What Animal is Cinnamoroll

What Animal is Cinnamoroll? Fun Facts & More

Cinnamoroll, Sanrio's charming character, has captured hearts worldwide since his debut in 2002. Created by Miyuki Okumura, this adorable animal with a tail like a cinnamon roll has become a symbol of kawaii culture.

As the star of the Cinnamoroll universe, he represents themes of friendship, kindness, and adventure, resonating with fans of all ages. But what animal is Cinnamoroll?

This blog explores the whimsical world of Cinnamoroll, diving into his story, personality, and why he's much more than just a cute face.

What Kind of Animal is Cinnamoroll?

Image of Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is actually a puppy! Born on March 6th, he is a male pup characterized by his white, plump figure.

His distinctive long ears allow him to soar through the skies, while his blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and cinnamon roll-like tail add to his charming appearance, making him embody what an animal might look like in the whimsical world he inhabits. 

Always on the lookout for excitement and new experiences, Cinnamoroll spends his days flying over the town, seeking adventures with his companions. Indulging in delicious treats is among his favorite activities.

Let's Take A Closer Look


Cinnamoroll is a puppy characterized by his fluffy white body, bright pink cheeks, sky-blue eyes, and a unique tail that curls like a cinnamon roll, hence his name.


Cinnamoroll, or Cinnamon, is known for his shy but friendly nature. He loves helping his friends and enjoys napping on customers' laps at Café Cinnamon.

His favorite treat? Warm, fresh cinnamon rolls, a favorite treat that encourages people to purchase Cinnamoroll merchandise, too!

Sanrio Character Ranking Popularity

From 2020 to 2023, Cinnamoroll reigned as the most popular Sanrio character, clinching first place in the Sanrio Character Ranking, highlighting his universal appeal. See more Cinnamoroll characters here

Fun Facts About Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is the 2nd Most Popular Sanrio Character

Cinnamoroll holds the title of Sanrio's second most beloved character. Even with his significant fan base, he is surpassed in fame by the iconic Hello Kitty, Sanrio's most celebrated creation. 

Cinnamoroll Wasn't Always His Name

Initially, the character we now recognize as Cinnamoroll went by a different name. Created in 2001 as part of a Sanrio character series by Miyuki Okumura, this beloved character is frequently called Cinnamon. 

Originally named Baby Cinnamon, he underwent a name change to Cinnamoroll due to trademark registration issues.

This has led to some confusion, with the character being referred to by both names - Cinnamoroll and Cinnamon. However, since 2007, his official name has been Cinnamoroll.

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There are Several Cinnamoroll Cafes in Japan

Japan is home to cafes themed around Cinnamoroll, unlike many characters who might only see a temporary cafe dedicated to them.

Cinnamoroll, in a step beyond the norm, has recently seen the opening of a permanent cafe in Tokyo, marking it his second; the first is located in Kyoto.

Who Created Cinnamoroll?

Cinnamoroll was created by the very talented Miyuki Okumura, who got the idea while looking at a cloud that reminded her of a cinnamon roll as she enjoyed her coffee—this inspired moment led to the creation of the adorable puppy we all love.

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How did Cinnamoroll join the Café Cinnamon crew? 

Cinnamoroll, born on a cloud, accidentally fell to the ground and was discovered by Café Cinnamon's owner, Anna. Named for his unique tail, he became the café's mascot and a friend to many.

What sets Cinnamoroll apart from other Sanrio characters? 

Cinnamoroll's ability to fly with his long ears sets him apart, along with his role in a narrative that emphasizes positivity, friendship, and the joy of helping others.

How has Cinnamoroll's popularity impacted Sanrio? 

By 2004, Cinnamoroll merchandise accounted for 25% of Sanrio's sales, leading to the development of related projects like Cinnamoangels and Lloromannic, showcasing his significant impact.

Who has a crush on Cinnamoroll?

Mocha [1] probably has a crush on Cinnamoroll. Mocha and Cinnamoroll have often been spotted in situations that hint at romance, including instances where they've shared a kiss.

Who is Cinnamoroll's girlfriend?

Cinnamoroll's romantic interest is none other than Chiffon [2]. This charming character plays the role of Cinnamoroll's girlfriend, bringing an added layer of sweetness to Cinnamoroll's adventures. 


Cinnamoroll stands out as a beacon of joy and friendship in Sanrio's galaxy of characters. His story, from a cloud-born puppy to Café Cinnamon's beloved mascot, inspires fans to cherish moments of kindness and adventure.

Beyond his cute appearance, Cinnamoroll embodies the essence of kawaii culture and the power of storytelling to create connections.

As he continues to soar in popularity, Cinnamoroll reminds us of the simple joys life offers, inviting everyone to join him in his whimsical world.

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