How to Make a Mega Man Costume

How to Make a Mega Man Costume: Full Guide (2023 Updated)

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Mega Man is surely one of the most iconic characters in the gaming world. Every fan surely goes gaga over his pixelated head to his robotic legs.

If you want to figure out how to make a Mega Man costume, you’re in luck - our team has researched and prepared an in-depth guide for you.

5 Steps To Make A Mega Man Costume

1. Prepare All Materials Needed

Before you start with your crafting project, prepare the following materials:

  • Blue leggings
  • Blue cardboard pieces, felt, and fabric
  • A brown wig that matches Megaman’s hair color and length
  • Blue makeup for your face and hands/arms
  • Strong glue

2. Make a Template & Measure Everything

template pattern

To make a template, use the tape measure to mark points on your body, such as the top of your head, length from shoulders to wrists, and the bottom of your chin. If you don’t have a tape measure, outline yourself with a pen or pencil to indicate where these points are.

Once you have marked out all your measurements on the template, use them to cut out a replica in another layer of felt or fabric. Be sure that each side is symmetrical to fit over both halves of your body when worn.

3. Carefully Glue Every Part

After laying out all the pieces, carefully glue them together. Use a strong enough glue to hold everything in place; it’s not fun wearing a costume that keeps falling apart [1]!

However, use too much glue, and you’ll end up with a heavy costume that doesn’t stay together very well. Ensure that your seams are dry before gluing other costume parts together. Look for the best Mega Man games here

4. Put Some Accessories

mega man helmet

Accessories can come from anywhere, though some materials are better than others. You could use a toy gun as an accessory if it works with our project (if you don’t mind ruining it).

However, we recommend using items that don’t cost much money and are easy to find at home (like scraps of cardboard) or at stores like Walmart. Some good options include:

  • Visor - A visor lets people know who’s in charge! Visors can be made from paper plates, pieces of foam board and cardboard sheets cut into perfect circles.
  • Weapons - If you want your character’s armament to stand out even more than their color scheme does, weapons are great ways to do so! Consider buying or making your own Zero Saber or X’s signature cannon blaster for a special touch!

5. Make Finishing Touches

You can add details like buttons, buckles, or seams into his suit, giving it the same look and feel as the original costume [2]. Also, don’t forget to add accessories like belts and boots.

If you’re making a Mega Man costume for a child, you could use pieces found at your local thrift store instead of purchasing new ones online. Get the best Mega Man gifts here


Can you make a Mega Man costume from scrap materials?

Yes, you can make a Mega Man costume from scrap materials. You may need to go out and buy some cardboard and plastic, but you’ll be able to use these items to create the helmet, armor, and boots for your costume.

With creativity, you can make a fully functional Mega Man costume without spending lots of money.

How much does it cost to make a Mega Man costume?

The cost of the materials for this costume will vary depending on the quality of materials you will be using.

For instance, a thinner fabric like cotton or satin will cost less than a thicker material like leather or suede.

Key Takeaways

While a Mega Man costume is relatively easy to make, the cost depends on how much materials you buy and how good the quality of these fabrics is.

If you want an impressive Mega Man merch that will last for years, then make sure to give Toynk a visit!


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