Wednesday Addams Outfit and Costume Ideas

Wednesday Addams Outfit & Costume Ideas: Love the Goth Elegance

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Wednesday Addams is an iconic character created by Charles Addams and is known for her dark humor and aesthetic. But that's not all. 

This modern Wednesday, portrayed by Jenna Ortega, revives the classic goth style of Winona Ryder, Neve Campbell, and Christina Ricci (former Wednesday Addams) we're all familiar with.

Here are some of the Wednesday Addams Outfit and Costume Ideas I've tried and seen on Halloween and costume parties I have attended.

And yes, I included some casual and comfortable outfits for your daily endeavor. 

Top 10 Costume Ideas Wednesday Addams Fans Must Try

1. Classic Wednesday: Black Dress, White Collar, Braided Hair

Girl Wearing Black Dress

A classic Wednesday Addams costume means a Wednesday Addams dress with a white collar, Mary Jane heels, and the iconic braided pigtails. It was one of the most popular Halloween costumes by the Addams family.

It is a simple girl costume to imitate because you don't have to buy a whole new dress. If you have an old black dress you can use, then it will be easy to pull off this costume anytime. 

Just braid your hair —especially during this summer when the sweat will make your hair stick all over your neck. Add a white collared shirt under the black dress to complete your costume.

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2. Gothic Wednesday: Black Lace Dress, Dark Makeup, Accessories

The black tulle dress similar to that viral Rave'N dance dress in the Nevermore Academy would be easy to find. Using a pair of Mary Jane shoes with this dance dress would be enough. 

As for the face, I followed the suggestion of celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa. Instead of a monochromatic look using dark and soft shades, I also incorporate brown shades for warmth [1]. 

Bringing Uncle Fester to the party in the form of this LDD Living Dead Dolls Presents The Addams Family | Fester & It will finally complete your Wednesday Addams costume.

The doll stands 10 inches tall, a delightful accessory for those who love a Wednesday Addams costume.

3. Schoolgirl Wednesday: Plaid Skirt, Black Shirt, Braids

Girl Wearing Wednesday Uniform

Wednesday Addams is in her Nevermore Academy uniform for most of this Netflix series. But while other students are wearing blue and purple, Wednesday is in her signature black and gray combination [2]. 

A dark-colored plaid skirt, a black shirt, Mary Jane shoes, and Wednesday's signature braids would do the trick for a Wednesday Addams costume. Sometimes, I like adding a lace detail on the corners of the shirt for emphasis. 

I suggest this combination for students attending a Halloween party or costume event. It's more affordable, and a Wednesday Addams costume is already a standard part of their wardrobes.

4. Wednesday Pajamas: Black Pajamas, Stuffed Spider

Get cozy with Wednesday Addams-themed pajamas with black designs and a stuffed spider accessory. 

This one is the perfect Wednesday Addams costume if you plan a pajama party for kids or sleepovers for teens and adults. 

We didn't get to see Wednesday's pet spider in this Netflix version, but the earlier versions of Wednesday Addams used to have a spider named Homer. 

So this version of a Wednesday Addams costume is not just a comfortable style fashioned after our favorite unbothered queen; it also pays homage to the previous Wednesday.

5. Wednesday Cheerleader: Black And White Uniform, Sneakers

Girl Wearing Black Shirt and Skirt

How about a Wednesday-inspired athletic flair with a touch of a spooky gothic style? We're familiar with cheerleaders having bold and bright outfits that usually showcase the color statement of their schools. 

But for a Halloween party or any costume contest, we can add a twist to the usual cheerleader style. A black and white stripes would be a perfect design, then add a black cheerleading pom and black sneakers. 

Darker makeup shades would make you look spookier. By this time, I would drop the low-pigtail braids and go for bunches, incorporating some black and white ribbons.

6. Wednesday Witch: Witch's Hat, Spider Web Dress, Broom

Among the Wednesday Addams costumes, this one would make you seem like you are a character from Harry Potter movies than the Wednesday series.

Some people may even mistake your Wednesday Addams Halloween costume, especially if you have the broom and the witch's hat.

So to make a clear distinction, I pair this Addams Family Wednesday Nevermore Academy Enamel Pin with my Wednesday Addams costume. It's a simple announcement that I'm from the Nevermore Academy, not Hogwarts School. It's suitable for a child or an adult to add to their costume.

This limited edition pin is about 1.5 inches and is only available in 1,000 pieces. I love how this pin gives off a sense of belongingness to the school dedicated to outcasts.

7. Wednesday Scientist: Lab Coat, Black Outfit, Glasses

Outside the school, Wednesday Addams is often wearing an oversized hoodie, leather jackets, sweaters with geometric patterns, and wide-leg pants [3]. The pattern is still in a black-and-white combination. 

So how do we incorporate this Gothic style in a lab costume that is usually pure white? Well, we can only do it the Wednesday Addams way. Choose black.

A black silk coat over a white shirt and black tights would be a good combination. This look would resemble her opening scene in season one and her traveling coat.

Don't forget the black glasses to let people know you are on to some mysterious science experiment.

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8. Wednesday Ballerina: Black Leotard, Tutu, Ballet Flats

Girl Wearing Black Leotard

Wednesday Addams Halloween costumes like this ballerina look are suitable for kids and adult women.

I've seen my neighbor's cute girl donning her Black Swan costume before, so if you're aiming for a Wednesday Addams look, you only need a little twist from here.

Dark makeup and black and white pattern to this child/adult costume is enough to project Wednesday's creepy and kooky persona.

You can also add a braided wig to the child's hair to emphasize Wednesday Addams's style more.

9. Wednesday Zombie: Tattered Dress, Pale Makeup, Wounds

For the ultimate Wednesday Addams Halloween costume, you can prepare a tattered dance dress, pale white foundation, and realistic wounds to complete the spooky effect.

Although most suitable for women, you can still do a toned-down version of this zombie costume for a child.

You don't have to overdo the wound, but a little bloody effect would look nice. And indeed, it doesn't have to be a pig's blood. However, we know that Wednesday Addams would appreciate it more. 

You can choose an old Wednesday Addams dress for this look and add a detachable white collar to make the damage more apparent.

A full-coverage pale foundation would evoke a haunting allure, but you can also use dark eyeshadow and thick eyeliners.

10. Wednesday Casual: Black T-Shirt, Jeans, Combat Boots

Girl Wearing Black Shirt and Pants

Indeed, we don't always have to project Wednesday Addams as a creepy and spooky Halloween costume. We can have our daily endeavors while projecting her fun classic cool look. 

A plain black T-shirt, jeans, and combat boots are an effortlessly cool look. And admittedly, it's hard not to dress this way after watching Wednesday on Netflix. 

You can put on black lipstick or shades of dark plum for the finishing touch. Or sometimes, especially during the cold months, an oversized sweater with a geometric design, thick black tights, and black shoes are my go-to casual.


What is Wednesday's style called?

Wednesday's general style is called Gothic chic. She's in her Nevermore Academy uniform and leather lace-up shoes for most of the series, but she usually uses black, white, and gray when wearing other clothing items. 

When she's staying in her room, she prefers a casual style of oversized clothes with striped designs of her usual color palette [4].

What color nail polish does Wednesday Addams wear?

Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series usually wears a black nail polish color. But in the movies, she used to paint her nails red.

Final Thoughts

These Wednesday Addams outfits and costumes allow fans to celebrate her captivating style and bring her spooky character to life. You can also find some trick-or-treating dress ideas for kids this coming Halloween.

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