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Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankie Child Costume

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Frank is Dracula's best friend. He's a big guy with a big heart, and no longer spends his days terrorizing villages, but instead is a family man. He doesn't like fire and will flee even if as tiny as a candle flame is lit. You can become this horror classic with a twist when you wear the Hotel Transylvania Frankie Boy's Costume. The top piece of this outfit is a dark gray jacket with lapels and buttons, with a white, pinstriped shirt attached. The shirt features a bright crimson square tie with tiny pin dots. The pants are high-waisted to give the illusion of you being extra tall like Frankenstein, and have an elastic band to let you stay comfy. The character mask gives you a long, ghastly gray face with a flat-topped head, a prominent brow bone, and staples keeping your pieces together. Remember this one rule while you're trick-or-treating: Fire bad!