Best Shiny Pokemon

25 Best Shiny Pokemons Listed & Ranked (2023 Updated)

The Pokémon Company did outstanding work by turning their extraordinary specimens into shiny forms, making them look even more remarkable.

Shiny Pokémon are unique variants of regular Pokemon in different color schemes. However, the odds of encountering one are 1 in 4,096, which means Shiny Hunting requires patience.

So if you wish to catch these elusive creatures, read on as we share the best Shiny Pokemons that stand out from the rest.

Top 25 Cutest Shiny Pokemons

1. Ditto

Image of Ditto

Launched in Generation I, Shiny Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon that transforms into another creature. In its shiny form, Ditto transforms from purple into pastel blue.

However, given the opponent is not shiny, it won’t transform into a shiny form.

2. Wailord

Image of Wailord

Shiny Wailord is considered the franchise’s largest Pokemon, excluding Legendary Pokémon. It measures 14.3 m long and has a 2% chance of appearing to Shiny Hunters.

This Flat Whale Pokemon is originally blue and turns purple in its shiny form. But could be a great flying type Pokemon?

3. Rayquaza

Image of Rayquaza

The Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza shiny version captured the fancy of Pokemon fans for its top-notch design.

Introduced in Generation III, Shiny Rayquaza’s originally had a green, yellow, and red color palette.

It is then modified into charcoal black, making it one of the most coveted shiny variants in Pokemon Go.

4. Palossand

Image of Palossand

At first glance, Palossands shiny palette may look the same as other Pokémon, but we gave it extra points since a real-life Hawaiian black sand beach inspires it.

From the normal sand color, Shiny Palossand revamps into solid black. 

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5. Vaporeon

Image of Vaporeon

Vaporeon is obtained by evolving Evee or catching it in Pokemon Go. It has a light blue and dark blue color scheme in its original form.

Meanwhile, Shiny Vaporeon comes in stunning purple, making it one of the prettiest shinnies in Pokemon.

6. Ponyta

Image of Ponyta

Ponyta is a Fire-type Pokemon that evolves into Shiny Rapidash, and its Galaraian form was launched in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Its base form has cream-colored fur and bright red flames, while Ponyta’s shining form has a blue fire mane.

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7. Yveltal

Image of Yveltal

A member of the Aura Trio, Yveltal is the first ever Dark-type mascot of Pokemon Y. These three Pokémon include Yveltal, Xerneas, and Zygarde.

In Pokemon Go, players can capture the destructive Shiny Yveltal in a bright red, black, and gray color palette.

8. Zygarde

Image of Zygarde

Another member of the Aura Trio, Zygarde, is a Legendary Pokemon considered one of the most durable in the franchise.

Its shiny palette features a teal and white Dragon/Ground-type creature instead of its original green and black coloring.

9. Gyarados

Image of Gyarados

One of the strongest Water-type Pokemon, Shiny Gyarados evolves from Magikarp and is the first ever shiny variant in Pokemon Go.

From its iconic blue regular form, Shiny Gyarados transforms into red coloring from the Lake of Rage battle.

10. Charizard

Image of Charizard

Charizard’s normal form is one of the most iconic in the franchise, featuring a vibrant orange body and blue underwings.

However, Shiny Charizard looks similar to its Mega Evolution X, transforming the Starter Pokemon into a black and crimson color scheme.

11. Emboar

Image of Emboar

Also known as the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon, Emboar has one of the best shiny forms in the franchise despite being an unpopular Starter Pokemon.

Emboar rewards players with the coolest shinies, transforming its orange coloring with blue fur and flames.

12. Dratini

Image of Dratini

Introduced in Generation I, Dratini is a Dragon-type Pokemon with a blue upper body and white underside.

Like Dragonite’s shiny form with purple wings, Dratini’s shiny palette features a purple-pink upper body, making it look more adorable than its original version.

13. Klawf

Image of Klawf

A Rock-type creature from Generation 9, Klawf, was introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which ambushes any opponent that gets into its sight [1].

Its shiny variant is reminiscent of the Maryland Blue Crab, as its claws are edible in the game.

14. Paradox

Paradox Pokemon are interesting creatures from the far future or past and are distantly connected to modern Pokémon inspired by real-life shiny colors.

Unlike other shiny Pokemon, these life forms are robotic and metallic, with their entire body covered in chromium, so they are literally the shiniest.

