Best Rick and Morty Episodes

10 Best Rick & Morty Episodes: The Ultimate Must-Watch List

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Rick and Morty, the brainchild of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, is more than just an animated series—it's a cultural phenomenon. I'm excited to share with you my favorite Rick and Morty episodes! 

These are the ones that blend wild adventures with heartfelt moments, truly showcasing why this show has a special place in my heart. 

Whether you're a newcomer or have been exploring the multiverse with Rick and Morty from the start, I believe the best episodes will deepen your appreciation for the show just as they did for me. 

Top 10 Rick & Morty Episodes That We Love

1. "The Ricklantis Mixup (S3E7)

The Ricklantis Mixup (S3E7)

Instead of heading to Atlantis, we're taken to the revitalized Citadel of Ricks in this Rick and Morty season 3 episode.

This intertwines several narratives, including Morty's unlikely presidential campaign and the gritty reality of a Rick and Morty police duo.

Amidst the backdrop of societal reconstruction and political intrigue, the episode dives deep into themes of identity, power, and rebellion, culminating in a shocking twist that redefines the Citadel's future.

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode is a storytelling tour de force, blending dark humor with profound social commentary. It shifts away from the titular characters to explore the deeper, often darker implications of the show's multiverse.

Through its intricate plotlines and character arcs, "The Ricklantis Mixup" not only entertains but also offers a critical look at society, governance, and the individual's quest for purpose. Check out our favorite Rick and Morty quotes here

2. "Meeseeks and Destroy" (S1E5)

Meeseeks and Destroy (S1E5)

Morty takes the lead on an adventure to prove he can handle it, betting that if it goes well, he can lead more, a theme reminiscent of his growth and independence in Season 4.

They head to a fantasy world, aiming to help a poor village by tackling a giant's challenge, but things get messy quickly.

Back home, the Smith family uses a Meeseeks Box Rick left to solve their problems, leading to chaos when the simple tasks become a nightmare, especially for Jerry and his golf game. 

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode is a wild ride from start to finish, mixing the zany humor of "Rick and Morty" with surprisingly deep moments.

Morty's determination to lead an adventure brings us into a hilariously twisted fairy tale. At the same time, the Meeseeks' descent into existential crisis back home offers non-stop laughs and a bit of reflection on the nature of existence. [1]

3. Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (S1E10)

Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (S1E10)

"Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" throws Rick and Morty into a multiverse mystery when Ricks from various dimensions are mysteriously murdered, and our Rick is the prime suspect.

To clear his name, they dive into a thrilling chase to catch the real killer, uncovering a plot darker than they imagined. Jerry finds an unlikely friend in the sweetest Rick of all, Doofus Rick.

The twist? The mastermind behind the murders is a Morty, revealing a layer of complexity to the seemingly simple sidekick. 

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode is a game-changer, pulling you deeper into the Rick and Morty universe with its rich storytelling and mind-bending twists.

It's not just a hunt for a murderer; it's a journey into what makes each Rick and Morty unique. The revelation that Morty is behind everything flips the usual dynamic on its head, offering a fresh perspective on his role.

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4. A Rickle in Time (Season 2, Episode 1)

A Rickle in Time (Season 2, Episode 1)

"A Rickle in Time" kicks off Season 2 with the Smith family diving back into the flow of time after a six-month freeze. When Morty and Summer bicker, they accidentally fracture time itself, creating multiple uncertain realities.

Rick scrambles to fix their time-splitting mess with a Time Crystal in a scene that could fit right into the complex narrative of Elsewhere. Beth fights for the life of an injured deer against a hunter, claiming it as his own and showcasing her determination and compassion.  

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode is a wild time-travel ride that cleverly plays with the concept of uncertainty and the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, all while delivering the humor and heart you'd expect from "Rick and Morty."

Watching Rick, Morty, and Summer try to navigate and ultimately outsmart the complexities of fractured realities is as hilarious as it is mind-bending.

