Best Ground Type Pokemon

20 Best Ground Type Pokemons Ranked (2024 Updated)

Often found in rocky terrain or caves, a ground-type Pokemon is one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise.

They effectively defeat other Pokemon, including rock, fire, steel, poison, and electric types. Moreover, its weakness is only ice, water, and grass types.

We’ve rounded up the best ground-type Pokemons that deserve a spot in your team.

Top 20 Ground Type Pokemon (Ranked)

1. Landorus

Image of Landorus

Landorus is a fantastic option for any team, which can fill multiple roles. It has Sand Force and Sheer Force, boosting Landorus attack power.

Also, its damage increases to 1.3x with the cost of secondary effects and has the ability Intimidate and Earth Power move.

2. Sandslash

Image of Sandslash

First released as Pocket Monster, Sandslash is one of the original Pokemon from Generation I with ground typing [1].

Also known as Mouse Pokemon, Sandslash has the ability Sand Rush and can do Swords Dance. Its defense and attack stats are also decent.

3. Donphan

Image of Donphan

Donphan is the best ground-type Pokemon for a physical tank, boasting high attack and defense tied at 120.

This gray Armor Pokemon has a car tire-like black band from its back to its long trunk and a decent HP of 90.

4. Rhyperior

Image of Rhyperior

Launched in Generation IV, Rhyperior is a drill Pokemon with rock dual typing. Its horns resemble a drill, while its body is covered with rocky plates.

Rhyperior can learn Thunderbolt, Shadow Claw, Giga Impact, and Stone Edge in Pokemon Legends.

5. Groudon

Image of Groudon

From all the ground types, Groudon has fire-type moves with the ability Drought. This Generation III beast can perform Fire Blast and Precipice Blades.

Groudon is one of the best Pokemon and the strongest ground and fire type Pokemon that can surely hit hard.

6. Rhydon

Image of Rhydon

Rhydon is a dual-type drill Pokemon from Generation I. While it has six weaknesses, it can withstand electric, flying, and fire-type attacks.

Rhydon also has great HP, attack, and defense but lacks speed, special defense, and special attack.

7. Palossand (Ghost/Ground)

Image of Palossand (GhostGround)

Introduced in Generation VII, Palossand is a ghost/ground-type haunted sandcastle with a decent special attack stat and a goal to set up Stealth Rock.

Despite its oddness, Palossand is not easy to beat since it has Water Compaction ability and is immune to water type.

8. Krookodile

Image of Krookodile

Boasting high attack, HP, and speed, Krookodile is certainly a difficult beast to deal with. It can learn dragon-type moves and becomes more powerful with a Choice Scarf.

When setting up Stealth Rock, Krookodile can also use Initimidate as protection.

9. Flygon

Image of Flygon

Flygon is another fan favorite that resembles a bug [2]. It has a decent attack and speed stat, and its Levitate ability makes it immune to ground-type attacks.

In Generation V, Flygon can access Dragon Dance, U-Turn, and better design.

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10. Alolan Dugtrio

Image of Alolan Dugtrio

One of the best ground types with steel typing, Alolan Dugtrio, is considered a feminine deity in the Alola region.

The Diglett triplets are also the best in using Stealth Rocks for protection and have an impressive speed of 120.

11. Seismitoad

Image of Seismitoad

Resembling an aquamarine toad, Seismitoad has balanced stats, can perform Rock Slide, and is only weak to grass type.

It’s equipped with Swift Swim and Poison Touch abilities. However, Seismitoad requires a lot of training and may not be effective in Pokemon Black.

12. Garchomp

Image of Garchomp

Coming from Generation IV, Garchomp is a Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon and one of the best attackers in-game.

It can perform Swords Dance, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Rush. Garchomp also has Rough Skin hidden ability and an outstanding attack stat at 130.

13. Mamoswine

Image of Mamoswine

Mamoswine is a beast with a great attack stat at 130. It can make powerful moves, like Ice Fang, High Horsepower, and Earthquake.

In Pokemon Go, Mamoswine is considered the strongest ice-type creature, looking like a hog and mammoth.

14. Hippowdon

Image of Hippowdon

Hippowdon is a Generation IV beast that appeared in Sleight of Sand. Aside from its special defense, special attack, and speed, it has decent stats.

This Heavyweight Pokemon has Sand Stream ability, and its Slack Off move heals 50% HP.

15. Diggersby (Normal/Ground)

Image of Diggersby (NormalGround)

Introduced in Generation VI, Diggersby is equipped with Huge Power, which doubles its average physical attack.

This digging Pokemon also has a solid move pool, like Earthquake, Swords Dance, and Mud Shot. Its weakness is steel, fire, fighting, grass, and water types.

16. Excadrill

Image of Excadrill

Excadrill is a versatile choice that most players can easily learn with wide coverage and devastating attack.

Also known as the Drill King, it has a great speed stat. To boost its speed stat, pair it with the same type to take advantage of the weather condition.

Despite its mediocre special defense, it has decent speed and advances in bulk, like most steel types.

17. Quagsire

Image of Quagsire

Quagsire is the best Pokemon to include in your lineup if you’re looking for an excellent HP. This Water Fish Pokemon has Damp, and Water Absorb abilities.

While it has a 35-speed stat, Quagsire only has grass type as its weakness.

18. Gastrodon

Image of Gastrodon

Unlike Zygarde, which transforms in its complete form, Gastrodon doesn't change since it depends on where you captured it.

You can catch a Sea Slug Pokemon in the East and West sea with a great special attack and HP.

19. Golurk

Image of Golurk

A mechanical beast sporting an armor suit, Golurk's best capacity is to set Stealth Rock. It has a superior move pool accompanied by a high attack stat at 124.

Golurks also has a decent defensive stat but is deficient in speed and special attack.

20. Steelix (Steel/Ground)

Image of Steelix (SteelGround)

The very definition of a solid wall, Steelix boasts a remarkable 200 defense and raises to 230 in its Mega Evolution.

Even though it has no purpose in the online modern games, it remains one of the best physical walls in the franchise.


What is the strongest Ground-type Pokemon go?

Once it's fully powered, Groudon is one of the strongest ground types in Pokemon Go. It’s equipped with exemplary moves, such as Dragon Tail and Fire Punch.

What is the best non-legendary Ground type?

The best non-legendary ground-type Pokemon is Garchomp. It has outstanding overall stats and can learn the Sludge Wave move.

What is the best Ground type Pokemon move?

The best would be the Earthquake move, which is one of the most dominant since Generation I of the game. It has 100% accuracy with 100 base power.

Let’s Dig In!

Whether your team needs defensive or offensive fierce beasts, this guide to the best ground type Pokémon will surely make your lineup even more competitive.

Catch these tough creatures, as they are all worthy of training time with their impressive stats, abilities, and powerful moves.

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