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15. Lechonk

Image of Lechonk

Lechonk is a Normal Pokémon from Generation IX that instantly became a fan favorite after transforming its darker tone into a lighter shade.

Shiny Lechonk has a pink body with a brown spot face, looking like a pig with a muddy face.

16. Altaria

Image of  Altaria

Identical to the Ultra Beast Poipole, players can encounter Altaria in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s wormholes.

Altaria is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon that evolves from Swablue. This Pokemon’s shiny form is bright yellow, resembling Big Bird from Sesame Street.

17. Spoink

Image of  Spoink

One of the best shiny Pokémon for its adorable design, Spoink is a Psychic-type Pokemon who needs to keep bouncing to stay alive.

It evolves to Grumpig and trades its original color to yellow and gray, appearing more mischievous than ever.

18. Haxorus

Image of  Haxorus

The first shiny Pokemon that most players encounter, Haxorus, is Dragon-type species that evolves from Fraxure and is one of the most elusive in Pokemon Sword & Shield [2].

Shiny Haxorus was first introduced in Pokemon Go, trading its dark green color for a darker shade of gray.

19. Umbreon

Image of  Umbreon

Another cute creature from Generation II, Umbreon, is a Dark-type Pokemon that exceeds the shiny design of Magikarp.

Shiny Umbreon trades its original yellow rings for glowing blue colors, which contrasts amazingly with its yellow eyes and dark gray fur.

20. Cetitan

Image of  Cetitan

Coming from Generation IX, Cetitan is an Ice-type Pokemon that evolves from Cetoddle once exposed to an Ice Stone.

Compared to its normal variant, Cetitan’s shiny form looks even better, replacing its pink and white coloring with black and orange.

21. Lapras

Image of  Lapras

Since 1996, Lapras has been a must-have for Pokémon fans, which maintained its original design in its shiny form and is one of the 151 original Pokemon.

This adorable creature is a Water/Ice-type Pokemon that transform from azure into purplish-lilac.

22. Tinkaton

Image of  Tinkaton

Introduced from Generation IX, Tinkaton is a dual-type creature, Fairy and Steel, which evolves from Tinkastuff.

However, there isn’t much difference in Tinkaton’s shiny version. Players who pursue this shiny only get a rusting hammer since nothing else was modified.

23. Luxray

Image of  Luxray

While some players prefer this Electric-type Pokemon regular version, Shiny Luxray certainly stands out in its bright yellow color, highlighting its typing.

Introduced in Generation IV, this charming creature evolves from Luxio and is often assumed by players as a Dark-type Pokemon.

24. Galarian Zigzagoon

Image of  Galarian Zigzagoon

Originating from the Generation III Normal-type Pokemon, Galarian Zigzagoon is a Dark-type raccoon introduced in Generation VII [3].

It’s one of the unique shiny variations that receive a regional variant, trading its black and white coloring into blue and red.

25. Zigzagoon

Image of  Zigzagoon

Finally, the Normal-type creature where the Galarian Zigzagoon got its base design, Zigzagoon is a tiny raccoon that evolves into Linoone.

Instead of brown and cream coloring, this punk-looking raccoon has a black and white shiny palette with zigzag patterned fur.


What is the rarest Pokemon shiny?

The rarest shiny Pokémon is Unown C, which was only available in three cities for 8 hours in 2020, and players have to spend $5 to enter the event [4].

What is the most sought-after shiny Pokemon?

Released in 1999, Shiny Charizard has become one of the most sought-after Pokemon, even after more than 20 years.

At present, this shiny remains the most expensive printed Shiny Pokemon card, and its damaged versions can still be sold for over $1,000.

How rare is a 100% shiny in Pokémon GO?

In Pokemon Go, the standard Shiny rate is 0.2% or 1 in 500, but it’s better than the Madusa method, where you breed two Pokémon and use a Shiny Charm to get a chance of 1 in 512.

Is shiny rarer than legendary in Pokemon?

Yes, it is. Although there are many ways to increase chances of encountering one, Shiny Pokemon are extremely elusive, making than rarer than Legendary Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

With this guide to the best shiny Pokémon, we hope you can catch these adorable and elusive creatures on your next hunting.

From Dragons to Ghost types, catching these rare creatures’ shiny versions is undoubtedly fun and exciting.

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