Best Bob Ross Paintings

10 Best Bob Ross Paintings Of All Time (2024 Updated)

Bob Ross is a famous painter known for his natural landscape paintings inspired by the beauty of Alaska.

His hit TV show “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” aired from 1983 to 1994, teaching viewers landscape oil painting techniques.

If you admire his creative works, you may be wondering which of his painting have been painted often by his fans. Discover the best Bob Ross paintings of all time.

Top 10 Bob Ross Paintings (Fan Favorites)

1. Row Boat on the Beach - Season 24, Episode 10

Row Boat on the Beach painting by Bob Ross

“The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” TV show features his lifetime artworks using a wet-on-wet technique [1].

In 1992, in season 24, episode 10 of the show, Bob Ross created the Row Boat on the Beach painting.

It is an oil on canvas painting sold for $95,000, featuring a row boat, tides, clouds, and sunny weather.

This version focuses on sunlight illuminating clouds and stippling the edges of the tide.

2. Misty Waterfall - Season 7, Episode 6

In season 7, episode 6 of the Joy of Painting, he featured the Misty Waterfall. This enchanting painting was made around 1980 and was sold for $19,950.

This version was painted by Bob way before his show started and reappeared in season 7, episode 6. It features a contrasting landscape with a pink sunset.

The trees were also painted darker, surrounding the reflective falls.

3. The Old Water Mill - Season 3, Episode 9

The Old Water Mill is another fantastic painting by Bob featured around 1984 in season 3, episode 9 of the show.

However, this painting is a different version of Bob’s creations since he used acrylic as a medium, which was sold for $19,500.

Moreover, this version showcases his techniques, such as happy trees and a slightly pink sunset sky.

4. Tropical Seascape – Season 12, Episode 9

Although not all his viewers painted while watching “The Joy of Painting”, Bob’s mission was to inspire other artists and offer positive and meaningful life advice [2].

The Tropical Seascape from season 12, episode 19 of the show is another fan-favorite painting, a dreamy postcard-like beach scene.

This version features big palm trees, a colorful sky, and breaking waves. Also, the Tropical Seascape requires 12 colors to paint.

5. Sunset Aglow – Season 26, Episode 12

Sunset Aglow painting by Bob Ross

The Sunset Aglow is one of the paintings that showcase Bob’s great method. It appeared on season 26, episode 12 of the show, featuring mountains and big evergreens.

This version has a river or lake and a pink-tinged dramatic sky, like the Ocean Sunrise.

Moreover, it is one of his few paintings with a multi-colored gradient and impressive clouds. It also requires 12 colors to recreate this artwork.

6. A Walk In The Woods – Season 1, Episode 1

If you want to paint with Bob, the best way to start is with episode 1 (of course). Apart from the mighty mountain, A Walk In The Woods features everything a classic should be.

It appeared in season 1, episode 1, featuring the woods with tree foliage somewhere around autumn.

This version also exhibits great brush techniques and requires 8 colors to make.

7. Northern Lights – Season 8, Episode 13

If the Ocean Sunrise painting doesn’t pique your interest but into towering mountains, then the Northern Lights will enchant you.

It appeared on season 8, episode 13 of the show, featuring a dreamy scene of the mighty mountain with a bit of color.

Additionally, this version is undeniably one of the most beautiful paintings of Bob as it features the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

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8. Campfire – Season 3, Episode 10

The Campfire is a bit different from Bob’s classic paintings since no mountains or clouds exist. He painted it with fire and dark colors, like the Northern Lights.

Probably the most unusual thing about this artwork is a person standing, which is not Bob Ross paintings’ typical style.

Nonetheless, this version is one of the only two paintings he made with a human being, which was featured in season 3, episode 10.

9. Ocean Sunrise – Season 5, Episode 6

The Ocean Sunrise is one of Bob’s most painted creations with an interesting story. Why? Because the Ocean Sunrise was not painted by Bob himself.

Instead, this version was painted by his friend, who visited the studio, Audrey Golden. The Ocean Sunrise appeared in season 5, episode 6, which features a detailed painting.

In this episode, Audrey teaches how to use a liner brush to create a detailed beach scene. Find out what happened to Bob Ross here

10. Mountain Summit – Season 13, Episode 10

Mountain Summit by Bob Ross

Since the Ocean Sunrise isn’t Bob's painting, we included the Mountain Summit on this list, which is one of his perfect creations.

The Mountain Summit appeared in season 13, episode 10, featuring big mountains and fluffy clouds. This showcases dark evergreens, colorful bushes, and a flowing river.

So if you’re looking for a version of his quintessential artwork, the Mountain Summit will not disappoint.


What's the most valuable Bob Ross painting?

The most valuable Bob Ross painting is the Row Boat on the Beach, which was sold for $95,000 on Modern Artifact.

He painted this version before his stardom around 1992, and one of Bob’s rare vertical-oriented creations.

Are Bob Ross's paintings worth anything?

Yes, Bob Ross's paintings are still valued today. His original creations can cost around $8,000 to $10,000 each.

How do you authenticate a Bob Ross painting?

If you bought a Bob Ross painting, such as the Northern Lights, you may contact Bob Ross Inc. at and ask them to authenticate it.

However, if you purchase the Ocean Sunrise, it’s not painted by Bob, so there might be no need to ask for authentication.

Can I sell a Bob Ross-style painting?

It depends. Selling a Ross-style painting may be allowed or illegal, depending on what you’re trying to sell specifically.

For instance, if you made your version of the Ocean Sunrise or Northern Lights using his techniques, you can sell it if you don’t claim it as original or just add it as sample lessons.

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