30 Weakest Pokemon of All Time Based on Stats (2023 Updated)

30 Weakest Pokemon of All Time Based on Stats (2023 Updated)

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If there are plenty of powerful creatures in the Pokemon lore, there are also some considered the weakest species with exceptionally low base stats.

In the early game, players must pick the right Pokemon to train to remain competitive on the battlefield. However, some of the most adorable Pokemon often have low stats.

With that said, here’s a list of the weakest Pokemons based on their basic to final form overall stats.

Top 30 Weakest Pokemons Ever

1. Shedinja

Image of Shedinja

First released as Pocket Monsters, most Pokémon have a unique ability, such as Shedinja’s Wonder Guard, an immunity to non-super-effective attacks [1].

Shedinja is liked by many fans for its macabre, but it only has 1 HP maximum, making it the weakest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

2. Wobbufett

Image of Wobbufett

Wobbufett is one of the weakest and strangest Pokemon in the franchise. Introduced in Generation II, this Psychic-type Pokemon has incredibly low defenses.

While its highest stat is HP, Wobbufett enjoys getting beaten and only has Mirror Coat and Moves Counter as fighting options.

3. Metapod

Image of Metapod

In Pokemon games, most bug types evolve quickly yet preserve their mediocre stats. The weakest bug type is Metapod, the same as Kakuna.

It has an entire episode featuring its incompetence. Even if it evolved to Caterpie, it will only learn Tackle and won’t develop valuable stats later.

4. Eevee

Image of Eevee

Eevee is another weak Pokemon despite all the improvements done. Unlike other Pokemon, Eevee’s normal type remains useless even in its Gigantamax form.

Meanwhile, it has overpowered abilities in its spinoff game Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. Still, the attempted boost is pointless in other games.

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5. Snom

Image of Snom

Another fan-favorite for its elegant design, Snom is a dual-typing Pokemon, Ice/Bug-type, with a base stat total of 185.

Snom’s highest stat is a Special attack of 45, with only two moves, the Powder Snow and Struggle Bug.

6. Slakoth

Image of Slakoth

Contrary to many Pokemon, Slakoth still falls behind even in its evolved form. It features sloth-like qualities and evolves into Vigoroth, then as Slaking.

However, reaching its final evolution means long and tiring trades with other Pokemon since it barely learns any damage-dealing moves.

7. Zubat

Image of Zubat

Besides being a weak Pokemon, Zubat is an annoying bat that hovers on your face in caves. A Zubat base stat total is 245, and attack and speed are the highest.

This creature’s weaknesses are Electric, Ice, Rock, and Psychic-type Pokemon.

8. Marill

Image of Marill

Marill is a Fairy/Water-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 250 and an evolution of Azurill. This adorable yet weak creature’s hidden ability is Sap Sipper.

Its highest stat is HP, with Thick Fat and Huge Power abilities.

9. Smeargle

Image of Smeargle

For most trainers, Smeargle is a complete waste of time, with Fighting type moves as its weakness. It also doesn’t have the saving grace of evolving into a magnificent Pokemon.

However, with its Sketch move, Smeargle can learn permanent moves in the game.

10. Ledyba

Image of Ledyba

Ledyba is a Flying/Bug-type Pokemon resembling a ladybug. This cowardly, weak creature is sensitive to cold, with a base stat total of 265.

It evolves to Ledian and has a Special Defense as its highest stat. However, this creature has five weaknesses.

11. Pumpkaboo

Image of Pumpkaboo

Although most of the oldest creatures are the worst Pokemon, Pumpkaboo is an exception for its adorably spooky jack-o-lantern look.

It’s a Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon in varying sizes and evolves as Gourgeist. Nonetheless, this beast doesn’t have valuable stats to begin with.

12. Geodude

Image of Geodude

Geodude is the only Pokemon that got everything a weak creature has, from bad moves, plenty of weaknesses, and annoying appearances.

This worst Pokemon has no chance of winning against any opponent. It has high physical defense but low-speed stats.

13. Luvdisc

Image of Luvdisc

Despite its charming features, Luvdisc doesn’t have much to boast on the battlefield besides its high speed.

This creature doesn’t evolve, and players only catch it to boost the Heart Scales supply in the Hoenn region [2]. Also, the single-stage Pokemon, Alomola is better than Luvdisc.

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14. Delibird

Image of Delibird

Another terrible and weak specimen in the franchise, Delibird, is an Ice and Flying-type Pokemon, making it vulnerable.

Its stats are extremely low, from offense to defense. A Delibird signature move, Present, will also benefit your opponent as it deals either heal or damage.

15. Wimpod

Image of Wimpod

In the franchise Generation VII, Wimpod can be considered the most fragile. Other than its speed, this poor soul has an incredibly low stat.

Moreover, the only ability of Wimpod is Wimp Out, where it willingly receives beating, while its evolved-form Golisopod has Emergency Exit.