The subplot with Beth provides a touching look at her character's depth and resilience, elements that are further explored in her interactions within the Council of Ricks episodes. 

5. "Total Rickall" (S2E4)

Total Rickall (S2E4)

In the "Total Rickall" episode, the Smith family's breakfast with Uncle Steve takes a wild turn when Rick reveals Steve as a memory-implanting parasite, leading to his death.

The family then encounters various zany, fictional characters, each a parasite spreading by implanting pleasant fake memories, reminiscent of the complex storylines.

Morty discovers the key to identifying the real from the fake as the house fills with these colorful characters: genuine memories include both good and bad moments.

Armed with this knowledge, Rick and Morty embark on a purge to eliminate the imposters. This leads to an unexpected tragedy when Beth mistakenly shoots the seemingly real Mr. Poopybutthole, thinking he's another parasite.

Why You Should Watch It:

"Total Rickall" is an unforgettable rollercoaster of emotions, brilliantly blending absurd humor with a poignant exploration of memory and identity.

This episode takes you on a mind-bending journey, challenging the distinction between reality and fabrication with its clever premise and a vast array of bizarre characters.

The shocking twist with Mr. Poopybutthole adds depth, showcasing their interdimensional adventures' unpredictable and often heart-wrenching consequences.

6. "Rick Potion #9" (S1E6)

Rick Potion #9 (S1E6)

To win Jessica's affection at the Flu Season Dance, Morty asks Rick for a love potion.

Rick complies, giving Morty a serum derived from vole DNA, which goes horribly awry when Jessica catches the flu, causing the serum to become airborne and infect the entire school, then the world, with a love-crazed virus.

As Rick attempts to fix his mistake with increasingly disastrous antidotes, the situation spirals out of control, mutating the global population into monstrous "Cronenbergs."

Jerry confronts his fears and insecurities about Beth's love for him. In a drastic move to escape their apocalyptic reality, Rick and Morty jump to an alternate dimension, leaving their devastated world behind.

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode brilliantly mixes dark humor with sci-fi chaos, showcasing the lengths Morty will go for love, Rick's reckless genius, and the inevitable confrontation with Evil Morty.

It's a wild ride through unintended consequences and moral dilemmas, capped with a mind-bending twist that challenges the concept of identity and consequence.

Plus, Jerry's subplot offers a poignant look at his character's depth, and his continuous struggle for validation. Check out the best Rick and Morty toys here

7. "Mortynight Run" (S2E2)

Mortynight Run (S2E2)

In this episode, Morty learns to drive the Space Cruiser, but things take a turn when Rick and Morty get involved with Krombopulos Michael, an alien assassin to whom Rick sells a weapon.

Morty, horrified by Rick's moral flexibility, decides to save Michael's target, Fart, leading to a chaotic adventure filled with unintended consequences.

Jerry is dropped off at Jerryboree, a daycare for Jerrys, while Rick and Morty go about their business. 

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode also is a rollercoaster of ethics, action, and Rick's indifference to universal morality, all while Jerry discovers camaraderie in the unlikeliest place, embodying the existential and often bleak humor characteristic of Season 5.

It's a masterful mix of laugh-out-loud moments, thought-provoking dilemmas, and a touching, albeit bizarre, look at the bonds we form. Plus, "Blips & Chitz" is just too good to miss!

8. The Wedding Squanchers (S2E10)

The Wedding Squanchers (S2E10)

The episode spirals into chaos when Birdperson's wedding turns into a deadly ambush by the Galactic Federation, revealing Tammy as an undercover agent.

The Smith family escapes a massacre, leading Rick to contemplate a life on the run from the Federation. In a sacrificial twist, Rick, overhearing his family's willingness to forsake Earth to stay with him, decides to turn himself in to ensure their safety, leaving the Smiths on a now Federation-occupied Earth.

