Best Ice Type Pokemon

20 Best Ice Type Pokemons Ranked (2024 Updated)

There are a couple of ice-type Pokémon introduced as early as 1996 in the Pokémon Red & Green version.

Before that, there were only a few forms of ice Pokemon, and they were only exclusive to some regions. Today, at least 67 ice types share 32 different ice-type moves.

If you want to build a strong team of Pocket Monsters with these ice types, stick around and check our list of the best ice-type Pokemons.

Top 20 Ice Type Pokemons

1. Kyurem

Image of Kyurem

With 170 special attack stat for the White Kyurem and 170 high attack stat for the Black Kyurem, this legendary pokémon is easily the best ice type Pokémon out there.

Its Teravolt and Turboblaze skills from its alternate forms can easily defeat any opponent, making it one of the best ice types to date. But what's the best flying type Pokemon?

2. Regice

Image of Regice

With its body immune to melting (even from magma), this ice-type Pokémon is considered one of the best ice-type Pokémon in the games and Pokemon anime.

Regice is a formidable legendary Pokémon and can freeze surrounding air as low as -328 degrees Fahrenheit, casting powerful skills like ice beam.

3. Froslass

Image of Froslass

This snow land pokemon is one of the best ice Pokemon that uses its cursed body and snow cloak technique to evade and disable her opponents efficiently.

This Pokemon boasts of its icicle spear and ice shard skill. Take advantage of the special attack stats by teaching shadow ball to Froslass.

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4. Baxcalibur

Image of Baxcalibur

Up against a dragon-type Pokemon? We suggest using Baxcalibur. While it only has 86 special defense stats, this formidable dragon has special skills for resisting fire.

Using the Thermal Exchange skill can boost its attack stat and repel burn status. It also uses its Ice Body skills to heal a portion of its HP.

5. Glalie

Image of Glalie

If your Snorunt does not evolve into Froslass, worry not - you can use Glalie, as it is also considered one of the best ice-type Pokemon out there.

Resistant to flinching, this Pokemon uses the move Moody, Inner Focus, and Ice Body to increase random stats like special attack and special defense stats.

6. Avalugg

Image of Avalugg

Avalugg is an ice and rock type Pokemon that is also present in Pokémon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex. This Pokemon can be seen roaming in the Alabaster Icelands [1].

With a high HP, great defensive stats, and high attack capabilities, Avalugg is a great Pokémon for any team that needs a tanky fighter. So what's the best ground type Pokemon?

7. Walrein

Image of Walrein

This ice-break Pokemon can protect itself from ice and fire-type moves using its Thick Fat ability. It can also restore its HP when the surrounding condition is hailing.

Other Pokémon that use Attract or Taunt abilities can be countered by its Oblivious skill.

8. Lapras

Image of Lapras

While Lapras looks very kind and harmless in the Pokemon anime, it is also a formidable Pokemon with high recovery skills.

Even though it only has 96 points for the special defense stats, its Hydration and Shell Armor moves negate almost any ailment status.

9. Articuno

Image of Articuno

Articuno is a legendary Pokemon in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet series [2].

Like Iron Bundle (a Paradox Pokemon) that can be obtained in Pokemon Violet or via trade in Pokemon Scarlet, Articuno can be obtained by trading in the X & Y series.

10. Cloyster

Image of Cloyster

Appearance can be deceiving because this oyster-shaped Pokemon can beat any opponent if it is properly trained.

Its Skill Link ability always gets the maximum damage out of repetitive skills like Pin Missile and Rock Blast.

11. Weavile

Image of Weavile

The dark & ice-type Pokemon, Weavile, is great if you want to steal items from your opponents. It debuted in the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

Its ‘Pickpocket’ skills allow him to steal items from any physical attackers, which makes him a great asset to any team.

12. Glastrier

Image of Glastrier

With 110 points of special defense stat and 145 points of attack stat, this Pokemon can beat any combat by increasing its stat over time using its Chilling Neigh.

Glastrier may not have special skills, but many trainers seek his common skills and high stats. But what's the best shiny type Pokemon?

13. Abomasnow

Image of Abomasnow

This Pokemon is often seen as a massive tree in the Sinnoh region. The Abomasnow uses the Ice Punch skill to damage and freeze enemies in combat.

It might not be the best Pokemon, but it can bury any opponent in the mountains.

14. Ice Rider Calyrex


Image of Ice Rider Calyrex

The Ice Rider Calyrex is a strong High King Pokemon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield. It uses a special attack called Glacial Lance that can do heavy damage.

This Pokemon is considered one of the strongest, especially during double battles where the Glacial Lance attack can deal heavy damage to both opponents.

15. Alolan Ninetales

Image of Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is a rare and fun Pokemon to use in Pokemon UNITE. This Pokemon is obtainable by login reward or buying it with 8000 Aeos Coins in the Aeos Emporium.

Its snow warning ability and high-speed stats make this Pokemon challenging to defeat. Pokemon fans definitely will want to own this rare Nine Tales variant.

16. Glaceon

Image of Glaceon

You can get Glaceon by giving Eevee an icy rock and allowing it to evolve. Glaceon can be seen in the Pokemon anime and is one of the evolutions of Eevee.

17. Galarian Darmanitan

Image of Galarian Darmanitan

This Pokemon is a spectacle and is interesting because of its Zen Mode.
Zen Mode allows it to change into an ice & fire type, increasing some of its stats. Still, the highlight of this Pokemon is its skills, including Icicle Crash and Blizzard.

18. Mamoswine

Image of Mamoswine

This massive Pokemon uses a combination of ice and ground attacks. It is also almost invincible with its Snow Cloak and Oblivious skills.

Likewise, it can use other powerful attacks like Stone Edge and Blizzard that can easily take down opponents.

19. Alolan Sandslash

Image of Sandslash

While the Pokémon anime typically only shows the rock-type Sandlash, the Alolan Sandslash deserves to be in this spot.

Unlike the original Sandlash, which uses many ground-type moves, this variant uses ice moves like Subzero Slammer and Icicle Spear.

20. Aurorus

Image of Aurorus

Aurorus is a rock & ice-type Pokemon best known for its diamond-shaped crystals protruding from its back.

The crystals expel cold air that freezes enemies every turn, making this Pokemon known for its Freeze Dry skill.


Who is the best Ice-type special attacker?

Kyurem has the best stats over all the ice-type Pokemon, making it the best special attacker in this category.

Who is the king of Ice-type Pokemon?

There are many great ice-type Pokemon, but Ice Rider Calyrex deserves this title - from its special attacks to its exemplary performance in double battles.

Are ice-type Pokemon strong?

Like other types of Pokemon, ice-type Pokemon are strong against other classifications, specifically ground, grass, flying, and dragon types.

What Pokemon type is stronger than ice-type?

Fire, Rock, Steel, and Water-type Pokemon are considered stronger than Ice-type Pokemon.

In Summary

While we’ve pointed out the best Pokemon in the ice category, winning your battles will still depend on how you train your Pokemon. A well-trained Froslass might even defeat a Kyurem.

Sometimes, even if you max out your Pokemon’s stats, you can still be defeated if you fight against fire, rock, steel, or water type.

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