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Brave King Gao Gai Star Repli-Galeon D-Style Plastic Model Kit

  • Officially Licensed
  • Consists of 190 pieces
  • Pre-colored plastic so no painting is required
  • Interchangeable parts and weapons
  • Stands just under 4 1/2 Inch tall fully assembled

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From Kotobukiya. "D-Style" is Kotobukiya's plastic model kit series featuring various mecha rearranged into stylized miniature versions allowing you to collect your favorite robots in a high quality compact scale with solid construction and an unbeatable price. Up next in the fun series from Brave King Gao Gai Gar in the deformed style is the superpowered evil clone of the original Gao Gai Gar, STAR GAO GAI GAR REPLI-GALEON! The standard pure white alternate versions of the Repli-Galeon humanoid and lion robots in this set can be assembled by themselves or combined with Gao Machines to form the full Star Gao Gai Gar in "Repli" form, a mighty machine with a white lion head on its chest, white main body with blue trim, black and red limbs including knee drills, large black wings with green and gold accents and a powerful black and gold head with white face. Standing just under 4 1/2 Inch tall fully assembled, the Star Gao Gai Gar Repli-Galeon is comprised of 190 pieces molded in pre-colored plastic so no painting is required and assembly is a snap! Meanwhile, multiple points of articulation along with interchangeable parts and weapons provide for a huge range of posing options for the robot. Complete your Gao Gai Gar D-style model kit collection with this awesome evil robot!