Jerry finds a new purpose under the Federation's rule, while Rick faces imprisonment, concluding the season on a grim note of sacrifice and uncertainty.

Why You Should Watch It:

This season finale is a heart-wrenching blend of humor, betrayal, and deep emotional resonance, showcasing the complexity of Rick's character and the lengths he'll go to protect his family, drawing parallels to the dramatic showdown involving Birdperson.

It's a narrative masterpiece that sets the stage for future adventures while exploring the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and redemption, all within the bleak yet compelling universe.

9. "Rixty Minutes" (S1E8)

Rixty Minutes (S1E8)

Rick introduces the Smith family to interdimensional television, showcasing endless entertainment across the multiverse. Jerry, Beth, and Summer explore alternative versions of their lives through Inter-Dimensional Goggles, leading to existential crises and revelations about their desires and regrets.

Summer learns she was an unintended pregnancy, causing her to plan to run away while Jerry and Beth contemplate their achievements and failures.

Morty's attempt to comfort Summer with the stark reality of their existence leads to a poignant family reconciliation as they embrace the chaos and unpredictability of life together, hinting at the complex dynamics explored in Season 4.

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode is a wild ride through the absurdity of existence, blending hilarious multiverse TV shows with deep, existential themes.

It's a unique mix of humor, heartache, and philosophical musing on the nature of life, success, and family bonds. Plus, the glimpse into the bizarre and comedic possibilities of other realities makes for unforgettable television moments.

10. Pickle Rick (S3E3)

Pickle Rick (S3E3)

After a grueling six-day adventure, Rick and Morty visit an alien spa and use a machine that separates their toxic traits, leaving behind their better selves.

However, stuck in a toxic dimension, their toxic counterparts plot their return. A confident, non-toxic Morty thrives in school and his social life, even managing to ask Jessica out.

Realizing the potential danger of their abandoned toxic selves, Rick attempts to reintegrate them, leading to a confrontation that escalates to a global crisis.

Ultimately, Rick and Morty are forcibly reunited with their toxic traits, restoring their original personalities. 

Why You Should Watch It:

This episode cleverly dissects the notion of personal growth versus inherent nature through a unique sci-fi lens, offering hilarious and thought-provoking moments.

It's a masterful blend of humor, character development, and existential questions, all while delivering the wild interdimensional adventures "Rick and Morty" is known for. 


What season of Rick and Morty is the best? 

The "best" season of Rick and Morty often depends on personal preference. Fans and critics frequently cite Season 2 for its blend of humor, philosophical depth, and character development. It includes fan favorites and introduces pivotal moments in the series' lore.

Many fans also passionately argue that Season 5, with its introduction of deeper layers to the Evil Morty storyline, stands out the most.

What is the saddest Rick and Morty episode?

The saddest episode is widely regarded as "The Wedding Squanchers" (Season 2, Episode 10), where the emotional fallout of Birdperson's wedding and Rick's subsequent sacrifice highlight themes of loyalty, loss, and family. 

What is Dan Harmon's least favorite Rick and Morty episode?

Dan Harmon has specifically cited "Raising Gazorpazorp" (Season 1, Episode 7) as his least favorite Rick and Morty episode.

He expressed initial pride in the writing but later changed his view after reading critiques on its gender observations, which some found to be stale and reminiscent of '80s humor. Harmon's reflection made him harshly criticize the episode, wishing it could "die by fire."

Final Thoughts

In the wild and wacky world of Rick and Morty, some episodes really shine. They take us on crazy adventures, making us think and feel. [2]

Whether it's the emotional rollercoaster of "The Wedding Squanchers" or the brain-bending plots of "The Ricklantis Mixup," these top episodes mix funny moments with deep thoughts like no other show does. 

They're not just entertaining; they make us look at life and ourselves a little differently. If you're in the lookout for Rick and Morty toys and collectibles, make sure to check Toynk out. 



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