Best Fighting Type Pokemon

25 Best Fighting Type Pokemons Listed & Ranked (2024)

There are many types of Pokemon in the series, but only a few are fighting types that dominate the battle arena.

These cool fighting type Pokémon whack their opponents with great force and sweep entire teams.

They belong in the Physical category, making them excellent in close combat and martial arts. Here are our top picks of the best fighting type Pokemons for competitive battling.

Top 25 Fighting Type Pokemons For Competitive Battling

1. Sirfetch’d

Image of  Sirfetch’d

Sirfetch’d is the advanced form of Farfetch’d from the Galar region [1]. It can land three critical hits in a battle without fainting or fleeing.

The signature move of this fighting type Pokemon is Meteor Assault. Check out some great flying type Pokemons here

2. Infernape

Image of  Infernape

Infernape is a fiery fighting-type Pokemon. It is extremely versatile in fighting and always leaves opponents guessing its next move.

It has a great speed tier, well-mixed offenses like Mach Punch and Vacuum Punch, and access to its physical and special boosting moves like Swords Dance and Nasty Plot.

3. Terrakion

Image of Terrakion

Terrakion has an amazingly high attack stat and STAB combination. It is one of the strongest wall breakers in the series.

Terrakion can also be a fearsome setup sweeper with Swords Dance.

However, it has very poor defense and can be severely hit by powerful attacks like Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, and Aqua Jet.

4. Blaziken

Image of Blaziken

Blaziken is a fire-type fighting Pokemon with a speed boost ability, making it hard for its opponents to attack a revengeful hit since Blaziken can outspeed them [2].

Additionally, Flare Blitz makes it easy for Blaziken to hit steel types Pokemon as well as with Focus Blast attack.

5. Keldeo

Image of Keldeo

Keldeo is a fighting/water Pokemon with a solid special attack and speed stat that is a solid balance breaker.

However, when fighting against more offensive teams and Pokemon like Toxapex, Amoonguss, and Tapu Fini, Keldeo can have difficulty countering their attacks.

6. Virizion

Image of Virizion

Virizion is a grass/fighting type Pokemon. Its horns are intensely sharp and can move swiftly like a whirlwind that confuses its foes.

Virizion was introduced in Generation V and is a legendary Swords of Justice member with Terrakion, Keldeo, and Coballion.

7. Pangoro

Image of Pangoro

Pangoro is known as the “Dauting Pokemon,” first introduced in Generation 6. It is a dark/fighting type with an incredibly high attack stat.

Swords Dance boosts its attack to dangerous levels.

Additionally, Bullet Punch gives Pangoro an advantage in a close combat fight along with Drain Punch, enabling him to hit fairy types Pokemon more effectively.

8. Toxicroak

Image of Toxicroak

Toxicroak is a poison/fighting type with abilities like Anticipation, Dry Skin, and Poison Touch.

Its access to Sucker Punch can invalidate checks to its Life Orb set like Brave Bird Mandibuzz, Slowbro, and Cresselia when Stealth Rock is up.

Toxicroak can also learn and access Thunder Punch upon reaching a specific level.

9. Hariyama

Image of Hariyama

Hariyama is a pure fighting type with a hidden ability, Iron Fist, Fire Punch, and great attack stat, as described by the Pokemon Company.

Hariyama uses close combat as its most reliable attack to damage enemy teams, like Knock Off in dealing with psychic and ghost types Pokemon.

It also uses Heavy Slam for fairy-types and Stone Edge or Ice Punch for Flying-types.

10. Lucario

Image of Lucario

Lucario is a steel/fighting type, a fan-favorite Pokemon in the series that uses its Justified ability and other moves like Meteor Mash and Close Combat.

Both its attack and special attack are hard for foes to counter.

11. Galarian

Image of Galarian

Galarian-form Pokemon have high offensive and defensive stats and are known to be powerful Pokémon. The best-fighting Galarians are usually found in the Galar region.

Some Galarian form Pokemon are Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone, Galarian Meowth, and Galarian Farfetch’d.

12. Buzzwole

Image of Buzzwole

Buzzwole is a bug/fighting type. Its main move is Hammer Arm, Toxic, Roost, and Earthquake or Taut. It has an amazing bulky physique and reliable recovery.

However, Buzzwole has a low special defense and weaknesses to flying, fire, and fairy-types.

13. Bewear

Image of Bewear

Bewear belongs to the normal/fighting category. It has immense strength but lacks speed and special defense.

This Pokemon can face heavy competition against other fighting classifications of Pokemon like Machamp, Harimaya, and Passimian.

