media franchise next to Pokemon.

Is Hello Kitty Satanic?

Even though myths and legends say otherwise, Hello Kitty is not satanic. These stories simply stemmed from various fans’ creative minds.

According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty is depicted as an anthropomorphized feline living in a London suburb with a twin sister named Mimmy.

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Why It Was Created Without A Mouth?

According to myths and legends, Hello Kitty was created without a mouth because the daughter of the Chinese woman who made a pact with the devil had incurable mouth cancer.

In reality, Hello Kitty was created without a mouth because the designers wanted her emotions to be ambiguous. This means they wanted the people to project their emotions onto this feline.

For instance, if you’re sad, the creators want you to think that Hello Kitty is sad too and that she is sharing your pain. The same thing goes for when you’re happy, scared, or even anxious.

What Does Hello Kitty Symbolize?

close up shot of Hello Kitty's head

Hello Kitty is seen as a symbol of friendship, which the creators and designers hope would foster worldwide.

In fact, UNICEF named this adorable feline the Children’s Ambassador to the United States in 1983, the Children’s Ambassador in Japan in 1994, and the UNICEF Special Friend of Children in 2004.

The fact that she is loved by many people of all ages (and genders) worldwide is a testament that this character can bring people from different backgrounds together.


What does Hello Kitty mean in Japanese?

Hello Kitty is a back-translation of Maneki Neko, which means “beckoning cat.”

Since then, there have been theories that Hello Kitty originated from Maneki Neko - a Japanese figurine in the form of a feline. However, there has been no definitive statement on this.

Why does Hello Kitty not have a face?

Hello Kitty has a face, but she doesn’t have a mouth so that people can project their own feeling onto her.

Since her face is expressionless, people can say she’s sad when they’re sad or happy when they’re happy.

Why does Hello Kitty look like a cat?

Hello Kitty is a “gajinka,” or one form of anthropomorphism, which means non-human creatures or objects are reimagined as humans.

This is one of the reasons why she is never depicted on all fours but is always on her feet like an actual person. As to why she looks like this, it is merely based on the creator’s preference.

In Summary

Hello Kitty has captured the hearts of both the young and the young at heart worldwide.

There might be some dark theories concerning her origins, but we all know that she is an innocent and sweet feline whose only “crime” is baking lots of pastries.

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