16. Mantyke

Image of Mantyke

In this list, Mantyke is the first Pokemon with absolutely superb stats. This lovely manta ray-like creature is introduced in Generation IV and has very high Special Defense.

However, the rest of its stats, including its HP, defense, and attack, are not good.

17. Bidoof

Image of Bidoof

In any Pokemon adventure early game, players encounter simple opponents, teaching them the basics of catching and fighting.

Of all the early route trash creatures, Bidoof seems to be the most worthless. This foolishly-looking beast belongs to the fourth generation, and fighting is its weakness.

18. Igglybuff

Image of Igglybuff

Boasting its Cute Charm and Competitive abilities, Igglybuff is a balloon-like Baby Pokemon from the second generation.

However, from the entire baby specimen, Igglybuff has one of the most subpar base stat. Its defense and speed are relatively low and only rely on its high HP.

19. Magikarp

Image of Magikarp

Considered the most terrible Pokémon, Magikarp is the epitome of a joke specimen and even has its own comic move, Z-Splash, and loses its power in the later games.

It has unbelievably low physical attacks and HP, collapsing on the same turn it battles.

20. Farfetch’d

Image of Farfetch’d

The most unconvincing Flying-type Pokemon, Farfetch’d lacked any purpose with its poor base stat and no evolutions.

It has high HP but lacks fighting prowess. Thankfully, it now evolves into a Galarian Sirfetch’d, which only appears after landing three critical hits in one battle.

21. Plusle & Minun

Image of Plusle & Minun

Plusle and Minun are tag team buddies and the weakest of all the Pika clones ever released.

While their abilities boost each other, none of them can use the Iron Tail move since they’re a pair of feeble Cheering Pokemon.

Their high stats are speed, defense, and attack.

22. Wynaut

Image of Wynaut

A Psychic-type Baby Pokemon, Wynaut is another completely useless creature in the battle with only one ability, the Shadow Tag.

This cheerful creature evolves to Wobbuffet and is pitiful on the battlefield as it only has high HP but a low attack stat.

23. Wishiwashi

Image of Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is another water-type Pokemon with the lowest base stats in the franchise at 175 in its solo form.

This poor thing’s highest stat is 45 HP; it doesn’t evolve and is rarely seen by most players in its school form.

24. Abra

Image of Abra

Introduced in the first generation Pokemon Red and Blue, Abra is a psychic-type specie that only knows how to teleport.

It has high speed and special attack but only learns to attack in Kadabra form. However, its Mega Evolution, Alakazam, is extremely powerful, with a base stat total of 500.

25. Azurill

Image of Azurill

First appeared in third-generation games, Azurill is a water-type Baby Pokémon that only evolves into Marill by increasing its happiness thru friendship.

So it’s no wonder this poor little soul has a base stat total of 190 with a low attack stat.

26. Blipbug

Image of Blipbug

Blipbug is the one Pokemon that lacks in the department of charm and power. This bug-type Pokémon has a base stat total of 180 and super low HP [3].

Its highest stats are defense and speed, while its hidden power is telepathy.

27. Blissey

Image of Blissey

Another popular Pokemon in this list, Blissey, is a normal-type species with the highest stats in HP at 255, launched in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Blissey needs high friendship to evolve from Chansey. Thus, it has a really low attack and speed tied at 10.

28. Chansey

Image of Chansey

Chansey is a normal-type first-generation Pokemon that evolves into Blissey. This weak Pokemon has high HP at 250 and Special Defense at 105.

However, all of that is useless since this poor creature has laughably low attack and defense tied at 5.

29. Feebas

Image of Feebas

With Pokemon “Catch ’em all” gameplay, Feebas is quite challenging to snatch, boasting a speed of 80 [4]. It’s like a revamp of Magikarp but with better Special Def.

However, Feebas has extremely poor HP, attack, and defense, so it requires much effort before evolving into Milotic.

30. Happiny

Image of Happiny

Lastly, Happiny is a fourth-generation Baby Pokémon that relies on its high HP at 100. Its attack and speed are tied at 5, and fighting is its weakness.

If other Pokémon need Sun Stone, Happiny needs Oval Stone, which appears in late-game areas, to evolve into Chansey.


What is the weakest rare Pokemon?

The weakest rare Pokemon is Cosmog. It’s a psychic-type Legendary Pokémon with the same base stat total as Magikarp.

Cosmog is the ultimate useless specimen with no damaging moves and only knows Splash and Teleport. It’s an extremely rare Pokemon and has a catch rate of 5.9% with a Pokeball.

What is the first weakest Pokemon?

The first weakest Pokemon is Shedinja, with a base stat total of 236. Although it has a 90 attack, this feeble creature only has 1 HP, which means it instantly dies after getting one hit.

Final Thoughts

With this guide of the weakest Pokémon, we hope it helps create the perfect roster lineup for your battles.

Although most of these feeble creatures have no use in early battles, training and trading them may give you an evolved version with extremely powerful stat and abilities.

So regardless of their shortcomings, some of these weak Pokémon may evolve into competitive beasts with proper training and strategy.

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