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14. Gallade

Image of Gallade

According to Pokémon Company, Gallade is a fighting/psychic type that can break through high and defensive walls.

Its pre-mega ability is Justified and could knock off foes instantly. Only Mega Slowbro is considered the best Pokemon to counter Mega Gallade’s attacks.

15. Mienshao

Image of Mienshao

Mienshao uses moves like Knock Off, U-Turn, High Jump Kick, and Fake Out in a battle. Mienshao can also become even more offensive with its Poison Jab attack.

16. Hawlucha

Image of Hawlucha

Hawlucha is a fighting/flying type Pokemon. It is one of the fastest Pokemon and uses its high-speed stat to its advantage against its opponents.

However, due to its frequent showing off after using its speedy and flashy move, its foes often end up attacking it.

17. Machamp

Image of Machamp

Machamp is one of the best fighting types, having Guts ability which can be a dangerous and strong attack when combined with Flame Orb.

Its maximum speed, attack, and Guts ability allow it to hit hard and trigger its other moves and powers.

18. Kommo-o

Image of Kommo-o

Kommo-o is a fighting and dragon-type with a solid Stealth Rock setter that can be put to balance a team and get a good match against sun teams.

According to Pokémon Company, legends say that it’s covered with scales to drive away the darkness in the world.

19. Cobalion

Image of Cobalion

Unlike most Pokémon, Pokémon Company has described Cobalion with multiple abilities - both offensive and defensive moves.

Aside from that, Cobalion can run multiple items, such as Fightinium Z, Rocky Helmet, and Shuca Berry.

20. Urshifu

Image of Urshifu

Urshifu is a fighting/dark-type Pokemon with an Unseen Fist ability. This ability is threatening in combination with its offensive moves like Wicked Blow.

However, Urshifu’s greatest weakness is fairy types like Zachian-C and Xerneas.

21. Marshadow

Image of Marshadow

Marshadow is considered an offensive powerhouse, capable of quickly destroying anyone and breaking through walls.

Marshadow possesses Technician and is used best as an offensive sweeper or cleaner and revenge killer.

22. Pheromosa

Image of Pheromosa

Pheromosa is a fighting and bug-type Pokemon that possesses many traits, including Beast Boost ability.

Although Phermosa has great offensive stats, there are myriad Pokemon that could still outshine it, like Marshadow and Xerneas.

23. Heracross

Image of Heracross

Heracross is a fighting/bug-type wall breaker that possesses Moxie ability.

Heracross is more effective and can create more damage to foes when teamed with Greninja and Ferrothorn. Moreover, Clefable is also a valuable support to Heracross.

24. Conkeldurr

Image of Conkeldurr

Just like Machamp, Conkeldurr possesses Guts. It relies much on this when fighting and takes offensive attacks with Flame Orb that severely damages its opponents.

Although Conkeldurr is at an advantage physically, it has a terrible speed stat which is susceptible and vulnerable to attacks from fairy, psychic, and flying types.

25. Zamazenta

Image of Zamazenta

Although Zamazenta is a fan-favorite Pokemon because of its well-rounded stats, it has low defensive stats despite having Dauntless Shield.

Aside from that, Zamazenta has low physical attributes and cannot take many hits from opponents with great physical strength.


Which Fighting type Pokemon has the highest stats?

Mega Mewtwo X is seen to be the most potent psychic/fighting type Pokémon in the series. It has a whopping stat total of 780 and a monstrous attack that could reach up to 190.

There’s no doubt that Mega Mewtwo X can withstand any physical attack, as it is also the best physical attacker with unimaginable endurance.

Who is the strongest fighting type Pokemon Go?

Machamp is deemed to be the strongest fighting-type Pokémon in Pokemon Go. He’s a champ fighter with a high attack stat and knockout power.

He is known to be the godfather of fighting types of Pokemon.

What is the strongest Fighting style?

Among the various fighting styles, Close Combat is the fiercest and strongest. All these brawny Pokémon have offensive stats that could significantly damage their opponents.

Which is the strongest Pokemon type?

Steel-type Pokemon hold the title of being indestructible in the Pokémon world. They have high physical offense and defense mechanism abilities that distinguish them from other Pokemon.

They can resist the damage from psychic-type Pokemon, dragon, and fairy types which are also some of the strongest types of Pokemon.

Additionally, steel types are immune to poison and have only three weaknesses.

Ready, Fight!

Fighting types have an iron fist, various amazing abilities (including their hidden ability), and great offensive capabilities that could take down any opponent in the blink of an eye.

They are not easy opponents (particularly in a ground battle), and their enhanced basic physical moves in close combat fighting are lethal.

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