Where Are Geeki Tikis Made

Where Are Geeki Tikis Made? Solved (2024 Updated)

Who would’ve thought that enjoying your favorite beverage and collecting your favorite characters could be achieved at the same time? They’re unique, fun, and most importantly, they’re a functional collection - that’s right, we’re talking about Geeki Tikis.

If you’re wondering where are Geeki Tikis made, then check out this blog. 

Where Do Geeki Tikis Come From?

geeki tikis mug

Geeki Tikis are made in San Francisco, where the first mug is done in a Tiki idol style. Later, other Polynesian and Tiki restaurants made mugs in various shapes, textures, and designs, and people started using those mugs as displays and home decorations.

Other large manufacturing companies also started mass-producing these items, and Tiki mugs became a huge trend in the following years.

Places That People Think Geeki Tikis Are Made From


Geeki Tikis and other drinkware are a phenomenon in California. These items are everywhere, making people assume that Geeki Tikis originated here. Geeki Tikis are inspired and influenced by the Tiki culture, making it hard to trace back its origin nowadays.


Geeki Tikis on beach background

Hawaii is known for having the oldest Tiki bars and its tiki culture, most people assume that this is where Geeki Tikis originated. However, Geeki Tikis are only inspired by the Polynesian pop decor, which later on influenced Hawaii to recreate their own when Tiki mugs flourished [1].


Today, China is one of the countries that produces and sells different types of Geeki Tikis. This led some people to believe that Geeki Tikis originated from China, but it actually didn’t. The culture of Polynesian countries may have simply influenced them.


As one of the most well-known countries that makes pottery today, people commonly mistake Japan for the origin of Geeki Tikis. Japan is known for figurines, mugs, and other porcelain and ceramic pottery. Hence, it is quite understandable why some people assume that Geeki Tikis were made in Japan.

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Who Makes Them?

Bob Bryant, a former Trader Vic’s bartender, opened “Tiki Bob’s” in San Francisco. Trader’s Vic was one of the famous Tiki bars then, and this is most likely what inspired Bob Bryant to create a mug to serve his drinks in a Tiki idol style.

The first mug was done in a Tiki idol style, and sooner, other countries recreated their own version of Tiki mugs that varies in shape, color, and characters. But can you really drink from Geeki Tikis?

Where They Were First Released

Geeki Tikis on San Francisco Bridge background

It was in San Francisco where the first Geeki Tiki mug was released, followed by commercially produced Tiki mugs.

They became out of fashion in the mid-1970s, but when the 1990s came, Tiki mugs were considered aesthetic and pop art pieces. These vintage-style mugs have become a sought-after collectible and improved until today.


Can you buy Geeki Tikis anywhere in the US?

Yes, Geeki Tikis are available for purchase anywhere in the US. There is a wide range of Geeki Tiki collectibles you can choose from, whether you prefer vintage-style or those depicting pop culture.

Where can you buy Geeki Tikis?

You can buy Geeki Tikis from trusted retailers like Toynk. You can choose among a wide selection of characters and even enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US (not applicable to Hawaii or Alaska addresses). If you’re after unique, affordable, and authentic Geeki Tikis, then Toynk is the best option for you.

Final Verdict

Geeki Tikis has its roots in Polynesian culture, and its origin might have confused many people. Nevertheless, everyone worldwide can enjoy this creative, unique, and functional collectible!

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1.  https://www.starwars.com/news/story-of-star-wars-geeki-tikis

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