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Geeki Tikis Fallout Deathclaw Mug | Crafted Ceramic | Holds 14 Ounces

Geeki Tikis Fallout Deathclaw Mug | Crafted Ceramic | Holds 14 Ounces

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  • TAKE A BREAK FROM THE WASTELAND: Scavenging can be rough, especially when you're roaming through a post-apocalyptic world. Take a load off and sip on your favorite brew directly from this Fallout Deathclaw tiki mug!
  • PERFECT FALLOUT DRINKWARE: If you're looking for a new way to spice up your bar game, grab one of these stylish Fallout cups. Wonderful for mixed drinks, beer, or any of your select choice of drink.
  • QUALITY TIKI CUPS: Each Deathclaw cup is crafted from a durable ceramic material and built to last. Enjoy a hearty 14 ounces of your choice beverage with these stylish tiki cups!
  • THE BAR IS OPEN: With a ceramic build and a 14-ounce capacity, this Deathclaw drinking cup is perfect for any type of drink! Transport yourself to your own wasteland version of an oasis with each sip from this fallout tiki cup.
  • OFFICIAL GEEKI TIKIS CHARM: Each Geeki Tikis mug is designed to bring your favorite hobbies together; drinking and video games! This Deathclaw Mug is officially licensed and just 1 part of a collector set of 4 other mugs!

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